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International Baseball Series

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International-Baseball is the delicate but steady work effort of the International Baseball Federation (IBF).

Pursuant to the removal of baseball from the Summer Olympics personnel with International influence associated with baseball have been busy.

Following an executive first meeting held in LAUSANNE,Switzerland under the direction of IBAF president Riccardo Fraccari announced his hopes to expand the game on a global basis.

Mayor Gianni Alemanno of Rome following the executive meeting announced --- Baseball is about to have a permanent home in Rome.

Sunday February 21, 2010 the Mayor along with that announcement further added, A parcel of land is being donated for a new, baseball-specific stadium that can host international events. It will be built in Tor Vergata, an area south of the city where there's a campus for the University of Rome.

The announcement might well have added International-Baseball will when The Stadium is completed be offered as a place it can call its home and birthplace. Baseballfarming firmly believes the International baseball Federation will in the near future offer a Baseball International Series or International Baseball Series supplanting the American MLB World Series.

Baseball changes seem to be coming and going like the weather we have the coming of our World Classic Baseball Series and the latest right hot off the press announcement of Victoria's Secret it is all about our around the world baseball game news many Nations baseball news and we like it that way.

"Rome doesn't have a baseball stadium that can host international events and as a mayor, I felt I had to fill this deficiency."

"I am positive baseball has a great potential in Rome," Alemanno said.

Also on hand for the meeeting of the International Baseball Federation was Dan Bonanno, who represented Major League Baseball of the United States.

"I think there can be an important cooperation between the city of Rome, IBAF and MLB," Fraccari said. "I expect the synergy effect to be really strong."

The executive committee also announced that Roberto Fabbricini, the former director of Olympic teams for the Italian Olympic Committee, will take over as executive director of the baseball federation.

It would appear to be rather awkward to continue to refer international-baseball playing a series of game as a World Classic Game?

" International Baseball Federation provided a very appropriate recount (even if some of the facts may be challenged) of who I am as follows,

"Baseball is not Korean, or American, or Japanese, or Cuban. Baseball is global. It's played by millions of children and adults in 100 different countries. It has been played at the Olympics beginning in 1904, and has been a medal sport since 1992. Even its roots are international: Cricket and Rounders from England, Oina from Romania, Lapta from Russia, Schlagball from Germany. The first recorded account of a baseball game was in 1838 in Beechville, Ontario, Canada. Likewise, the faces of baseball come from Ghana and Uganda; from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela; from the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland and Latvia; from Israel and Jordan; from Korea, China, Chinese Taipei and Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. All of the players, all the fans, all the coaches and umpires around the world can say, "I am baseball."

MLB worldwide moves closer and closer becoming true Baseball International Series. News of March 31, 2010 from Rome, Italy announced Major League Baseball exploring the possibility of two teams to Italy for a few spring training games next year in 2012.

Developing negotiations at the highest levels of international-baseball signifies the coming of the Baseball International Series for determining the World Champions of Baseball.

“Growing the game of baseball around the globe is the primary objective of the World Baseball Classic. By expanding the competitive field of the 2013 tournament, we are demonstrating our commitment to this goal and reinforcing that the World Baseball Classic is the premier showcase of baseball around the globe,” said Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig. “The tournament is a unique experience for fans to witness the excitement of this great game and I encourage organizations around the world to bid for the chance to host this wonderful baseball event.”

“The expansion of the World Baseball Classic from 16 to 28 teams is a testament to the sport’s continuing growth in participation and popularity around the world,” said Major League Baseball Players Association Executive Director Michael Weiner. “The overwhelming fan, player and media support bestowed upon the first two World Baseball Classics is at the root of this decision, which makes the World Baseball Classic a truly global competition.”

Paul Archey of MLB International confirmed the leagues's interest in promoting the game in Italy. A delegation which included World Baseball Classic director James Pearce, Clive Russell from MLB London and MLB's representative in Italy, Dan Bonanno met Wednesday March 31, 2010.

International-Baseball Federation moving ever nearer to the approaching Baseball International Series and this writers surmise that the International Baseball Federation will soon need to forego the misnomer of calling the International Baseball Series a World Baseball Classic.

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