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Short Stories , "As You Like It"

Baseballisms: just this word-thought alone will bring back memories of past playing days and will tweak the thrills and emotions of what's happening today.

No one man, one group of men, or one country is large enough to capture the adequate portrayal of the whole of Baseball. It is worldwide on all scores.

A little tale here a retold story there and now some 100 plus years later we have a store house full of really good baseball stories. Some entertaining short stories we might call Baseballisms.

Volume upon volume of books and multiple libraries are required to contain the millions of pages baseball articles of meticulously jotted and prepared baseball rules and enlightening statistics, history making baseball short stories and even epic novels all about baseball.

Many of the best award winning baseball books are chock a block full of good short and concise stories within a story about baseball. What is a baseballism? Lets just say it has to do with baseball and some dude is telling it like it is.

Maybe, just maybe, you will find an interesting baseball article, right here at baseballfarming, for which you are glad now that you turned the page to learn more about our grand game of baseball.

Considering the knowledge on players, equipment, history, everyones' ideas on strategy and proven skill development and techniques, it becomes mind boggling and to think it may be captured by one writer's pen.

You would have to be kidding !

There are times when we will attempt to bite off small bits and pieces about the game and dole out only small snippets of baseballisms or information and data in easy reading baseball short stories.

Our stories should be in tune with the general rules of baseball and never stretch the imagination beyond belief or the reason for one to challenge or not to know when it is pure spoof.

Indulge me by reading some baseball books as well as these baseball articles, or baseball short stories about baseball events, some even about the general history and thrilling moments of baseball, sharing and describing other insights of interest.

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