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Baseball History for many people, is a personal and sometimes a uniquely private experience, which is often looked back upon with many pleasant baseball memories.

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Just like if we were in the baseball timeline we are not human beings going through a temporary spritual experience.


Many memorable things happened along the way in what we know about baseball facts which have learned during our attention to baseball history especially the importance of a summer day of August the 6th a day to remember. In the year 1936 baseball was of of lesser importance but another fan joined the march through the baseball timeline of world baseball history.

  • 1930 During the Waco Cubs’ 18-run eighth inning eruption at Katy Park, Gene Rye hits three home runs in one inning. The Texas League outfielder’s round trippers in the minor league game include a solo shot, a two-run homer and a grand slam.

  • 1936 In the small country community of Argo in Jefferson County, Alabama the fourth child of my parents started his baseball history, as a wannabe baseball hero, through life beginning early on as a cotton top lad destined later to only talk about baseball as Baseballfarming.

  • 1952 At the approximate age of 46, Satchel Paige becomes the oldest pitcher major league history to hurl a complete-game shutout beating the Virgil 'Fire' Trucks and the Tigers, 1-0, when Bobby Young scores the game’s only run in the 12th inning. The Browns' hurler will extend his own record at the age of 46 years and 75 days by throwing another scoreless complete game against the White Sox next month.

  • 1988 In remembrance of the fond memories of its departed ball club the Boston Braves (now our Atlanta Braves) and the many statistics and baseball historical events which took place place in the old "South End Grounds" ballpark they called home, a plaque is dedicated behind home plate of the former Braves Field. Done on behalf of the fans of New England by Boston University, Society For American Baseball Research, and New England Sports Museum, the tablet include references to the three World Series and one All-Star game played there as well the longest game ever to take place in major league baseball history.

    The consensus of most all baseball historians of the baseball game in America is that it evolved from earlier bat-and-ball games, such as cricket and rounders, brought to the continent by the British and Irish immigrants making America their new home.

    By the late nineteenth century, baseball had become so popular for the young nation it was soon recognized as the most enjoyed national sport activity growing (baseballfarming?) through out the United States.

    Baseball grew so rapidly and became so widely popular in no small part due to the genius use of cleverly devised baseball farm system employed by Sam Breadon and Branch Rickey of the St.Louis Cardinals. The baseballfarming system quantumly fostered baseball as a sports venue loved and enjoyed by most all Americans bringing on its recognition and to be coined "Americas Pastime."

    The game of baseball throughout baseball history has often been referred to as hardball in contrast to our very similar game of softball so widely heralded by our Ladies in sports. In a manner of speaking softball and baseball could be referred to as kissing cousins. War Eagle

    Youngsters growing up in America played both baseball and softball on the playgrounds.

    Baseball fans across the nation and around the globe have a keen interest and a growing thirst with a "want to know" all the baseball lingo, baseball terms and terminology about our game of baseball. It's amazing how popular just plain country boy baseball talk could generate such a want to know of the language used in baseball.

    Not only do they thirst for the baseball lingo the facts and the statistics about every game and every player is almost mind boggling. Baseballfarming plain and simple hopes to be the prime source to fill this "want to know."

    Baseball Almanac - The Official Baseball History Site - Everything you ever wanted to know about game statistics and baseball with a virtual encyclopedia of facts & triva on historic World Series, opening days, players, famous firsts, and related information on baseball cards, lists of baseball movies, related songs, stories & poetry.

    One of the greatest recorded moments in baseball history:

    Ruth hits 60th homer on Sept. 30, 1927 A screwball in the eighth inning on the final day of the '27 season helped Babe Ruth post the record for home runs in a season that would stand for 34 years. Ruth's 60th long ball, hit off of Washington Senators pitcher Tom Zachary, came a day after he hit two homers to equal his own record of 59. Following the game, Ruth boldly said "Sixty, count'em, 60. Let's see some son-of-a-bitch match that." B. Bennett - Getty Images

    Baseball on the professional, amateur, and youth levels is extremely popular in North America, Central America, parts of South America and the Caribbean, and parts of East Asia and Southeast Asia. Since the mid 19th Century the American brand of baseball has grown to encompass most of the globe. The modern version of the game developed in North America, beginning in the eighteenth century.

    Who won the Baseball World Series for the years 1936,1937,1960,1961? 1962 and 1967

    This question was slipped in to alert you and perk your appetite to travel through out this baseballfarming website to learn more and more about this game of baseball as well as its history.

    If you are curious and would like to know the winners for any year check it out at MLB World Series Winners. Would you think maybe the New York Team from the Bronx? Dem Damn Yankees claim 27 of the total.

    My oldest son Doug was born 1962 and our youngest son Bo was born 1967. Those are two dates of my history well remembered. If by chance one of them should ask me who won the Little League Championship or Little League World Series the year they were born how would I know ?

    Hey! Hey! it is brought to you all right here at Baseballfarming keeping you tuned in and learning more about the game including some great tips on baseball training and how to become a winner.

    Now Little League baseball play has become International and now has a Little League World Series Champions which is in reality is now the Little League World Series.

    My fortunate happen stance of growing up in the rural part of the greater Birmingham, Alabama metropolitan area, was a real blast and grand experience during my early baseball playing days.

    Playing ball and being on a baseball team as a baseball player wearing a team baseball uniform was a joy beyond description!

    To be chosen and be a part of a team be it football, baseball, Red rover, scavenger hunt, or even one group against the other to see who could pick the most black berries made us proud.

    A team sport such as baseball struck a chord and it became a special something to be part of a baseball team. So it was and so it is.

    Some stories are not all history but is about information and memories surrounding the playing fields UAB Blazers Baseball Field. or other ball diamonds which holds much of our history and certainly our memories on a Field Of Dreams.

    Although might we say, "All stories are not history All history is a story" and such facts about " baseball by George is worth remembering and telling.

    The Birmingham area and indeed, this part of the deep south, was considered a baseball playing mecca and hotbed for the game of baseball.

    This part of the south is loaded with baseball history which is worthy of note for all historians interested in fine tuning their perspectives of the game.

    The Negro Leagues of baseball are a vital part of our baseball history and heritage. Here is a capsule view of the beginning of this rich part of our baseball history.

    1907: Pitcher Rube Foster begins his managerial career with the Leland Giants as a player-manager.

    1920: On February 14, Rube Foster organizes the first black professional baseball league (Negro National League) consisting of eight teams: Chicago American Giants, Chicago Giants, Dayton Marcos, Detroit Stars, Indianapolis ABC’s, Kansas City Monarchs, St. Louis Giants, and the Cuban Stars.

    Outside of and beyond the play of the professional leagues are scattered reports of many Black players playing on varius and sundry semi-pro and mixed exhibition games.

    It was not until Branch Richey hired and formally started playing Jackie Robinson was the barrier broken and Black players begin to fill the ranks of all professional baseball.

    Legends Revisited... Folks it doesn't get any better than this. Sunday 26 February 2006 Willie Mays, former teammates salute Rickwood past. The annual Rickwood Classic Game is the genesis for this emotion packed event as our beloved ole ball park Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama was home of our own Birmingham Black Barons of the late 40's and into the decade of the 50's.

    Best of ESPN Vintage Baseball---When players from the Birmingham Black Barons and five other Negro League Teams were introduced during pregame ceremonies, the crowd, responded with a standing ovation. Can it be any better?

    The "Say Hey Kid" Willie Mays must have had a feeling of nostalgia beyond compare. Willie as a fledgling 17 year roamed the center-field turf, of this beautiful storied Ballpark during the 1948 pennant drive, when the Black Barons took the pennant from the Kansas City Monarchs.

    The many men and boys of the South which were our very own Heart Of Dixie Alabama Players MLB proudly wore those Major League Baseball Team Uniforms.

    Strike up the Band.Let's Play Ball! 1 Mar. 2006

    How to enjoy baseball history is when one realizes the lingo and even the individual player accomplishments are interesting.

    The history of The United States Marine Corps is filled with the values of Marine Corps and baseball in winning the hearts and minds of a vanquished foe.

    The legacy of baseball passed to the Latin American countries and the Pacific Rim Nations is a testimony of the presence of the Marines and Marine Corps Baseball. with a hearty Semper Fi to all you veteran Jarheads.

    I'll just bet you that the late Paul Hemphill, as a noted writer, and a baseball player filled many a notebook with personal anecdotes of Woodlawn High School baseball history, as well as local sandlot playing around Birmingham.

    Since Paul was also War Eagle Orange and Blue through and through, his Auburn Tiger's baseball memories and history is, I'm sure without a doubt, most enlightening.

    The natural, cohesive atmosphere of the baseball team communities, comprised of Mining towns, Steel and Cotton Mill Villages, saw baseball flourish, as these towns and citizenry loved their American Legion Baseball and supported the local American Legion teams.

    From the pure love of the sport...for over a hundred and sixty years now, baseball and baseball history has proven that the game is a survivor as Baseball Was American. Baseball and America both have seen and survived trials and tribulations. As depicted in this picture the Native Ameicans engaged in contests similar to our present day games of Lacrosse. Can we see a simulance of a kinship of baseball and Lacrosse?

    The complete Sport of Lacrosse and its fascinating history has resources site dedicated simply to the growth, development, passion, and enjoyment of Lacrosse.

    Our native Americans known as our red skinned brothers developed their games. Later the white man come onto this new land settled and brought into being a game which America has proclaimed as our American game of Baseball.

    Throughout baseball history young boys and girls yearned to become a part of this baseball history legacy activity have competed with fierce vigor while playing this game of baseball and becoming a local hero by their feats.

    Local baseball history filled with heroic accomplishments of the playing heroes accounts will become a large part of their legacy and community lore to enjoy throughout their lives.

    The game of baseball throughout its history has proven that the use of the baseball lingo or vocabulary as well as the batting order structure and strategy are items for which most all fans and certainly all the players universally understand.

    This batting order strategy and colorful lingo is all part of the mystique and beauty of the game.

    I dare say no baseball history fan at least none I have known would not know what hitting spot in the batting order strategy is called the "Clean Up Spot" or "Clean Up Hitter." That number 4 spot or the fourth man hitting in the batting order is the consistent and sure long ball hitter.

    That number four (4) slot, since the very first history of our game, has always been reserved in the batting order is the home run smacker on the club. This clean up number four spot in the line up is most all youngsters hero. Throughout baseball history this lingo and the lineup strategy in baseball has come early in the learning process of baseball. Birmingham's Rickwood Field has a storied baseball history and is one of the oldest remaining baseball playing stadiums standing which is actively used from time to time for various competition.

    This concrete, steel, and wooden bleacher structure with the playing field and facility still being meticulously maintained is a testament to this areas love for the game of baseball.

    In consideration of all the baseball stadiums across this country and to be recognized as the oldest of our Nation is an honor not accepted lightly.

    Rickwood Field having one of the strongest legacies of any this Country can present and being America's Oldest Baseball Park is appreciated by The Friends Of Rickwood.

    Come take a trip back through history and visit with me to this field of history and dreams Rickwood Field America's Oldest Baseball Park.

    Any one coming for a visit here in the deep South should take the time for some good Southern League Baseball.

    Some of the greatest baseball players of contemporary baseball history developed their skills on its hallowed diamond.

    The early Negro Leagues of the South sent baseball teams into this beautiful facility to challenge our own Birmingham Black Barons.

    We are proud to say "We held our own against the best of the rest." This baseball playing field was also home to the Birmingham Barons of the Southern Association for AA baseball teams.

    Some of the all time greats of the game in baseball history played for the Birmingham Barons, whose home field was dear ole Rickwood Field.

    Pie Traynor, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, just to name a scant few, graced the beautiful, green, playing field of Rickwood.

    The greater Birmingham area was indeed a baseball playing mecca. Some neighborhoods were well known as baseball playing communities and produced many local heroes.

    The Pleasant Grove, Pratt City, and Crumley Chapel area always supported teams and had many good baseball players.

    There are no statutes or monuments of note but baseball history has echoed through the years from this area. Men of baseball and men of steel were forged here. Steel mills and steel making here in "Pittsburgh of The South" proudly ladled out baseball playing greats.

    There is an area of Birmingham ,Alabama called East Thomas over near where the old Southern Railway marshaling yards stood. East Thomas is only a stones throw from Fairfield, Ensley, Pratt City and the Groves of Pleasant Grove and Oak Grove, all of which played baseball as if it were the end to all.

    For you folks not familiar with Birmingham, East Thomas is just off of Interstate I-59/I-20 traveling south toward Tuscaloosa.

    Take the Arkadelphia road exit West, if going east you would go toward the Birmingham Southern College and Legion Field.

    Go west on Arkadelphia road (which is really U.S. Hwy 78 West) you are immediately smack dab in the middle of East Thomas a community of Birmingham.

    Good people, baseball was played here in this area like there was no tomorrow. Young baseball players would get the last ray of sunlight from the sky before leaving the diamond and heading to the house for supper when it was dark.

    History was definitely made in the baseball season of 2007 and will go in the history lessons as the year of the big chase. Barry Bonds captured the attention of baseball fans world wide with his Big Chase of 2007 for the home run record eclipsing Hank Aaron's phenomenal record.

    Barry Bonds Baseball 2007 season of "The Big Chase" proved once again that each year our baseball season gives us another fresh start to generate new or acclaim again our proven heroes of the game.

    There is one whale of a lot of action taking place during the summertime and the boys of summer Baseball Season Calendar. There are many baseball leagues scattered around the globe.

    Baseball fans love to gather and enjoy their hometown baseball games and especially the minor league baseball teams and the locals play their sandlot-baseball games in communities and towns all across the country.

    Piper Davis of the earlier generation while Willie Mays was one of the follow on baseball playing greats and making a sterling career of baseball called this area home.

    The Birmingham Black Barons had no real choice but to be recognized as "The Best" the game of baseball ever nurtured.

    Baseball evolved from the game of cricket, and an old English sport called rounders. In early colonial days, the youngsters in Boston called their game one-a-cat and two-a-cat, depending on whether they used one base or two. In Cooperstown, New York, in 1839, Did Abner Doubleday a Civil War General was reported to have supposedly laid out a diamond-shaped field with four bases 60 feet apart....and named the game baseball.

    This made up story or mythical happenning at Cooperstown is a focal point of much debate for authenticity of fact.

    Review of the facts and written accounts of Baseballs Founder history reveals that Alexander Joy Cartwright, Jr. was the real founder of organized baseball.

    Alexander (Alick) Joy Cartwright, Jr. in 1845, along with his New York Knickerbocker Base Ball Club devised the first rules and regulations for the modern game of baseball.

    Thus the great game of baseball was born and was well on its way to becoming our National Pastime. For over 160 Yearsof baseball history, we have been blessed with baseball teams playing baseball for our enjoyment and entertainment.

    The Growth Of Our Game Gained Momentum After The Civil War Years

    Before the Civil War, baseball competed for public interest with cricket and regional variants of baseball, notably town ball played in Philadelphia and the Massachusetts Game played in New England. In the 1860s, aided by the War, "New York" style baseball expanded into a national game, as its first governing body, The National Association of Base Ball Players was formed. The NABBP soon expanded into a true national organization, although most of the strongest clubs remained those based in the northeastern part of the country. In its 12-year history as an amateur league, the Brooklyn Atlantics won seven championships, establishing themselves as the first true dynasty in the sport, although, the New York Mutuals were widely considered to be one of the best teams of the era as well.

    By the end of 1865, almost 100 clubs were members of the NABBP. By 1867, it ballooned to over 400 members, including some clubs from as far away as San Francisco and Louisiana. One of these clubs, the Chicago White Stockings, won the championship in 1870. Today known as the Chicago Cubs, they are the oldest team in American organized sports. Because of this growth, regional and state organizations began to assume a more prominent role in the governance of the sport.

    Major league baseball has contrived some intriguing schemes during its history to generate and develop a growing fan base.

    Would you believe that major league franchises were authorized if they were so inclined to use and do a Spider-Man 2 promotion during the 2004 season?

    Major League Baseball announces each team, based on the comfort level of the franchise, will promote the movie Spider-Man 2 during the first weekend of inter-league play, June 11 to 13. Seeing it as an opportunity to market the game to younger fans, the promotion will include placing a Spider-Man logo on all the bases.

    Have we ever gotten our monies worth? You bet your one eyed Mule we have!

    Major League Baseball facts and statistics have been a part of our lives for well over 100 years now.

    Mules pulling the plow and turning the sod of the corn fields have come and gone but baseball history is still very much a part of us.

    Somehow it all got started with the beginning and soon we had the warring factions divided into two separate camps The National League and The American League.


  • Boston Beaneaters----------------Boston Americans
  • Brooklyn Superbas----------------Chicago White Sox
  • Chicago Cubs---------------------Cleveland Naps
  • Cincinnati Reds-------------------Detroit Tigers
  • New York Giants------------------New York Highlanders
  • Philadelphia Phillies-------------Philadelphia Athletics
  • Pittsburgh Pirates----------------St. Louis Browns
  • St. Louis Cardinals---------------Washington Senators

    The significant factors that propelled baseball history and the game into such an endearing and embracing sport and being dubbed, our National Pastime, was its simplicity in uniform and equipment... ...along with our innate competition as a society, to enjoy competitive sports.

    History, Facts and Information about your particular well loved baseball team and your city possibly such as Chicago and those Chicago Cubs when located on the web is a true joy.

    How Major League Baseball came to be, the origins of baseball, early versions of the game, facts you might not know about the World Series, tips, records and more. "It seems to me that is dedicated to providing baseball history and information."

    Early days of the game caught us young boys and girls on the field without baseball gloves, catching homemade balls of tightly wound thread, with our bare hands.

    Often, the bat was no more than a good straight oak or hickory limb, merely fashioned as a bat.

    The modern day game coming to us through baseball history still maintains its basic simplistic form, while enjoying the marvels of both engineering design and material, which our society can produce.

    One expression I vividly remember my high school coach, Piggy, exclaim, was, "I provide you uniforms to dress like Notre Dame and you play like Ciwash". How true How true!

    Baseballisms is nothing more than a fist full of stories some baseball history all short and enlightening, informative and enjoyable. There are some 50 plus easy to read short articles here at your Baseballisms page .

    ------------------Jackie Robinson along with Branch Rickey and Baseball proved to the World desegregation was in fact a reality. This Stellar Athlete from Cairo, Georgia is the only player in history to have his jersey number (42) retired by every Major League Baseball Team.

    Relative to my reference of baseball history and this playing with balls made of tightly wound string I would like to tell you just how this came about.

    Our grammar school which in its time was considered country for it was a rural area of Jefferson County, Alabama. Our school only had two teachers. Each teacher taught three (3) Grades with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade in one room and 4th, 5th, and 6th grade in the other.

    Ms Ethel Darden was our most loved principal and she taught the first three grades of our schooling which also spanned across two or three generations of students.

    Now my baseball history and learning about baseball and the game as it was taught to me is a part of that story!

    During our recess periods, Ms Ethel Darden would often be found at her desk making a ball out of building line cord. She used a needle like you would see at the country feed stores, where they were used in tying up bags of feed.

    Bless her heart; these string baseballs were treasured by all of us for it was the very roots of our baseball training and formed the base for our quest to be playground baseball playing heroes.

    And so, as Paul Harvey would say " Now you know the rest of the story" and to me this is my part of baseball history.

    Baseball history and talking all about baseball would be missing too much without the baseball song "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" and the annual playing of our mid season MLB gathering of the seasons best like the All-Stars 2010.

    Hurry up...the last one on the playground bats last!

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