Winners Are Traditional Heroes
Everywhere There's Competition

Baseball Winners are proven leaders throughout our game of baseball be it by league,team or players they are the heroes and winners.

Declared as the leaders or baseball winners for winning games as a team, hitting power or the pitching aces and as winners are readily sought out and cheered by the fans of the game and become the dynasties, living legends or favorite heroes as winners.

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Ty Cobb...The "Georgia Peach" the fiercest competitor the game of baseball has ever known. Into the batters box he stepped and the battle began. He asked and gave no quarter he simply had the "want to" he wanted to win.

Babe Ruth...The Greatest Name In All Of Baseball Babe Ruth.

Honus Wagner...An American of German Heritage was called "The Flying Dutchman" due to his superb speed. Played professional baseball 1897-1917 in the National League as "Hans" or Honus Wagner.

Christy Mathewson: ...from Bucknell University playing both football and baseball this gentleman became the pride of the New York Giants pitching during baseballs dead ball era as a player winner.

Walter Johnson:...pitched hard fast balls like a stout hearted, Midwestern farm boy sitting down all comers with his sizzling heat.

BOB FELLER April 16, 1940: Bob Feller pitches Opening Day no-hitter

The record is as unbreakable as it gets in Major League Baseball. Only once has each player on a team finished a game with the same batting average with which they started. That team was the 1940 Chicago White Sox, who entered and exited their April 16 game against the Cleveland Indians with a batting average of .000. The reason? Seventy-four years ago this week – on April 16, 1940 – Bob Feller threw the first Opening Day no-hitter in history, a feat that has never been repeated.

(National Baseball Hall of Fame Library)

All of the gentlemen identified above were the elite of the finest example of what our game of baseball is about. They simply set the stage for what baseball was and could be they not only talked the talk they walked the walk and all used their achievements as the model of what greatness of playing the game should be.

In the year 1936 upon initiation of Baseballs Hall Of Fame these are the first five depicted above were super heroes inducted into the inaugural Hall Of Fame. Ever Since that day every baseball player ever suiting up to play Major League Baseball have the standards established by the play of these gentlemen of our game as a measure of worth.

Baseballs Top any category about the game of Baseball could be about Ballparks, Pitcher Career Records, or the World Series Winners and still provide an emotional rush.

World Series Winners:...claim to be World Champions by winning the Baseball World Series at seasons end. National and American League pennant winners of MLB meet each October to settle the right to be crowned as World Champions and the World Series Winners.

World Series 2010 Rangers-Giants:...The American League Champs Texas Rangers versus the National League Champs San Francisco Giants.

World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies:...The American League Champs New York Yankees versus the National League Champs Philadelphia Phillies.

Baseball Classic 2009:...A Baseball International Series is a baseball tournament called a World Baseball Classic March 5-23, 2009 is really a Major League Baseball(MLB)owners sponsored sixteen (16) Nations Baseball Tournament being called a World Baseball Classic 2009.

Baseball Hall of Fame: How many of these Baseball Hall Of Fame greats can you name? We have so many yet the names all seem so familiar to us all but only by their playing names and as baseball winners.

Gold Glove Awards: ...are awarded annually and was started by Rawlings Sports in 1957. It recognizes the best defensive fielding players as baseball winners and is called Baseballs Gold Glove Awards.

Cy Young Award:...emblematic of the best there "was or is" as a Pitcher of the National and American Leagues of Major League Baseball.

Baseball Triple Crown are recognized as the elite awards for the seasons best in three leading categories of baseball play. Hitting Triple Crown Awards Winners and Pitching Triple Crown Awards Winners.

Baseballs Greatest Hitter: We have our ball playing heroes as hitters, with the bat, and as such we have a right to proclaim who we consider as Baseballs Greatest Hitter. The "Splendid Splinter" sure stands tall in my mind and heart so "Semper Fi."

Baseball winners page tells you, "THE SPLENDID SPLINTER Ted Williams (Please send us a complete story on your choice)"

Famous Baseball Players...are forever etched in the minds of every generation. Famous Baseball Players have emerged since the game began crossing through history and all generations hence.

Baseball Heroes:...are baseball players wearing a team uniform playing on your favorite team. Because of their playing ability they soon become our baseball heroes and winners!

Barry Bonds Baseball 2007:...and "The Big Chase" for the home run kings crown during the Baseball 2007 season. Will Barry Bonds now at 751 surpass Henry "Hammerin Hank" Aaron's lifetime total of 755 home runs during Baseball 2007? Click the Baseball 2007 button and you will get a front row seat to follow this player-winner's action.

Baseball Strikeout Records...are not a coveted award by a hitter, it is a crowning achievement as a pitcher to hold Baseball Strikeout Records.

Baseball Playing Legends...are home grown within every community or hometown. Being a Legend is an inescapable part of the fascination and devotion fans impart to their Baseball Playing Heroes and Winners and this great game of baseball.

Yankees Catcher Yogi Berra is known around the world as "Yogi" or Yankee Catcher Yogi. The one and only Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra which the world embraced as it's own. One baseball game was his signature, for playing jubilation, i.e "Don Larsen's no hit World Series victory."

Four Strike Baseball Players:...proved against all odds, three strikes was never an out, these handicapped baseball players played Major League Baseball as Four Strike Baseball Players.

Gamers Baseball...refers to the magnificent men who played the game and contributed by deed and legend making it the sport which it is today.

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