Southern League Baseball

Ten Southern League Cities Across The South

Southern League Baseball is played at baseball parks with a home in ten (10) beautiful Southern League cities stretching across Mississippi,Alabama,Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida here in the South.

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The Class AA baseball teams have been a roaring success through its entire history as a true Baseballfarming mecca here in the south. This Southern League is only one of the many Minor Leagues of professional baseball.

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The fans of Southern League Baseball deserve the best which the game might offer. Come visit the Official Southern League website click here: Southern League Baseball home for Class AA baseball in the South.

The Original Southern League Baseball (Born 1885)

The original Southern League Baseball was formed in 1885 and was a leader in the early boom of minor league baseball.

The original league consisted of eight charter members: Atlanta, Augusta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Columbus, Macon, Memphis and Nashville. Henry W. Grady, the managing editor of The Atlanta Journal Constitution, was the League's first president and ran the Leagues business from his newspaper office.

The initial schedule called for teams to play a 100-game season but only two teams reached that mark in 1885. The Atlanta franchise was the winner of the first Southern League crown with a mark of 60 wins-31 loss record.

The Southern Association (Born 1901)

In 1901, the Southern Association was formed to fill the void left by the folding of the original Southern League.

There were eight franchises in this first season of a newly resurrected league with a slightly new name : Birmingham, Chattanooga, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Shreveport,La. and Selma Al.

Reed W. Kent was named the first president of this new Southern Association, but was succeeded by W. J. Boles and later J. B. Nicklin during the inaugural season. Nashville won the association's first pennant by finishing the season at 80-40.

The Southern League (1964----Was The Rebirth Of A Great Baseball League )

The new era for Southern League Baseball was reborn from the ashes of past closures and began the 1964 season with eight teams.

Six teams from the South Atlantic League continued under the new Southern League Baseball, including Asheville,N.C. Charlotte, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Lynchburg, Va. and Macon, Ga. Two new teams were added Birmingham, Al. and Columbus, Ga. to round out the eight-team circuit.

Sam Smith returned as president of the newly renamed league, which featured a 140-game schedule and an All-Star Game to be played at historic Rickwood Field.

Since a handful of other leagues had contributed to the history of the Southern League, it was decided that the league would not maintain the records assembled prior to the 1964 campaign.

Baseball in the summertime should be filled with watermelon, ice cream and gentlemen enjoying the good life at the Southern League Baseball ball parks with their ladies fair.

The Birmingham Metropolitan Area and the city of Hoover, Alabama hosts the Birmingham Barons Baseball for our baseball enjoyment.

The Deep South has a bountiful array of ten beautiful cities hosting Southern League Baseball fans. Nothing could be finer than a night of baseball in Carolina.

You like the sun? Then join me for a day of fun, with the Jacksonville Suns, at "The Baseball Grounds" of Jacksonville on the east coast of sunny Florida.

Nothing is more pleasing to a true baseball fan than to know his competition especially during the heat of a close down the stretch pennant race.

Knowing which major league team is an affiliate and has a vested interest in the good fortunes of a team and the players, adds a lot to the enjoyment and competitive nature of our sport.

Fans have a way of bonding to the team and the Baseballfarming system (i.e organization). Allow me to introduce you up close and personal with our ten Southern League Baseball Teams, the Stadiums and their Cities, all of which are thrilling baseball crowds around the South.

The Southern League Baseball in a nutshell is a compilation of ten (10) grand AA farm teams of Major League Baseball, playing baseball in the sunny south. Southern League Baseball (AA)

Division Team- MLB Affiliation- City- Stadium Capacity

North Division:

  • Chattanooga Lookouts-, Los Angeles Dodgers-, Chattanooga, Tennessee-, AT&T Field-, 6,340
  • Huntsville Stars-, Milwaukee Brewers-, Huntsville, Alabama-, Joe W. Davis Stadium-, 10,200
  • Tennessee Smokies-, Chicago Cubs-, Kodak, Tennessee-, Smokies Park-, 6,412
  • Jackson Generals, Seattle Mariners , Jackson, Tennessee-, Pringles Park-, 6,000
  • Birmingham Barons-, Chicago White Sox-, Birmingham, Alabama-, Regions Park-, 10,800

South Division:

  • Jacksonville Suns-, Miami Marlins-, Jacksonville, Florida-, Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville-, 11,000
  • Mississippi Braves-, Atlanta Braves-, Pearl, Mississippi-, Trustmark Park-, 7,500
  • Mobile Bay Bears-, Arizona Diamondbacks-, Mobile, Alabama-, Hank Aaron Stadium-, 6,000
  • Montgomery Biscuits-, Tampa Bay Rays-, Montgomery, Alabama-, Montgomery River Walk Stadium-, 7,000
  • Pensacola Blue Wahoos-, Cincinnati Reds-,Pensacola, Florida-Maritime Park-, 5000

North Division summary:

Jackson Generals ------------(Seattle Mariners) Chattanooga Lookouts ----- (Los Angeles Dodgers) Huntsville Stars --------- (Milwaukee Brewers) Tennessee Smokies -------- (Chicago Cubs) Birmingham Barons--------- (Chicago White Sox)

North Division: (Team -- Major League Affiliate)

The Southern League maintains its headquarters in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia. Starting in the 2012 season, the Carolina Mudcats relocated to Pensacola, Florida to become the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. They will retain their Cincinnati Reds affiliation.

South Division summary:

Pensacola Blue Wahoos ---(Cincinatti Reds) Jacksonville Suns ---- (Miami Marlins) Mississippi Braves --- (Atlanta Braves) Mobile Bay Bears ----- (Arizona Diamondbacks) Montgomery Biscuits -- (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)

South Division: (Team -- Major League Affiliate)

Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida all bubbling with southern hospitality are thrilled to be the proud hosts for our Southern League Teams.

The Southern League, consisting of these ten major league baseballfarming teams, are divided into a North division and a South division: each division having five teams each.

North Division: Jackson (Generals), Chattanooga (Lookouts), Huntsville (Stars), Tennessee (Smokies), Birmingham (Barons),

South Division: Mississippi (Braves), Mobile (Bay Bears), Montgomery (Biscuits), Pensacola (Blue Wahoos), Jacksonville (Suns).

Our Southern League teams are closely watched by the major league team owners, ensuring every player grows and develops right on schedule. Some will tassle out ahead of others and need pulling when their time is right.

You tell me whether this is baseballfarming at its best?

Yes Sir! We Got Baseball here in the South.

Ideally no plucking is done before the end of the summertime and our Southern League championship trophy is in the barn.

Every city of our baseball league thrills to garner that trophy and accolades of champions for their team. Could you think of a better sporting way to include fans, players, coaches, team owners,and envious foes in unison of competitive emotions?

The game of baseball fills the bill on all fronts and deservedly, during the early years of the game, for being recognized as our national pastime.

Baseball gains so much of its popularity by the competitive nature of society and the sheer pleasure of feelings by the hometown fans. This is togetherness in competition.

When the team ends the game on the short end of a score, it's not just the teams shortfall. The fans also share this, "next time" feeling too.

Some rules of interest:

  • Player Limits: Teams are allowed 24 players on the team from opening day until May 7 and also from August 10 through the end of the regular season. The roster maximum is 23 players from May 6 through August 10.

  • Southern League Curfew: No inning may begin after 12:50 a.m. Any inning in progress at 12:50a.m. may be played to its completion.This rule is suspended for the final game of the season between two clubs at the series site.

Let's foster this togetherness and belonging of a team to fans, and fans to a team, by being more knowledgeable of our entire competition arena.

Do we know about the the city our opponents represent?

Do we know about the opposing teams home park or stadium?

Do we know which MLB teams these AA farm teams represent?

Who knows the way to Pringles Park? home of the Jackson, Generals? It' not as if we were going to San Jose.

Good folks if you would like, I would be most pleased, in due time, to provide you with some of the cool facts and some hot tips while having some summertime fun bringing you Southern League Baseball. The teams, their stadiums, their cities and their Major League Affiliate each via separate web pages here at Baseballfarming. Summertime and the living is easy--Your Papa is rich and your Mama is good looking-- Southern League Baseball is where it is!

To revisit some of our baseball history just tap the button with a click for interesting baseball history and information relating to this history from a Southern perspective.

Southern League Baseball and the Birmingham Barons, during my young and formative years permeates my history of baseball. You too have your many memories about baseball history so share it.

Strike up the Band ---- Let's Play Ball!

Legends Revisited... Folks it doesn't get any better than this. Sunday 26 February 2006 Willie Mays, former teammates salute Rickwood past. The setting for this emotion packed event was our beloved ole ball park Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama home of our own Birmingham Black Barons of the late 40's and into the decade of the 50's.

Best of ESPN Vintage Baseball---When players from the Birmingham Black Barons and five other Negro League Teams were introduced during pregame ceremonies, the crowd, responded with a standing ovation. Can it be any better?

The "Say Hey Kid" Willie Mays must have had feeling of nostalgia beyond compare. Willie as a fledgling 17 year roamed the center-field turf, of this beautiful storied Ballpark during the 1948 pennant drive, when the Black Barons took the pennant from the Kansas City Monarchs.

North Division Playoffs 2008 Carolina Mudcats vs. West Tenn Diamond Jaxx

Carolina wins 3-0

Game 1: at West Tenn - Wed, Sept 3rd Carolina 7-1 - Recap

Game 2: at West Tenn - Thurs, Sept 4th Carolina 11-2 - Recap

Game 3: at Carolina - Sat, Sept 6th Carolina 4-2 - Recap

South Division Playoffs 2008 Mississippi Braves vs. Birmingham Barons

Mississippi wins 3-0

Game 1: at Birmingham - Thurs, Sept 4th Mississippi 1-0

Game 2: at Birmingham - Fri, Sept 5th Mississippi 5-4 (11)

Game 3: at Mississippi - Sat, Sept 6th Mississippi 3-0

Congratulations to the Mississippi Braves the 2008 Southern League Baseball Champions:

Game 1: at Carolina - Monday, September 8th Mississippi 5-4

Game 2: at Carolina - Tuesday, September 9th Carolina 6-3

Game 3: at Mississippi - Thursday, September 11th Carolina 9-3

Game 4: at Mississippi - Friday, September 12th Mississippi 6-5

Game 5: at Mississippi - Saturday, September 13th Mississippi 3-2

Mississippi wins series 3 games to 2.

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Baseball fans who have followed baseball here in the South know the real confusion which is ascribed to the birth and growing up of our Southern League of Baseball.

Southern League was not always Southern League but deep within its genes it has managed to fight total distinction ward off elimination and still even to this day proudly play our Grand Game of Baseball.

It has answered to Southern Association, Sally League, Southern League Baseball and then Southern League Baseball again.

Shall we simply list the Cities and the Team names and let all take their own memories back to the days when they rooted for their favorite.

Cities And Teams Represented by Baseball Play of our Southern League:


  • Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Atlantans 1885-1886; Atlanta Firecrackers 1892; Atlanta Windjammers 1893; Atlanta Atlantians 1894; Atlanta 1894; Atlanta Crackers 1895-1896
  • Augusta, GA: Augusta Browns 1885-1886; Augusta Electricians 1893
  • Birmingham, AL: Birmingham 1885; Birmingham Grays 1892; Birmingham 1893; Birmingham Bluebirds 1896
  • Charleston, SC: Charleston Seagulls 1886; Charleston Seagulls 1893-1894
  • Chattanooga, TN: Chattanooga Lookouts 1885-1886; Chattanooga Chatts 1892; Chattanooga Warriors 1893; Chattanooga Warriors 1895
  • Columbus, GA: Columbus Stars 1885; Columbus Babies 1896 Little Rock, AR: Little Rock Travelers 1895
  • Macon, GA: Macon 1885-1886; Macon Central City 1892-1893; Macon Hornets 1894
  • Memphis, TN: Memphis Browns 1885; Memphis Grays 1886; Memphis Browns 1887; Memphis Grays 1888; Memphis Giants 1892-1895
  • Mobile, AL: Mobile Blackbirds 1892-1893; Mobile Bluebirds 1894; Mobile Bluebirds 1895; Mobile Blackbirds 1896
  • Montgomery, AL: Montgomery Lambs 1892; Montgomery Colts 1893; Montgomery Grays 1895-1896
  • Nashville, TN: Nashville Americans 1885-1886; Nashville Blues 1887; Nashville Tigers 1893-1894; Nashville Seraphs 1895
  • New Orleans, LA: New Orleans Pelicans 1892-1896
  • Pensacola, FL: Pensacola 1893
  • Savannah, GA: Savannah 1886; Savannah Electrics 1893; Savannah Modocs 1894


  • Asheville, NC: Asheville Tourists 1964-1966; Asheville Tourists 1968-1971; Asheville Orioles 1972-1975
  • Birmingham, AL: Birmingham Barons 1964-1965; Birmingham A's 1966-1975; Birmingham Barons 1981-present
  • Charlotte, NC: Charlotte Hornets 1964-1972; Charlotte O's 1976-1987; Charlotte Knights 1988-1992
  • Chattanooga, TN: Chattanooga Lookouts 1964-1965; Chattanooga Lookouts 1976-present
  • Columbus, GA: Columbus Confederate Yankees 1964-1966; Columbus White Sox 1969; Columbus Astros 1970-1988; Columbus Mudcats 1989-1990
  • Evansville, IN: Evansville White Sox 1966-1968
  • Greenville, SC: Greenville Braves 1984-2004
  • Huntsville, AL: Huntsville Stars 1985-present
  • Jackson, TN: West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx 1998-2010; Jackson Generals 2011-present
  • Jacksonville, FL: Jacksonville Suns 1970-1984; Jacksonville Expos 1985-1990; Jacksonville Suns 1991-present
  • Knoxville, TN: Knoxville Smokies 1964-1967; Knoxville Sox 1972-1979; Knoxville Blue Jays 1980-1992; Knoxville Smokies 1993-1999
  • Lynchburg, VA: Lynchburg White Sox 1964-1965
  • Macon, GA: Macon Peaches 1964; Macon Peaches 1966-1967
  • Memphis, TN: Memphis Chicks 1978-1997
  • Mobile, AL: Mobile A's 1966; Mobile White Sox 1970; Mobile Bay Bears 1997-present
  • Montgomery, AL: Montgomery Rebels 1965-1980; Montgomery Biscuits 2004-present
  • Nashville, TN: Nashville Sounds 1978-1984; Nashville Xpress 1993-1994
  • Orlando, FL: Orlando Twins 1973-1989; Orlando Sun Rays 1990-1992; Orlando Cubs 1993-1996; Orlando Rays 1997-2003
  • Pearl, MS: Mississippi Braves 2005-present
  • Pensacola, FL: Pensacola Blue Wahoos 2012-
  • Savannah, GA: Savannah Senators 1968-1969; Savannah Indians 1970; Savannah Braves 1971-1983
  • Sevierville, TN: Tennessee Smokies 2000-present
  • Wilmington, NC: Port City Roosters 1995-1996
  • Zebulon, NC: Carolina Mudcats 1991-2011

Batter Up ---- Let's Play Ball ....