World Series 2009

New York Yankees American League
Philadelphia Phillies National League

Pennant Winner Against Pennant Winner
Best Against Best

World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies pitting the best of the National League against the best of the American League hoping to be declared the World Series Winner and known as the World Champions of Baseball.

Simplistically speaking in days of old and all during this cotton top boy from Alabama early years following baseball the World Series Winner was in fact the World Baseball Champions.

Those days have come and gone in possible faded glory with the forthcoming of the International Baseball Federation of global play.

The Professional Major League Baseball Team Owners have chosen to institute a whole new twist into the empire of Professional Baseball. We now have a World Classic Game pitting the best from around the World in a Baseball International Series.

I use this term Baseball International Series in what the finacial world would say is forward looking statements. As you may well know it may happen and then it may not it is my way of looking at what is unfolding in our world of baseball.

Someday soon our American MLB World Series may become old hat and nothing more than a money making end of the season set of games between the two American MLB Leagues of USA teams.

Probably to be replaced by a Global or International real Series matching the best from around the Globe as a reality Series as Baseball International Series or an International Baseball Series. "Well Dude Who Do You Think Won It?"

You were promised some data and what happened World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies.

Game one October 28, World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies at New York

Game one: Philadelphia Phillies 6 New York Yankees 1

Phillies riding the strong arm and wizardry pitching of cool hand Luke alias Cliff Lee dominated the Yankees with his superb game from the mound.

Chase Utley took the challenge of the Yankees pitching offered by C.C. Sabathia and went yard with two terrific dingers or solo round tripper and the PHillies took the measure of the Yankees 6 to 1 in the Yankees play pen.

Game two October 29, World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies, at New York

Game two: New York Yankees 3 Philadelphia Phillies 1

Yankees decided it was catch up time and playing to preserve some honor while playing the first ever World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies in their new Multiple $ Million Dollar stadium.

Opposing pitchers Pedro Martinez of the Phillies faced A.J. Burnett of the Yankees. A.J. came away with the win.

Holding the heavy lumber for the Yankees with two solo homers into the cool of the evening at Yankee stadium was Mark Teixeira with one and Hideki Matsui with one and the long ball paid handsomely for the Yankees.

40 World Series and Winner of 26 of those World Series is an honor only the Yankees have the rights too.

Must stay tuned right here at Baseballfarming to find out the conclusion and winner of World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies. Game three October 31,(Halloween trick or treat night) World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia

Game three: New York Yankees 8 Philadelphia Phillies 5

Manager Charlie Manuel of the Philadelphia Philies sent his young lefty Cole Hamels to the mound to start for the Phillies.

Manager Joe Girardi of the New York Yankees countered with his veteran Andy Pettitte also a lefty.

Pettitte had a shaky start and after two it was the Phillies three and the Yankees 0. Pettitte settled in and started to calmly take charge of the pitching chores of the Yankees and the Yankees bat started to rattle.

Jason Werth of the Phillies connected for two solo home runs for the Phillies and in total the Phillies were able to scratch together a total of five runs for the rain delayed game number three.

A Rodriquez homer for the Yankees with one mate aboard not only put the Yankees on the board it was a homer into the lens of the camera in the right field stands which rebounded back onto the playing field.

Umpires had to retire to the instant replay room to review the Halloween camera caper to determine if Rodriquez had a stand up double or was it an out of the Park homer. Call on the field was a double but replay review declared it a Home Run. So trick or treat instant replay is hard to beat.

This replay trick is the first ever in World Series History. Game four November 1, World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia

Game four: New York Yankees 7 Philadelphia Phillies 4

Joe Blanton got the call for the Phillies while the Yankees sent forth their Ace and the highest paid pitcher in Major League Baseball C.C. Sabathia.

The Yankees got to Blanton early and roughed him up for two runs in the first inning. The big lick provided by Johnny Damon with a double.

Game was nip and tuck through seven innings and the drama really mounted with the Yankees holding a 4 to 3 advantage going to the bottom of the eight when Feliz the third sacker of the Phillies drove one heck of a shot into the left field stands to tie it.

All tied at the end of 8th so the drama builds the Yankees played Yankees baseball their half of the 9th with two outs Johnny Damon smacked a clean single to left center field.

Remember two outs Damon of the Yankees steals second base and executed a picture perfect pop-up slide at second. The throw from the catcher carrying the shortstop to the first base side of the bag to take the catchers throw.

Damon showing what heads up base running is about saw that the third baseman of the Phillies had left third base uncovered and using his pop-up slide just kept right on running and took third base uncontested. No runs in the Yankees 9th yet but the spark of a rally had life. Teixeira was hit with the pitched ball runners at third and first Alex Rodriquez slammed a double one hpper to the left field wall Damon scores and runners at second and third. Posada the Yankees catcher slapped a probable double to left center two runs score and Posada out with the throw coming to second instead of going to home plate.

Yankees with the 3 big second out runs scored in their half of the 9th score reading Yankees 7 Phillies 4 and the Phillies went down without a whimper in their last half of the 9th.

Game five November 2, World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia

Game five: Philadelphia Phillies 8 New York Yankees 6

Cliff Lee pitching phenomally during this 2009 World Series throttled the Yankees one more time. A.J. Burnett doing the chores for the Yankees did yeoman like work but the three run homer to Chase Utley in the Phillies half of the 1st inning was the death knell making the Yankees play catch up the rest of the game.

Storyline about any way you slice it for the Phillies is masterful pitching by Cliff Lee and heavy lumber blasts by Chase Utley.

Chase Utley added to his 1st inning three run blast with another solo shot in the Phillies 7th inning. Utley now with five round trip blasts during this World Series Yankees-Phillies 2009 has tied Reggie Jackson ("Mr. October") with a total of five home runs in a World Series.

Yankees went down valiantly fighting till the last out before letting the Phillies rule for game five of World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies.

Game six November 4, World Series 2009 Yankees-Phillies at Yankee Stadium, New York

Game six: New York Yankees 7 Phhiladelphia Phillies 3


Yankees called on Andy Pettitte the veteran lefty while the Phillies put the ball in the hands of Pedro Martinez another seasoned veteran.

Yankees in winner fashion simple played the game with what appeared to be self assurance often found in the manner and workman like aura of winners.

The real hero of the Series stepped forward and played a winners championship style and garnered the vote and was awarded the MVP for the World Series 2009. Hideki Matsui was the Yankees Designated Hitter and did he ever produce by driving in 6 of the 7 Yankee runs winning game six.

Hideki Matsui hailing from the "Land Of The Rising Sun," Japan continues the proof the men enjoying Baseballfarming from the Japanese Homeland are baseball winners.

Yankee Stadium New York,NY the new Ballpark of the Yankees was christened during it's very first season as the Home of the Yankees and winning place for the Yankees 27th World Series Championship.

Since the beginning of World Series play commencing in 1903 the Yankees have played in 40 World Series and taking the cherished Championship Crown during 27 of those Series.

The Bronx Bombers or "Them Damn Yankees" are at it again.


Grown Men become Little Boys with all their jubilation in winning as a team and individuals when the work day is over. I witnessed the Yankee Players and Manager feeling the pride and joyful expression of winning, just as they experienced as youngsters growing up. On the other hand the losing team and its players were so disappointed they would throw down their cap or glove to the ground since they couldn't prance around Sally Sue strutting their stuff. I even noticed how the Philly manager graciously praised the Yanks and took the loss in stride even though the agony of defeat brought a noticeable mist to his eyes. But, when it's all said and done only in the world of sports (baseball) can a grown man revert back to childish actions after nine inning of play where they rally together as winners or walk away in dismay and disappointment as losers since the 9th inning is the time for the curtain call. Yes, in Major League Baseball Grown Men can be transformed into a Little Boy in the time it takes to make that final 3 outs or the home team keeping the runners crossing home plate till the winnings done. Bailey 11/4/2009

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