Baseball Was American

American Baseball Is A Survivor Withstanding

Our Game Exists In All Parts Of The World
American Baseball

Baseball Was American baseball is a survivor as it lives on and has graciously and with tenacity with its fight against bad karma of Steroids and other demons of destruction and humility withstood all comers and still stands... proudly as this nations all time superstar.

Like the ever moving wind where it goes and where it visits nobody knows so let the tides of time and the winds of earth let baseball be where ever young men still gather in the ballparks every summer to play their games.

Crickett it may have been but Baseball it stays as the national pastime.

It may not have been born on the Forth of July but it is still "Yankee Doodle Dandy."

Each fall of the year by our baseball calendar in the month of October, (figure of speech-- "we hitch ole Dobbin to the wagon"), and go enjoy the best of the best of the American and National leagues play as winners in our season ending World Series Winners.

The National and American Leagues of Baseball and the Yankee dollar have proven to be American winners and survivors through the years.

Baseball and moms apple pies have proven to be an All American favorite for generations just as Baseball Was American.

A slice of Americana we know as baseball and take me out to the ball park and let me have a big slice of Moms apple pie and I'm as happy as a pig in the sunshine.

We that is Americans have a penchant for needing to know who is the best and worthy of our proclaiming, "Here is our American Champion." The World Series Champs are the heroes of the entire baseball world.

The Game of Baseball has taken on a life of its' own and now it belongs to the Ages for Baseball Was American. Long may it proudly be.

The reality of it all is the way this country's people have clung tenaciously to the core beliefs and enjoyment, both as participants and as fans. We fill our community ballpark with fans and cheers for the home team.

Baseball Was American because baseball is a pastime enjoyed foremost as a game which allows anyone to compete and within the rules is without being physically abusive against your opponent or fiercest competitor.

There is always a winner and all of America as well as all the world loves a winner. Baseball has a simple rule. We add on another inning if we stand deadlocked. It is somewhat amazing that through the years this simple rule of play another inning or another or another has stood for many years.

It may have been Humphrey Bogart who said it so well, "Play it again Sam."

We do not even need someone tinkering with the rules to make Baseball Was American for as a survivor the game lives as a reality.

It's all about baseball, the game, the competition it is not egos and personality control or clashes.

Hard Times for the Game but Baseball Was American and proved to be a Survivor


Early history of our game reflected strife and conflict over economics, not the game. The turmoil of league composition, player salaries, right to change teams and such, brought on Strikes but never the "Give Up The Game" attitude entered into the fracas.

Never forget, baseball fans only, are the go juice or engine pulling the load being the prime and utmost reasons baseball does and will always be a survivor.

Players may come and go but as long as the fans come the game will go on.

-- Baseball Was American has allowed our game and our people to weather the storms of discontent and have yet across all odds of bad and good times has survived.

Civil War

Our Nation underwent civil strife in our most terrible conflict, the Civil War, which pitted parts of our country, one against the other. Thanks to The Supreme Arbitrator our Union was preserved.

Our Baseball Was American saw our country and our game continue as a survivor.

Civil War-- Still baseball is a survivor.

The Great Depression

This Nation underwent one of the worst economic crisis the modern day world had ever known. This period in our history was known as The Great Depression.

We reached for our boots, caught hold of the straps, and begin to walk tall once again.

Call it good fortune, call it Divine intervention, you may call it what you will but our beautiful country as a nation survived The Great Depression.

We were, without a doubt, blessed with the leadership we had which provided guidance beyond the norm. It so happens that there are numerous accounts of instances whereby the game of baseball is a survivor was utilized as a sounding board and catalyst toward lifting the spirits of this nations' people.

Our nation has survived and our baseball game is a survivor.

The Great Depression-- Still Baseball Was American proved to be a survivor as both are a pair of winners.

World War II

Disruption, conflict, doomsday, chaos of personal economic way of life, what more could the game baseball contend? It came in the form of more conflict and turmoil as the great earth touching World War II.

Our country faced this tragedy square up with patriotism and national unity unparalleled in the annals of time while American baseball players took up arms with the rest of our nation.

Our young men even some of our most respected superstars, unhesitatingly changed uniforms and went off to serve the cause of our great country. The freedom of America was not the only country affected.

The rights of free men and women of the world were being challenged and the right and the might to fight was ours to give.

As in war or peace the challenges toward proving that our baseball game also is a survivor has withstood the test.

Just as if it were a ballgame, the challenge to pickup that gauntlet and defend the freedom was met in a rally unmatched in any contest and stirs or spirit to always compete and win.

-- Saw the World and America's Baseball Game as a Survivor.

We, you and I, are a most fortunate group of people on the face of this earth. We have our freedom, and there is our great game of baseball to enjoy.

Throw me a curve. I'll blast it with the barrel of my bat. The fans will stand. The sirens will sound. The bells will ring. The girls will dance. The boys will shout. That's what American Baseball is all about!

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Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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