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Baseball Bat Companies are there to please you name it and there is someone out there ready willing and able to provide the bat which is "just right."

The choices of a wood-baseball-bat or an aluminum-bat which is "just right" now in our todays modern era of baseball could be a controversy of Aluminum vs Wood Bats.

Like most things baseball-bat companies thrive on supplying the need. Wood baseball bats carried the day until the Aluminum bats caught everyones fancy and now today we even have the Composite bats. Psst! You should buy only good quality baseball equipment, while jam up good hitters only want to use bats of their personal choice, which feels "just right" for their Baseball Bat.

Baseball Bat Manufacturing Companies
Company---- Located

Makes both Wood and Aluminum bats:

  • Worth---- Tullahoma, TN
  • Wilson-Demarini Bats

    ---- Chicago, IL

  • Louisville Slugger

    ---- Louisville, KY

  • Rawlings---- St. Louis, MO
  • Mizuno ---- Japan
  • Mattingly Bats ----Shelton, Ct
  • Makes only Wood bats:

  • Annex Baseball ---- Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Bamboo Bat Co.---- Staten Island, NY
  • Bayout Bat Co.---- Louisiana
  • Brett Brothers----
  • BWP Bats---- Pennsylvania
  • CTG Wood Products---- New York
  • D-Bats----Pleasant, Tx
  • Dinger Bats---- Illinois
  • Glomar Bats----Fullerton, Ca
  • Granite Bats---- Minnesota

  • Hoosier Bat Company---- Valparaiso, IN
  • KR3Bats---- Ontario
  • MaxBats---- Minneapolis, MN
  • Marucci Bats---- Louisiana
  • Mash Bats---- Mount Albert, ON
  • M^Powered Baseball---- California
  • Old Hickory----Goodlettsville, Tn
  • Phoenix Bats----Hillard, Oh
  • Pride Bat Company---- Indiana
  • RockBats---- Wisconsin
  • Sam Bat----Ottawa, On
  • Striker Bats---- Georgia
  • Superior Bats---- New York
  • Tom Cat Bat Co----
  • Trinity Bats---- California
  • Tuff Bats----California
  • Viper Bats----
  • X Bats----Western New York
  • Makes only Aluminum bats:

  • Anderson----Placenta, Ca
  • DeMarini----Hillsboro, Or
  • Miken----Caledonia, Mn
  • Nike----Beaverton, Or
  • Toledo Bats----Toledo, Oh

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