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BASEBALL FARMING is about the grand game of baseball..with an introduction to ideas on Strategies ...Training ...and Winning!

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    Baseball, which is loved and played universally, still grows and is now featured as a "WORLD CLASSIC" or "INTERNATIONAL SERIES" gathering of national Teams from around the globe.

    Somewhere and somehow it became more than apparent that the longing and innocent plea of "It's My Turn" as a part of the Batter Up Rule would cause the development of players which became the building blocks of this Grand Game.

    Many ball players and fans fondly remember it well...during the 20th Century and the coming of age of our young nation, when it was known as "AMERICAS NATIONAL PASTIME."

    Baseball Farming of players if you will (Baseballfarming) is where you will learn much all about the sport with some unique personal insight into all the bits and pieces of the grand game.

    How To Play Baseball, Hitting, Beginner Baseball, Baseball Lingo, Baseball Fitness, Batting Order Strategy, and yes Baseball Hitting Secret.

    Baseballs professional baseball-farm-system with its star spangled history has brought us, from the days of the dead ball era, to our modern day game of baseball and War Eagle glory galore.


      --Humor me just a tad to think of the development of baseball players is even today and always will indeed truly be--Baseballfarming?


      Organized minor leagues are generally independently owned and operated but are directly affiliated with one major league team through a standardized Player Development Contract (PDC). These leagues also go by the nicknames the "farm system," "farm club," or "farm team(s)" relating back to a joke passed around by major league players in the 1930s when St. Louis Cardinals' general manager Branch Rickey formalized the system, and teams in small towns were "growing players down on the farm like corn."

      --Each spring , just as sure as God made little-green apples, we have observed the farmers breaking ground and -planting the seeds for their corn crops to grow.

      --Each spring also we find young ball players breaking out their, often times well worn, but favorite and special baseball equipment.... baseball cap, baseball spikes,, bat, and glove,

      --It's springtime with baseball getting ready to start the summer season of playing ball and growing of baseball players.

      All summer long the boys of summer will enjoy their games of baseball, out there on those dusty diamonds playing ball, or if you will growing as ball players on their Field Of Dreams.

      The most talented and skilled ball players as they mature will be picked to join a farm team and then begin their play in the baseball farm system of professional baseball.

      There You Have It Sports Fans.... Baseball Farming.

      Our baseball farm system is as natural, for the growing of ball players, as it is for the dawning light of every morning to follow the darkness of each night. This growing of the baseball playing skills of our ball players is huge, normal and also an essential part of our great game of baseball.

      Baseball history is interwoven into the fabric of life for all of those who love the game of baseball. This website is how this country boy recounts much about baseball and his own personal history about baseball.

      The local ball diamond has and hopefully always will be the Field of Dreams which will come alive making baseball memories for kids living the wonderful life of playing baseball.

      Boys play baseball using the little league rules with many dreaming to achieve the pinnacle of success by making it big time and to the Major Leagues of Baseball.

      There is an old saying, "How are you going to keep them down on the farm?"

      There is a real truth to this thought for when a kid with great or super talent, superb skills with "want to" comes along, you can bet your boots or the old one eyed Mule, his days on the farm or in the Minor Leagues of the Baseball Farming System are numbered.

      Baseball Scouts travel the entire country looking at and evaluating ball players around the Baseball Farming farm system. Major League baseball scouts are paid to watch and hopefully find the best and most talented ball players. The professional teams will bring these future Hall of Fame All-Star players up from the farm system to the Big Show.

      Baseball players who truly have the "want to" and burning passion for the game will have grown stronger more skilled from those early days while loving those neighborhood pickup games.

      Young players will grow older having played their game until the sun, halted play without any fanfare, so silently slipped beyond and below the horizon.

      Baseball Farming will be happy to bend your ear, answer questions as best we can, and talk to you about our game of baseball such as:

      Hey come on Sport, grab your's game time!

      Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....