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National League Season, Issue # 002--Some changes everything c;icking 1888
August 01, 2006
Baseball International Fan:

Major League Baseball clicking right along with the National League making some rule changes and baseball coming into being a real sport for fans to enjoy.

To start the 1888 season the National League had gone back to the three-strikes-and-you're-out rule. Whiffs skyrocketed and walks, which stilltook five balls, dipped.

By 1888 nearly all catchers were using mitts;the 1884 ruling allowed pitchers to throw overhand made the mitt a necessity.

Wahington became the first team to do its spring training in Florida. The warm sunny climate might have helped rookie outfielder Dummy Hoy loosen up--he led the NL in stolen bases during the 1888 season. (Dummy Hoy was deaf--He is the driving force behind all the hand signals used in the game of baseball).

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