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...the players uniform has come a long way in style, fashion design and material!

Baseball Uniforms have changed a lot over the last 100 years. The fabric of modern age materials plus changing styles used to make the players uniforms have evolved, along with overall colorful appearance and eye catching pizazz.

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Designed playing uniforms were first worn by the New York Knickerbockers Baseball Club in 1849. Sales of replica uniforms even to this day and other branded products generate large amounts of income for Major League teams through merchandising.

The New York Knickerbockers was simply the first baseball team to have players to wear uniforms, fielding a team on April 4, 1849 in pants made of blue wool, white flannel shirts and straw hats. The wearing a uniform soon spread, and by 1900, all Major League Baseball teams had adopted them. Most uniforms being worn by 1882 included stockings, covering the leg from foot to the knee, and was commonly used to differentiate one club from another.

The style and color of the ball players garment identifies not just the player but is the signature look and character of the team. Therefore team uniforms and the classic-uniform baseball clothing is chosen with care and purpose for every team because of the recognition factor.

The Boston Americans (an unofficial designation that merely distinguished them from their across-the-tracks rivals) adopted the Nationals' abandoned red stockings in 1908, and have been the Boston Red Sox officially ever since then.

Home and road uniforms

By the end of the 19th century, teams began the practice of wearing one of two different uniforms, one when they played in their own baseball stadium and a different one when they played on the road. It became common to wear white at home and one of gray, solid dark blue, or black on the road.

Baseballfarming sees flashy colors polyester materials and even pegged trousers as a movement from country boy to city slicker now if that is not up-town what is?

A teams recognition is quantumly enhanced with the fans wearing of its famous baseball cap being worn by the loyal fans of teams who prove themselves to be steady winners. Since the baseball cap by rule is considered a part of the baseball uniform therefore when winners be come famous and so do their uniforms.

Classic-uniforms are made and sold today to satisfy a demand for the look of baseball yesteryear and the memories it brings. Baseball-youth-uniforms are also now abundantly available which depict the favorite baseball teams across America.

One of the things which should never change is the pride one has in the wearing of his baseball team uniform.

Battle Sticks (BATS) Pgs...

Wool shirts, stockings and trousers with the legs of the trousers being worn bloused at the knee are the look of a classic-uniform. All else is modern era and changes will come and go like the wind.

We even have pegged trouser legs and polyester smooth materials...

Playing baseball normally, and most assuredly, occurs during the summertime. The season begins in the early spring and carries forward into the fall check out the baseball season calendar.

During the later part of February and early March, when the flowers and trees start to show their buds and the Robins and Blue Jays start their merry tunes, it’s time to find and clean up those old spikes and oil up that well worn glove.

Whoopee! Ye Ha! it’s that time of year. Let’s Play Ball!

The season is well on its way, in mid season when it's near the ALL STAR break, now is that hot part of summer when the heat is at its zenith.

A lot of baseball lingo has it founding derivative from what we know about the weather. For instance what are we referring to when we say it is "Scorcher?"

If we are talking weather it is a really really hot day. Talking baseball it would be a hard hit ball which is hard to handle or field. It is a baseball blasted, as hot as blue blazes, from the bat of a powerfully hit ball.

The ball parks are filled and all the announcer can say is; “I don’t know how it can be so hot with so many fans?”

When the heat factor is high and the perspiration (sweat really) is flowing from every pore of your body, you know its summertime and baseball season.

This heat factor and natural body sweat dictated the type of material used in the baseball uniform during the early days of the game.


Majestic Athletic, a leading provider of authentic team uniforms, athletic apparel and sports-licensed apparel, announced today a multi-year partnership to produce on-field outerwear and fleece for Minor League Baseball at the start of the 2008 baseball season.

All 160 Minor League teams will have the opportunity to outfit their players in the same authentic on-field outerwear worn by Major League Baseball players.

The jackets and fleece utilize many of the same Cool Base and Therma-Base technologies and outfitting systems.

Players are not the only ones who sometimes can enjoy a uniform change. Back in 1974 The Baseball or little white baseball got a new uniform it got a brand new coat made of cowhide replacing the ole horsehide cover and so often being referred to simply as "Hoss-hide".

All items worn on field will be accessible to fans through in-stadium retail and other outlets, including

This trivia note on who will be making the uniforms for all Minor League baseball teams caught my attention and thought you would appreciate me sharing it with all.

The 20th century at the least the first half of the century Wool was the common material in all baseball uniforms. Yes indeed, Wool!

Try to get a kid today to suit up in a solid wool shirt and wool trousers in the hot, hot summertime and you would be considered dictator cruel.

Those old baseball uniforms were hot and boy howdy did they scratch and make you itch.

But believe it or not, that Wool material was a real Godsend in that the material is what is known as material that breathes.

When the body temp is up and sweat is pouring, Wool will absorb the moisture and the natural breeze of air will in fact cause a cooling effect.

The ballplayers trousers had an elastic band on the cuff so the trousers/pants leg could be pulled up and held tight just below the knee.

The trousers were in resemblance of the old style knickers or knee britches. Oftentimes the elastic would loose its elasticity and require the use of a garter to hold the trouser leg just below the knee.

The baseball uniforms included colorful baseball stockings which was also used in conjunction with the placement of and tucking of the trouser leg gathered and rolled together just below the knee.

After the player put on his socks then his long stockings (these were also called hose) that reached all the way to his knee, he was ready to pull on his trousers.

Trousers were pulled on and then dropped to the floor and the elastic cuffs of the pants were pulled up and the stockings were rolled down over the trouser cuff.

This knickers-like look of the trousers, and the stocking covering of the lower leg, served well in its design and fashion.

The combined loose fitting cover of the trouser and the protective covering of the leg by the stockings, saved many minor baseball injuries like some raw rough cuts or abrasions of the players lower legs.

Must remember, that in the early formative years of baseball, the diamonds were not the well maintained beautiful green playing fields of today.

As a matter of fact, many a young ball player grew up playing in fields that were literally slag heaps.

Where did baseball gain its most avid fan base? Yes, the Steel Mill Villages and Coal Mining Camps/Towns.

The color of the stockings often foretold the name or nickname for the team. Just as today we have our Red Sox and White Socks Boston and Chicago know them well, and so does the whole World.

Here is a famous example of how stockings set the stage for recognition of teams, the Boston Americans adopted the Nationals' abandoned red stockings in 1908, and have been the Boston Red Sox officially ever since then.

As official nicknames gained prominence in the early 1900s (in contrast to media-generated and unofficial nicknames of prior generations), pictorial logos began emerging as part of the team's marketing. Some early examples include a small red tiger on the black cap of the 1901 Detroit Tigers, as they were officially the Tigers from the beginning; and a bear cub logo on the Chicago Cubs shirts by 1907, as that unofficial nickname was then adopted officially by the club.

It' beginning to rain and we will surely get mud all over these old uniforms...No sweat good buddy, coach has promised to buy us new uniforms for this season...

Baseball practice uniforms are simply the old uniforms of past years team uniforms. Oftentimes dropping by the baseball practice field you might see some ragtag looking dressed boys plying their skills at practice.

Little League baseball uniforms are patterned after what the big boys use. The style, materials and wear ability and functional uniform has all the trappings and trim utilized by the teams all around the baseball world.

By the 1990s, new styles of close-trimmed pants legs made it possible for players to wear pants that ran clear to the shoe-tops, in lieu of the traditional knee-breeches style that had prevailed for generations. This led to a violation of the literal concept of a "uniform", in that different players on a given team might wear knee-length and full-length pants on the field at the same time.

In talking about baseball team uniform It would be bad of me not to mention the baseball cap. The wearing of a teams baseball cap is a thing of pride.

The wearing of the teams baseball caps as a general rule has a deep felt meaning of team pride and ownership. The baseball caps button above carries you to more scoop about the baseball Cap.

A boy would rather go without eating and even reach the stage of hunger rather than fore go the right and honor of wearing his baseball teams cap.

That team cap has meaning and purpose for that little feller. You see it represents his team, his teammates or his playing heroes.

Do not let that youngster down when that cap looses it starched sharp look find him a replacement by shopping with some of our baseball and business partners. Click on any of our offerings and take a look.

Okay...then, batter up!

Come on play ball!

The baseball uniform has been a very integral part of the history of baseball. Throughout history of baseball the teams and their uniform styles have changed.

We still seem to have the ole urge of nostalgia and it even has an effect on our love for our baseball uniforms. Today we will even pay premium money to own or have a replica vintage baseball uniforms.

Baseball uniforms were first worn by the New York Knickerbockers Baseball Club in 1849. Today, sales of replica uniforms and derivative branded products generate large amounts of income for Major League teams through merchandising.

Aside from the filling needs of the vintage mode the baseball public that is our affluent fans still search for and purchase classic baseball uniforms especially those of the favorite teams.

Team baseball uniforms are a must for every community to showcase their little league baseball.

Nothing it seems will ever replace moms shopping and trying to find discount youth baseball uniforms.

The style and design of the baseball shoe or "spikes" have been a part of this ever changing game of baseball.

Baseball spikes also have made some rather major changes during the history of the game in place of the rag tag cobbled together baseball shoes.

Not only has the uniforms changed during the course of time the Baseball Glove like the baseball uniforms have made dramatic changes in design and materials but one thing has never changed. A young boys sense of "This is my glove" will never change.

The baseball partners we have available here at baseball farming are also our teammates and business partners. Any of the good quality baseball uniforms plus caps, jerseys, gloves and spikes are at your buying command. Now that you know about baseball uniforms its time for you to learn about hitting the baseball,go to your baseball hitting pages and learn the real secrets for hitting a baseball.

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