BESR Bat Certification

Ball Exit Speed Ratio

A Baseball Leaving The Bat Travelling Greater Than 97 MPH
Is A Dangerous Missile

BESR Bat Certification proof mark is required on all non-wood (aluminum) bats used in high school baseball play. This certification mark is certifying the Ball Exit Speed Ratio requirement and applies to all high schools which belong to the National Federation High School Association.

There seems to be something amiss concerning this metallic material aluminum bat certification, or not well understood by the average baseball fan nor the general public. Is this BESR Bat Certification requirement based on a guarantee that the bat will not come unglued or tear apart? Is the bat safe for use?

Some of the most notable changes occurring at the high school level. High school baseball teams around the country are switching to the new Batted Ball Coeffcient (BBCOR) bats last spring after the National Federation of State High School Associations adopted the bats as a national standard.

Instead of measuring the speed of the ball after it is hit, BBCOR measures the "bounciness" of the ball and bat — what experts call the "trampoline" effect. When a bat hits a ball, the ball compresses/deforms by nearly a third at high pitch velocities.

The bats still are made of aluminum, but the "sweet spot" on the barrel is about half the size of previous bats. The sweet spot generally is defined as the region about 5 to 7 inches from the end of the barrel, where the batted-ball speed is the highest and the sensation in the hands is minimized.

Because the BBCOR bats are less flexible on impact than traditional aluminum bats, the sweet spot, on average, is 2 inches smaller. That means balls do not jump off the bat as sharply, making the game safer because pitchers and infielders have more time to react.

The ball also sounds differently coming off a BBCOR bat. Players routinely use the word "deader," likening it to the sound of a ball hitting a wood bat.

This (BBCOR)newly introduced into our baseball world and the aluminum bats will be treated in separate page topics for discussion and understanding but now lets get a good fix on this BESR Certification thing.

Buy only Youth Baseball Bat with a BESR Bat Certification and quality baseball equipment from trustworthy merchants and be assured the equipment meets standards and regulations for the Playing League Regulation Requirements.

Does the rule accomplish a specific intent? Is this to be interpreted to mean that the bat is BESR Bat Certified tested to stay intact? Are all bets off if the ball exit speed ratio reaches 98 miles per hour?

In essence the bottom line might be for what purpose does this BESR Bat Certification marking on every non-wood bat do for the bat the player or the game of baseball?

Folks this is a belated update pertaining to the Ball Exit Speed Ratio (BESR) bat certification for non wooden (the aluminum) baseball bats.

My apology for not initially fully understanding and knowing what this BESR bat certification really meant.

If I now have it right the BESR Bat Certification is not intended to be concerned about the Bat itself being safe or unsafe it has to do with controlling the elasticity qualities or materials and flexing quality makong the Ball leave the Bat like a Missile..

Here is a prime example of what this BESR Bat Certification issue is about:

Decision Expected on Northern California High School Use of Aluminum Bats

KENTFIELD, Calif. (CBS-5/KCBS) - The officials in charge of high school sports throughout Northern California are expected to decide emminently whether to ban aluminum bats for upcoming baseball playoffs.

The debate over the use of the bats comes on the heels of a serious accident involving a pitcher last month in Marin County.

Incredibly, 16-year old Gunnar Sandberg is back from the brink. Just weeks after the Marin Catholic pitcher was hit by a line drive from a metal bat, he is out of a medically induced coma and in physical therapy.

As family and friends held vigils and prayed, surgeons cut away a chunk of Gunnar's skull to allow his brain to swell, without doing it damage. No one knew how things would turn out.

In a recent posting on Caring Bridge, a Web site that shows updates on patients' conditions for family members and loved ones, Sandberg's sister Kalli said her brother "is improving more and more every day."

In her post, Kalli Sandberg said her brother is continuing to gain back the weight he lost and is walking on his own with supervision. He still has to wear a helmet whenever he gets out of bed, but is expected to come home from the hospital May 3, 2010.

Once he is released, he will continue to have outpatient therapy. He will also be working with people who will help improve his memory and help him catch up on his schoolwork, his sister said.

She said his family is hoping he will be ready to start his senior year this fall.

KCBS' Bob Melrose reports

Baseball Bats made of composite metal materials have a physical property inherent within the physical material which allows the bat to cause a springboard effect when the bat and ball meet.

Thus the resultant speed of the ball leaving the bat (BESR) is somewhat a kin to a slingshot or arrow being released.

Thereby limiting how fast the ball will rocket away from the bat. The ball travel speed could be so great that the ball could reach a defending player so fast and so suddenly as to be a dangerous missile like object instead of a natural moving baseball.

The non wood bat material (aluminum) or a composite construction can have built into the elasticity of the materials a quality we commonly know as flexibility.

This elasticity of materials or flexibility is what allows or make the baseball to have its get away go power or speed. A ball leaving a bat which has a travel speed in excess of the 97 mph rate can become almost a blur and therefore a danger in younger players ability to see and react in fielding the baseball.

This seeing and reacting time could reach a level whereby the batted ball is a missile instead of a white round baseball which can be fielded.

I think I have this thing about the (BESR) right this time around if not then maybe someone out there in the baseball sports world can come on line and get me and others up to date on this thing of Ball Exit Speed Ratio and our non wooden bats.

Baseballfarming would love to hear from anyone caring to expound on this thing of BESR . Give us a hit at baseballfarming.

The average pricing structure for new non-wood bats is at a significant level in comparison to used bats. Is it prudent to assume the certification markings on used bats are as valid as the BESR certification on the original new bat?

Does the National Federation High School Association have any statistics which they could share that supports the real and true value of the BESR certification rule?

The subject of BESR bat certification it appears is not something for which the general public and even the baseball fans, parents or players even have an inkling of its true purpose.

Ball Exit Speed Ratio is a rule which applies to all non-wood (aluminum) bats used by all high schools who are members of the National Federation High School Associations .

The Ball Exit Speed Ratio or BESR Bat Certification mark ensures a maximum exit speed of 97 miles per hour. The rules also includes as a part of the standard, the following requirement a maximum of 2 5/8 inches diameter bat barrel and a minus-3 differential between the length and weight. (i.e.,a 33-inch-long bat cannot weigh less than 30 ounces).

Folks all of the above criteria and bat certification is in theory and purpose dedicated to the safety for our high school baseball players being able to field a baseball which is not travelling so fast as to be deadly dangerous.

The High School rules and regulation committee was first to come on line and recognize the potential danger and need to control the BESR Bat Certification for every metallic bat being manufactured. Little League play and our Colleges are benefitting from this safety concern.

Maybe the rules committee failed to certify or place a mark for size of the boy or muscle strength allowed to use a bat.

Collegiate use of non-wood (aluminum) bats might want to consider this Exit Speed Ratio thing for safety purposes.

A bat with a Ball Exit Speed Ratio in excess of this 97 miles per hour mark may well ruin the College home run records and statistics notwithstanding safety.

Since professional or major league baseball has placed non-wood (aluminum) bats off limits this BESR thing is of no consequence in professional baseball as of today.

The choices of a bat which is "just right" now in our todays modern era of baseball could be a controversy of Aluminum vs Wood.

There is a sure fire answer for all of this BESR Bat Certification confusion it is simple let your bat which "will be just right" be a Maple Wood bat from Annex Baseball

Professional baseball leagues will probably never adopt the use of non-wood (aluminum) bats. The sweet sound of that wood on the baseball has a sound so unique an experienced player can by the sound alone tell if the ball is well hit and heading to the far reaches of the ball park.

The sound of the metallic (aluminum) bats meeting the ball has a pinging sound and reminds one of the sound of a hub cap coming off the wheel of a car. The professional and sandlot players have yet to become attuned to judging the travel probability of a ball leaving these modern day metallic bats.

Major league teams still have to contend with the "Tar Baby Bat" because George just might knock the tar out of that hoss hide.

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