"Its My Turn Rule Of Baseball"


Playing Fair" It Had To Be My Turn"
I Shagged And Chased Enough Fly Balls!

Batter Up Rule "Its My Turn" or the rule of being and playing fair, and this pitiful refrain "It's My Turn"... which is such an innocent plea but so profound reality from our game. Can you just not see that little fellow standing out there in his knee britches in those high weeds patiently awaiting his turn or chance to bat?

This is part and parcel of the baseball playground rules and becomes a vital ingredient of the game even baseball made up rules which you will never find in the rule books.

The same goes for our greatest lessons ever learned as taught by baseball playground rules which you will never find in the printed book on rules of baseball.

This plea of "It's My Turn" falls under the heading of a rule we have learned while growing up. The writers of the little league baseball rule book nor the official little league baseball rules would not have a clue on how important the "My Turn" Batter Up Rule is to young players.

Batter Up Rule.Rule of Baseball, "My Turn"...That begging plea is not foreign to all those little ones being bullied by the bigger boys. It did have its place in the pecking order of things and made more determined and better players of many.

Little league official rules are for the benefit of Parents and the once upon a time wannabe ball players now the coaches of the young players.

Ater all it's summertime and hot with ol' Sol beaming down hotter than blazes. Without a whimper little bubba chased every ball, even the ones that went all the way to the creek.

It's My Turn he's thinking. However,the batter up rule of the playground makes him duly wait his turn.

Come on now fair is fair you had your turn to bat and even little sister got her chance. Well that is the way it happened so many times as we grew up playing this game of baseball.

We had to pay our dues batter up rule made us determined even though we had to wait. Later as we were older, bigger and stronger, it would be pay back time and the new crop of youngsters would have to "Wait their Turn."

This rule of baseball "batter up rule" or simply our playground baseball rules seemed harsh but it stood generation after generation of baseball players a wealth of learning experience paying dividends for the making of better citizens in our society.

That never give up plea of "My Turn" provided that spark, that incessant burning desire, to stick it out to get YOUR TURN separated the winners from the losers.

Ball players were being developed by a most unique process and this batter up scenario portrays precisely how this process unfolds improving players as citizens.

The gathering of the kids in the field and pastures was not always to have a game but just the batting of the baseball, and to occupy time and space, little did we know at that time but it was the worlds learning ground.

Rule of baseball is far and away more than the written basic rule of baseball, sporting news baseball rules, major league baseball rules, official little league baseball rules or any of the rules found in baseball rule books.

The rules we abide by in life dealing with the give and take of our older brothers, close buddies and classmates and the batter up rule is a significant part of our growing up process playing baseball.

As the crops were growing in the fields , the boys were growing into strapping boys on their field of dreams. They loved the game and grew and matured as a baseballfarming crop of players destined for greatness..

Playing ball, growing to love and playing the game, is at it's finest hour when those boys are out there playing a simple pickup game somewhere in the neighborhood.

The back lot neighborhood pickup games is where the love of the game of baseballfarming is at it's zenith.

The development of the young men into seasoned fleet footed agile and strong rambunctious players they had a keen eye to whack that ball and a throwing arm that could fling it from deep center field to home plate cutting down the swiftest runners.

These ball playing feats were the thrill of it all. Being better than your opponent, executing play after play flawlessly, is what baseballfarming and the rule of baseball is all about.

So much of what we learned about the rule of baseball and the insights about the "batter up rule" applies and became the seed for our learning methods in the classroom as well.

You say "How's that Brown Cow?"

Check me out and see if I'm blowing smoke. If I'm wrong I'm gone.

Some cold winter night, when the wind is blowing and it is mid-winter and the temperature is touching the freezing zone and you have a log on the fire and you linger for baseball season to start, get that old book down and take a look see.

Ho Ho !Take a peek inside Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary--Tenth Collegiate Edition--

You might just be surprised how often the good dictionary uses baseball terminology to define or describe how a word is used.

So you want an example--now I'm not telling you this usage is the prime definitive use but is used in a significant amount of descriptive uses--that is as opposed to other sport venues.

Play to perform in a position in a specified manner (the outfielders were playing deep)

Ball a pitch not swung at by the batter that fails to pass through the strike zone.

Plate to cause (as a runner) to score in baseball.

Honestly, believe me I was pleasantly surprised how dominant baseball terminology was utilized by a dictionary. I will also share another secret with you the batter up rule has never been included as part of a dictionary.

Let me share another interesting bit of language development. Some of the words or utterances are so much common knowledge, out at the ball fields, maybe just maybe that was their place of origin.

Outta-Sight (out-of-sight) on the ball field in the early days of play trees often surrounded the outfield. A hitter that hit a prodigious blast up and over the trees into the woods. Eureka...Outta-Sight

Dig-It-Out This did not refer to a coal miner getting coal from the earth. It did not describe what a dentist was doing to a cavity.

It was a baseball coach vehemently urging his young player to run as fast as possible to first base after hitting a slow roller to an infielder.

Bring-down-the-Rain This is the urging, chiding and cajoling of players chasing fly balls being hit, by the outfield coach, to the outfielders.

All outfielders truly enjoyed having to get on their hoss to shag down a well hit ball that went up into the overcast.

Rule Of Baseball.Mob Rule You have never seen an uglier bunch than some preteen baseball players getting after an innocent volunteer that was gracious enough to call the balls and strikes.

Once I remember we had a pick-up game in progress and our local Methodist Minister happened by and we begged him to be an umpire.

Long story short he lasted about 2 innings before our fuming and fussing allowed him to determine and decide he had another appointment he needed to keep.

Rule Of Baseball.Batter Up Rule, "My Turn"...That begging plea is not foreign to all those little ones being bullied by the bigger boys. It did have its place in the pecking order of things and made more determined and better players of many.

Now do you not get it? Those baseball words you found in the dictionery were not first taught or learned by the youngster going to the dictionery they were taught and learned out there on the baseball playground and fields of play.

If you ever had the joy and patience of playing ball with the bigger boys and girls then you have empathy and remember vividly having to hold your tater because of the batter up rule of the playground and wait your turn to bat.

At an age well before you were big enough to stand in the batters box and take swings at the hard fast baseball whizzing toward you it was dues paying time. Youngster shall we say from about age five or seven were destined to run after and get the tipped or foul balls going into the weeds and woods.

Nothing is more beautiful in the game of baseball than the rule of baseball and the "batter up rule" when one sees the toothy grin of a five year old when he finds that ball lost out there under the thick honeysuckle vines.

The rule of baseball and the stoic batter up rule, plea of my turn, is a true beginning of good learning about all of lifes games.

The persistence of those young fellers hanging around the ball field waiting their turn is what makes for and develops some of the greatest players for our game of baseball.

You Ready ? Let's Hit Some, Batter Up, It's Little Brothers Turn !

Batting a baseball and true baseball hitting are two separate realities and you may want to go back and go through my pages on "Baseball Hitting." Please understand the essential five elements of baseball hitting and see how Batter Up Rule "Rule Of Baseball" batting a baseball and hitting a baseball is totally a horse of a different color.

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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