Professional Baseball Should Quit Making A Mockery Of Baseball Bunting

Bring In Coaches Who Know Baseball Bunting Drills And Bunting Fundamentals

Believe In Baseball Bunting As A Stats For Winning

Bunting-A-Lost-Art is manifestly botched time and time again when watching the major league games where the bunt situation is needed and the execution or the attempt to properly complete the play is almost comical.Professional well paid major league baseball players may very well have a hangup thinking it is beneath their calling to need to bunt a baseball.

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Notwithstanding that bunting-a-lost-art it remains that the value of an advantage for the teams possibility or probability to gain a winning edge against the opponent is found with the artful use of the bunt.

Do not know if it all started well back, when change in the standard uniform was the wearing trousers gathered at the knee or maybe during the advent of television when the world was watching, but something caused the art of bunting to diminish and now is becoming in fact a lost art.

Maybe it is simply the genesis of the coaches training the young players do not realize the value of winning strategy of bunting.

The bunting situation when properly executed could add a run which would have been lost. It may at least give a percentage of probability increase to adding a game winning run when the pitching opponent has consistently held the upper hand as the game is unfolding.

Something about our game of baseball has caused the lost art of bunting to be relegated to almost a point of "well let's try it or it might work or it might help?" What a dismal shame.

Back in days of old and the dead ball era in games being fought with two opposing pitchers pitching shut out games the timely bunt claimed top billing in baseball hitting the break through so needed to scramble across a winning run.

The bunt let me count the ways, a sacrifice, a squeeze, or even a drag bunt any or all of which should be weapons in the arsenal of every man woman or child playing the game of baseball enjoying it to its fullest with and all winning strategy of victory. The basic or primer of all bunting technique is the sacrifice bunt which plays a pivotal role in advancing a runner another base increasing the odds of scoring.

Baseballfarming and the brief data bites promulgated by Baseball Journal is a task to provide good an informative baseball talk from the street to benefit both the fans and baseball players alike.

This shameful closing era where bunting-a-lost-art is becoming so widespread it is sure disheartning.

There are many factors in play for the call of a sacrifice bunt.

Namely the team in bat must have a runner on base normally first base and less than two outs preferably no outs. The hitter at the plate has proven in practice and previous games he has the mindset and the proven ability to have a good chance of laying down the sacrifice bunt.

Another consideration is the hitters to follow in the on deck circle and the hitter in the hole.

These two following hitters should have a record of dependable ability to make what is known as good contact on the ball as a hitter.

Thirdly the runner on base not only needs to be a good heads playing base running savvy but should have adequate speed to reach the next base safely ahead of the fielders executed fielding and throw.

A slow runner may very well negate the proper conclusion of a good hitters sacrifice bunt.

One other consideration is the inning of play of the game.

Early innings of shall we say 1st through the 5th inning of play would seem folly to sacrifice when your batting order has just reached and is concluding a rotation of seeing the opposing pitchers throwing bb's and other wicked stuff.

There is no need to forego the possibility for scoring possible multiple runs as opposed to trying to scratch up only one run early in the game. The sacrifice bunt is of primary importance late in the game and to gain and have an advantage in a tight unable to score freely in a close pitching duel.

The bunting-a-lost-art is taking much of the strategy of play and finely tuned nuances out of our modern era game of baseball.

Being a retired Marine I like many often like to sort of in a bragging mode but mostly in a matter of pride will refer to "The Old Corps."

The same premise holds true in baseball many of us older wannabe players once upon a time but now part of the over the hill gang will talk of baseball in terms of how it used to be played.

I am continually amazed at the times in which baseball is used in comparative analysis of what takes place in real life situations. As an example Eric Fehrnstrom a senior advisor to Mitt Romney in Mr. Romneys runup for the 2012 Republican presidency nomination made the following quote on the campaign trail.

His quote is in reference to candidate Newt Gingrich failure to acquire enough qualification signatures to be placed on the Virginia ballot by the required cutoff date.

“It’s a gut-check moment for Republicans,” Mr. Fehrnstrom said. “Winning campaigns have to be able to execute on the fundamentals. This is like watching a hitter in the World Series failing to lay down a bunt.”

The real bunting-a-lost-art falls within the often remembered cracker jack hitters with the burning desire to execute every phase of the game to include bunting with flawless precision.

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