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Learn And Enjoy The Thrill Of Hitting

Baseball Hitting is no passing fad nor is it just an after thought for within every baseball player dwells a deep yearning passion to be a hitting hero. Teach me math, history of the world and the English language but most of all teach me the essential rudiments of hitting a baseball. So you have a burning desire to become a real hitter then learn well these essential elements presented here at Baseballfarming.

One of the great baseball hitting leaders defied all the norms for which any hitting coach of today would teach or coach as being a model for a hitters stance at the plate.

Stan "The Man" Musial one of the all time great hitters of baseball proved beyond a shadow of a doubt one's very natural style which works is the only way to fly all else is folly.

So you need proof: Would this amount of statistics be persuasive?

Stan Musial’s last season was 1963. The left-handed hitter with the corkscrew stance and silky-smooth swing was the National League’s answer to Ted Williams in consistency and hitting ability. Musial, was a three-time MVP, while winning seven batting titles.

Musial compiled one of the most impressive hitting-for-power-and-average streaks in major league history. From 1943-54 (he was in the military service in 1945), “Stan the Man” averaged more than 200 hits and 25 home runs per season. During that span, he batted as high as .376 and .365, dipping below .330 only once.

He is and always will be "Stan The Man."

We might say Stan Musial defied the Laws of form and broke the mold of what is considered the wrongs of a batting stance yet still contain the masterful ability to be a super star of hitting.

Quite to the contrary the hitting master of form as displayed by the "Splendid Splinter" is the model for the role of a hitter

Will you welcome Ted Williams?

The heart and soul of the game of baseball centers upon ones unmatched thrill of baseball hitting where the exceptionally good hitters are declared without question our baseball heroes.

Playing ball and the game which quickly grew full tilt onto the American scene in the middle of the 19th century, as a sporting venue which we now know as Baseball, quickly grew into a competitive fervor as it was declared to be our National Pastime.

The game of baseball providing the thrill of playing and winning awakened and kindled the spirit of fierce team competition. Baseball also has brought with it the total package of determined hopes and aspirations of teamwork, even bringing together an entire infant Nation, with the dreams of enjoying competition and the thrill of winning.

Now armed with this baseball fervor the game played upon its Field of Dreams has been inherited by every school age boy, young man, elder statesman and every one of the Over The Hill Gang and all who have ever played the game.

The grand prize in not only the thrill to hit the ball but to be skilled at hitting so as to do it consistently, bingo right on the nose time and time again. Gain the advantage by increasing the batting average and watch that batting average climb like a thermometer on a hot southern day. Hitting little white baseball consistently is an art as well as a Science requiring the effective use of these five essential elements and practiced hitting tips.

Leaders of and the crowd pleasing heroes of our game of baseball as the hitting leaders have all proven they have or did have the "want to" and mastered these five essential elements for baseball hitting.

Baseball Hitting even when performed with highly applied skill proves that this action is still a real art with a smattering of physics plus hours and more hours of intense hitting baseball practice with a generous portion of baseball hitting "Want To" for good measure.

In the pages on beginner baseball you were cautioned on the idea about how some ball players might have a natural internal fear of being hit and hurt by the baseball. Be honest and admit and understand that this element of natural fright is real.

Let us together help our beginning player and every player overcome this fear thing and concentrate on teaching the essential elements of baseball hitting secret so the game always will be a thing of joy.

This fright or fear even though it is real manifests itself differently for everyone, from an almost nonchalant, non existent for some baseball hitter to an almost total dreadful fear for others.

You are now again reminded of this, so as not to forget this is a factor, it will however be discounted for the following reason. Most players unable to overcome or cope with this anxiety will disregard the game as a real thrill and choose not to participate.

To consistently not connect your bat with that pitched ball is an embarrassment for any baseball player. Teach beginning players that it takes much practice of baseball hitting drills of these essential elements to learn and master this art of hitting a baseball and even to master baseball bunting.

Knowing the joy which comes like magic when getting a solid single or the tremendous elation of stroking a ball with power for extra bases or that home-run lick.

All of our great baseball hitting leaders have mastered and applied these five essential elements of hitting combining these with the our batting secret into their natural baseball hitting skills capability and abilities. Who do you think was/is the greatest hitter with a reputation of having a keen eye and the very best at applying these five essential elements of becoming a baseball hitter?

These basic elements as required will be explained and defined to help all from the beginner baseball players and even to the bat control hitters at the professional level to gain,attain and use their baseball hitting capabilities.

It will be to your benefit to put forth a deliberate and dedicated effort to understand these five essential elements, as outlined and detailed, within the four (4) topical pages of real baseball hitting as opposed to a batter bats baseballs way of hoping for hits.

One of the fast approaching it seems our ball players today have failed to learn many good hitting traits an now we have what we might call bad news bunting-a-lost-art

The Right Approach to Baseball Hitting

Drag Bunt
Bat Control Hitters
Batting Order
Bat Control
Bat Speed...
My proposed premise and thesis for hitting well and consistent is basic. Every one of the great baseball hitters in the game mastered these five essential elements to become baseball playing legends.

  • 4. BAT SPEED
  • Tuck these five elements firmly into your ever loving mind and let your thought process dwell on them until they are an integrally ingrained habitual part of your practiced ability at being a real honest to goodness jam up, cracker jack, baseball stick man at the plate.

    The sporting world and in particular baseball fans and players all over the world admires and makes a hero of baseball players recognized as great baseball hitters.

    Baseball players becoming great hitters throughout the history of the game, have all mastered the most sought after best tips or the precise/intricate and seeming mystery of "how to hit a baseball." Hitting a baseball, as is agreed by most, is the ultimate thrill in the game.

    A pitcher tries to out-duel you and do his thing when throwing the ball. Pitchers use every trick they have in their arsenal and the most potent item is the throwing of the sharp breaking curve ball.

    A slow round house curve which starts to curve about half way to the hitter is no real problem for the batter to follow and smack.

    The pitcher with the ability to throw a pitch which comes to the plate seemingly straight on and then breaks or changes course very sharply is virtually impossible to hit square on or solid.

    Hitters must train themselves to be calm and steady yet have reflexes which spring to action almost instantaneously like a spring loaded mouse trap. The ability of hitters to hit the fast breaking curve pitch requires the masterful use of all the five essential elements of baseball hitting.

    Over the next four topical pages you will also be reminded over and over how important these essential elements are to become a good baseball hitter. Take this information to heart and practice and you will be adept at even cracking that curve pitch fair and square.

    Do not allow the pitcher to become the King of the Hill for hitters too must claw and fight back like a well placed drag bunt hit will help unnerve the big hoss on the mound.

    The unabashed joy and the thrill of playing baseball is multiplied by a factor of 100 per cent plus as the bat kisses solid and square on that hard thrown fast ball.

    Being able to follow the pitchers best curve ball with good eye hand coordination and combined with body and bat control peppering that ball with authority will make you a hero.

    Playing baseball using the proper technique and these coaching tips will allow you to master the five essential elements to sting that baseball for a good batting-average.

    Being a good man with the stick at the plate you will have the joy of hearing the sweetest sound and smart crack of the bat as it meets the ball.

    Now we are going to shift gears and talk the real hitting strategy. Which pitch in a pitchers arsenal is without question his bread and butter pitch? Think on this just a moment. What is the prime thing a pitcher needs to accomplish? He needs to get ahead of you on the balls and strike count.

    He might throw a curve he might throw a slider he might throw a change up but his number one pitch he must have is a fast ball.

    With his fast ball he hopes to gain the advantage by getting that fast ball in for that strike. You know and I know the fast ball is the pitch you really want to gear up for and hit it square and fair.

    Okay, now we have it settled you wait for your pitch and be ready like a coiled snake ready to spring lightening fast with your bat onto that fast ball. That is the one you wanted that is the one you got so smack it hard and fast.

    The rules allow you three strikes. Use the rules to your advantage against the pitcher who is your announced enemy for the moments you are in that batters box.

    Your mindset tells you to wait for your pitch. You will know when he is throwing the fast ball because you have studied his every pitch his motion his rhythm on every pitch from the time he started his warm up pitches and for every pitch to your team mates. Most every pitcher has a set motion he uses for each pitch be it a curve, slider or fast ball.

    The odds of any pitcher pitching curve ball after curve ball and them all being strikes is a rare pitcher indeed and you can bet he is a sure fire future Cy Young award winner if he can do so.

    He throws you a curve and it comes across the plate clean for a strike call. Not to worry you still have two more strikes to use. He throws his next pitch a sharp breaking curve it to finds the strike zone. Now you are ready and need to use all the five essential elements of baseball hitting for now it is you against him you waited for your pitch but he gained the advantage.

    Do not take that third strike in the strike zone without giving the ball a ride. That is one time at bat and the pitcher may have gained the better of you waiting for your pitch.

    Here are the numbers you are allowed three strikes and you will probably have three at bats during the game. You have had a minimum of nine pitches potentially crossing the plate in the strike zone. What are the odds, as a minimum, that at least two of those nine pitches were fast balls in the strike zone?

    Ole shoe those were the two you were waiting for and you tagged them both well because your mindset allowed you to wait for your pitch. The other potential third strike pitches you did not play dummy and ignored but you battled like a son of a gun to put wood on the ball.

    This wait for your pitch is not a rule it a mind set thing which if taken to heart and mind with determined concentration and focus at the plate will speed you on your way to being a great hitter.

    This solid crack of the bat sound is music to the ears of all baseball players as well as the multitude of spectators enjoying the game.

    Would you believe this ever familiar sound of the sharp crack of bats on well thrown baseballs signals the beginning of spring?

    Ball players of all ages, through the ages, ever since the game has been played have all studied and wondered how to be the best, at this split second controlled action, with pure certainty, and to achieve this blasting of a baseball thrill over and over.

    Do not let me waste time telling you this stance, this stride, this way to hold your bat, watch your position of the elbow, stand closer to the plate, stand deeper in the batters box, stand in the front edge of the batters box and the many many more mechanics of being able to hit the ball.

    These many things all of which I have just mentioned are part and parcel of why so many sluggers never achieve greatness. Players get caught up into all this hype of style and mechanics they lose sight of the purpose of why they are even standing in the batters box.

    Players often are so inundated with everyone harping and carping on the mechanics of how to hit that their mind and concentration is so befuddled they become duds at the plate.

    The world puts so much emphasis on style looks and appearances which more often than not fails to grasp the purpose of the moment. Style and looks have never made a baseball easy nor consistent to hit.

    You might argue the style of some of the greats of the game are classic and should be copied. Which would you prefer to copy for being known as one of the great at baseball the stance of Joe DiMaggio the "Yankee Clipper" or Ty Cobb the "Georgia Peach?"

    You see those two great players had a style and the natural mechanics of swinging a baseball bat so totally different it is impossible to tell a kid this is how you have to do it and be absolutely correct. Great sluggers through out the history of the game all had one thing in common. They used their own style and practiced to perfect or accomplish the outcome which was a solid lick of hitting the baseball.

    A baseball player includes the perfected mechanics of swinging the bat with "terrific bat speed" but every player should achieve this capability by using his own and unique ability and perfect practiced mechanical style.

    Baseball all-star hitters have developed their unique ability with a fervent attention to detail. Perfecting these five essential elements, while all else will fall into place, allowing them to swing the bat hitting a baseball on most all pitches like a well oiled machine.

    Baseball players stand in the batters box so concerned about doing this and doing that, all of which has been told them, they are full of thinking and not concentrating on the pitcher and the ball being released.

    They have lost their needed attention ability to "concentrate" "concentrate" "concentrate", without thinking about all the mechanical hogwash which has to be an automatic reflex action, to make the bat meet the ball.

    This capacity, the capability and the ability to achieve excellent eye-hand coordination requires an unflinching thought concentration to follow the pitched ball from the pitcher to the plate and placing the bat against the ball.

    All the elements except the eye-hand coordination, must not require thinking, but rather be the natural perfect practiced quick reflex actions honed from many hours of being in the batters box swatting the baseball.

    If you have to think about the mechanics of being able to hit the ball while in the batters box, forget it, hang up the spikes you are nothing more than a batter you will never be a hitter.

    You may swat the ball some times but to consistently smack that ball square on the nose you can forget about that.

    The bottom line be natural with practiced sharp and quick reflex actions and concentrate on putting your eyes and hand action together so that the bat and ball get well acquainted on a consistent basis time and time again.

    Baseballs potential great players have spent too much time having other people tell them how to mechanically do this do that and never taking the time to say "Hey this is my natural way and this is how I'm going to do it."

    Baseball has now become full grown and we are now in the modern era of baseball and quickly moving into the age of a Baseball International Series which could possibly supplant the American Baseball World Series.

    Nothing will please this ole baseball player wannabe more than to have this generation of American teams filled with well disciplined baseballfarming taught hitters.

    Did you understand POTENTIAL hitters.

    Please note the use of the word potential for you see being a great hitter is more than mechanical it is a practiced automatic reflex using the five essential elements as outlined.

    The odds are far greater in favor of a youngster achieving All-Star hero status as a baseball slugger when he learns the art by doing it his own "natural" way.

    Plant solidly in the mind of all baseball players these five elements emphasize it over and over until "Eureka" the light comes on and the attention to these elements of banging out base knocks starts to pay huge dividends.

    Play along with me here at baseballfarming and buy into my five essential elements of baseball hero making and prove me right.

    There is just no way to scientifically or mechanically decipher with exactness the intricacies of how our brain manages this required eye hand coordination with precise constant control.

    The question thru out history has been "Are leaders born as leaders or are they taught and trained to become leaders?" We might well apply this mystery to long ball power or having the capacity to be the leading sluggers.

    There has to be a fine mix of genes which we are born with and the many hours of skillful practice to attain the recognition as a baseball slugging leader.

    Good people, this eye hand coordination capability is programmed internally. The ability to improve the consistent outcome is a reality of "maybe."

    Slugging of the baseball is the very essence of baseball, it is the nuts and bolts, it is the glue, it is the heart and soul of winning.

    A baseball team roster is made up of nine (9) players as determining the fielding positions in baseball within playing by the official baseball rules. Those nine are the ones who become a unit of one which will win or lose the game.

    Become a consistent solid man with a bat and you are assured a spot on anyone's roster. Baseball players with the ability to become base runners wins and winners are the heroes of this game we know as baseball.

    The best baseball players with the ability to place their bats solid on little baseball and you will have the top level record best winning team, at least in theory.

    The pro pitching enthusiasts will all claim that pitching is the true key for winning baseball. Maybe so but somebody on his team had better score some runs.

    Okay Bub, riddle me this; "How many baseball games do you know of, that were ever won with no runs being scored?"

    The management, the players and the team provide their strategy for winning in the simple formulation of, and the production capability of the team batting order.

    Batting order strategy is the teams baseball strategy for winning as expressed in the formation of the team's batting order.

    Baseball players are not born as baseball players, nor do they come from the cradle as superb baseball bat swingers.

    They learn the game and practice to improve the skill requirements; and believe this, some players have latent abilities different to all others.

    After all is said and done there is this huge thing called the mental or focused ability for concentration which forms the base upon which baseball hitting and winning capability is formed.

    The best recommended approach to baseball hitting and how to become a great player at bat is not to proclaim that there is one and only one way or method to be a good hitter with a bat.

    Buy into the philosophy which accepts that one may become a good, a better or even great at getting on base, by understanding and learning how to use these five baseball hitting essential elements and you will be able to swat a baseball. Hopefully my approach might provide enough insight into the means to become a baseball hitter and a heads up on this seeming mystery, the art, the skill and physical controls to give any player his day in the sun.

    A sun drenched field of play on a baseball diamond. Using these skills an baseball hitting elements and best hitting tips consistently with confidence to enjoy the baseball hitting hit parade.

    Forget the thought of, we must get to the ball field right now and practice whacking at a baseball. The game of baseball has been around for awhile and will be with us through tommorrow.

    Those days on the baseball diamond, for baseball practice, with the neighborhood youngsters shagging those balls will come soon.

    Certain inherent skills and latent talent (or ability) needs our first attention. Absorb the mental aspect of this art to learning about baseball hitting and intertwine the helpful tips of these essential five elements into your storehouse of useable baseball knowledge.

    Point of view should be the teaching of these five essential elements so the little beginner will learn the rudimentary basic skill requirements as a baseball hitter and baseball player in the proper format.

    The sandlot stars and high school hotshots will be able to pick up some helpful baseball hitting advice too.

    The first area of concern is the fulfillment of this eye/hand coordination ability into a useable talent and a well honed natural baseball hitting action skill.


    The tools of our teaching lab will be the playing of marbles, using a slingshot, shooting a BB gun and balancing mama's old broom.

    Practicing and becoming skillful with these things, we are going to develop the young players eye/hand coordination thereby providing him the capability to execute the consistent means to slap a baseball.

    Baseball playing and the time spent to learn the proper baseball hitting skills, are part and parcel of how we learned to play little league baseball by the rules, then honed those abilities during American Legion Baseball.

    Coaches and teammates will recognize ball players who execute and learn to use these essential elements of controlling the swing of a baseball bat with increasing ability and capabilities will move the better players up into the number 1-4 slots of the batting order.

    The batting order strategy with this calculated timely baseball hitting is what wins baseball games.

    The greatest of the hitters, among those on the team, and the chants and chatter coming from the stands will include the "Name" of the best slugging average player on the team.

    Baseball player using these baseball hitting tips and baseball playing skills, is not a given, it takes the will and much practice and more practice with a deep rooted "want to" to ever attain a rhythm and real true art of handling that baseball bat. You have much you need to digest for you to become the best man the team can have at the plate in a clutch situation for which your coaches and your family hope you will be.

    A solid lick of your bat on a baseball requires a rhythm of body movement in tune with excellent eye/hand coordination and when the rhythm is right upon hitting the baseball we say we are in the groove.

    Here at baseballfarming you will get a good dose of the art part of being a solid dependable man at the plate but there also remains the baseball hitting mechanics needed to become that true sweet swinging slugger.

    Before you leave here let's finish learning all about these five essential baseball hitting elements.

    Mastering all five of these essential baseball hitting elements you will have uncovered the greatest of ball playing thrills and baseball hitting secret which every baseball player dreams about in his Field Of Dreams.

    Come on along right now for we are going to take on this knowing How To Hit by learning about the eye-hand coordination as the first of the five (5) essential elements of baseball hitting.

    At the bottom of each page as you are ending a segment, simply click on the link reading "Next Page" and it continues leading you through all four topical pages and the five essential elements.

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