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How To Play Baseball is not rocket science yet it requires skills and abilities demanding of physical and mental capability which makes the playing of the game a challenge and a thrill.

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Possibly you demand a complete and full explanation of how to play baseball without every detail minute in scope. Here is hoping this writers baseball thoughts adds to the game while it meets with your curious and inquisitive "want to know?"

Here at baseballfarming some, but not all, of the multitude of details for the game of baseball have been reduced to writing. The website is provided as baseball talk, for your use if you will, about hitting, becoming a pitcher, catching and coaching allowing one and all to simply understand the full enjoyment of the game. Now for a little pep talk and your opportunity to learn more about how Baseballfarming views baseballs-winning-way and the game of baseball as well as baseball coaching.

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    Folks do not leave just yet for here is some more real items for which will allow you to become totally into this game of baseball how to play baseball and how to become a winner with a winning attitude.

    The batting order strategy will not be effective without properly planning who is to hit in each spot of the order, having your pitching corps rested and ready, but more specifically this well thought out Batting Order.

    The placement of stacking of the hitting abilities in that well thought out batting order for your team is really your "Order of Battle."

    Logistically, speaking wars have always in the past and will always continue to be won when the "Order of Battle" and its logistics support is well planned. Tactically, baseball games are won or lost based on this same logic with the "Batting Order" being well planned considering the hitting abilities of the hitters.

    You might while learning how to play baseball consider your hitting as the logistics of baseball for the delivery of those timely hits is what gets the win.

    Baseball coaching tricks with baseball Tom-Foolery: Our high school coach was at the head of the class when coming down to the brass tacks for teaching all aspects of the game including the art of how to use team smarts to win.

    Baseballs game winning slide is not an every day routine thing. Baseball players must practice and be drilled in the basic form and technique of how to slide.

    Sliding techniques are designed to be safe for safety sake and to prevent a player from being tagged out this is the nuts and bolts and a key for the winning slide.

    How to Pitch

    Playing First Base

    Playing Second

    Playing Third-Base

    How To Play Shortstop

    Being A Catcher

    Play Centerfield

    At the most critical of times, shall we say in a championship game, a crucial perfectly executed slide may be what allows a team of champions to score the winning run.

    Get me to the game on time for the baseball pregame drills: "Hey Boy, wide awake, heads up, you can talk to the cute soft ankles some other time." Baseball pregame drills must require the entire team to stay focused on the game. Drills should be aimed totally to getting the team mentally ready to play a winning game.

    How to play baseball is more than learning the baseball game rules or even the general rules of baseball. There are those intangible things called attitude, pride, self esteem and a sense of being a team player.

    Here you are given some words to live by:

    "Without quick hands an infielder becomes…an outfielder. Without quick feet an infielder becomes…an outfielder. Without a quick bat an outfielder becomes…cut, retired or---maybe a soccer player."

    These quotes above contain much wisdom from Coach John Peter's and the Tips Newsletter provided from Baseballfarming.

    These are the things we should have learned at home but a coach should ensure these things are reinforced and applied for any team he coaches. Players need to accept and put to heart all the wisdom supplied by a coach for the sake of becoming a complete baseball player.

    Baseball teams lacking in team pride, character, and self esteem as a unit will under perform and reflect an ineptitude to claim a winners trophy. Baseball leagues have standards and rules outlining the requirements for uniforms and conduct but any team which needs a leagues rules for this type of guidance is a proven "also ran."

    The pride of a team, the associated conduct and respect for the game, the baseball team uniform, and the sport of baseball must be an integral part of the individuals of the team to produce winners.

    How to play baseball requires the attention to small details and the pride to honor the most minute parts of proper behavior and the wearing of a team uniform and performing before the fans and general public is critical.

    How can a team develop a winning attitude when it as a group has no burning pride of the teams demeanor and dress? Would a manager of a team allow one of his players to enter a game with no socks on and looking like "Joe the Rag Picker?"

    Not likely, however, pay attention to some of the teams and you might notice some have their trousers bloused and some have them full length to the shoe top.

    What it represents is a lack of attention to detail and lacking in pride and knowing what it takes to win and how to play baseball as a winner and it is a sure sign of a perennial loser.

    One local team I have noticed will almost invariably in any picture, in the local paper, show players with caps on of their parent Major League club.

    A team lacking in enough pride to be photographed wearing the local teams cap and logo is lacking in pride enough to make that team a winner. Small detail but a telling truth teller as to pride of the team.

    I was a very fortunate young player during my high school days in that our coach did his dead level best to instill team pride in all of us players. He provided us with the very best and the sharpest looking uniforms the school could possibly afford.

    He relentlessly pounded home the idea that we were not out there on our own behalf but that we represented "Our Team," "Our School," "Our Mamas and Papas" and "Our Brothers and Sisters" and if any of us had any other thoughts then go hang it up for we did not belong on this team with the right to wear this uniform.

    How to play baseball would not be complete if I did not get this off my chest and " my mind" this tirade concerning pride of team, personal conduct and team appearance.

    I do firmly believe there is a correlation of team pride, winning teams and how to play baseball. Well! tell me do you think a team can be a winner that does not care enough to show it?---- Enough said.

    Learn how to play baseball because it is a fun game, it's a sporting event and it is a healthy outlet for all to enjoy.

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    Never would you be allowed to leave this How To Play Baseball without another opportunity to review some of the below listed How To's. Before returning to the top of the page and clicking on the How To of position play here are some snippets of position playing.

    How To Pitch as a really super hard throwing of the baseball with accuracy and control as a pitcher is not the easy chore you might imagine.

    How-To-Play-First requires special skills and is not the place nor team position for the klutch stumble bum to place his claim. It is a baseball playing position where we use such terms as "slick fielder", "smooth as silk" and "nifty glove man."

    How To Play Second Base and being a baseball second baseman on a baseball team has been set in stone now for many moons for it is known as the "keystone." Take a quick look see at a profile sketch of some of the greats who have made their mark playing the keystone position at baseballs second base and you will find that a certain pattern of needed abilities quickly become evident.

    How To Play Third-Base and while playing third base or any position in baseball requires some known special skills but that No.5 position and to know how to play the "hot corner" or the third sack spot requires the steady nerve of a high wire walker.

    How To Play Shortstop requires the capability to cover much of the infield territory from deep in the hole toward third base to the ground balls hit headed up the middle of second base.

    How To Play Catcher and to be an effective and productive teammate on a winning team requires skills, ability and capabilities quite different than the other defending position players.

    How-To-Play-Centerfield could best be described by the unwritten creed for all centerfielders which should be painted in bold on every barn door.

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