Little League World Series

Williamsport, Pennsylvania Founding Home Of Little League Baseball

Annually Proudly Hosts The Little League Championship Series

Little League World Series and Championship Series garners worldwide attention to Williamsport,Pennsylvania each year when it presents the Little League World Series for crowning of the World Championship Winners of Little-League-Baseball.

In 1939 two brothers by the name of Bret and George BEBBLE and a close friend by the name of Carl STOTZ were responsible for putting together the idea and translating that into the real life little-league-baseball-rules framework enjoyed by the youth of the World today.

Baseball Classic: We certainly have seen this become an event to which we attach greatness, just as we have done with our professional Major Leagues Baseball World Series. Classic hard fought baseball competition is a thrill and draws the crowds.

Little did they dare dream that commencing with the first Little League Championship of 1947 that this would grow into a Worldwide spactacular display of baseball competition.

The Little League Baseball World Series is a baseball tournament for children aged 11 to 13 years old. It was originally called the National Little League Tournament and was later renamed for the World Series in Major League Baseball. It was first held in 1947 and is held every August in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the United States.

Initially, only teams from the US competed in the "World Series" but it has since become a worldwide tournament. The tournament has gained popular renown, especially in the United States, where games from the Series and even from regional tournaments are broadcast on ESPN.

In 2006, the age limit was changed such that players could turn 13 after May 1, not August 1, as had previously been the case. As the series takes place in August, many of the players have already turned 13 before the World Series.

While the Little League Baseball World Series is frequently referred to as just the Little League World Series, it is actually one of eight tournaments sponsored by Little League International.

Little League Championship Winners for Little-League-Baseball

Listed Here Are The Past Little League World Series Champions:

  • 1947 Maynard-Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  • 1948 Lock Haven-Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
  • 1949 Little Big League-Hammonton, New Jersey
  • 1950 National-Houston, Texas
  • 1951 Stamford-Stamford, Connecticut
  • 1952 National-Norwalk, Connecticut
  • 1953 Southside-Birmingham, Alabama
  • 1954 National-Schenectady, New York
  • 1955 Morrisville-Morrisville, Pennsylvania
  • 1956 Hondo Lions-Roswell, New Mexico
  • 1957 Industrial-Monterrey, Mexico

  • 1958 Industrial-Monterrey, Mexico
  • 1959 National-Hamtramck, Michigan
  • 1960 American-Levittown, Pennsylvania
  • 1961 Northern-El Cajon/La Mesa, California
  • 1962 Moreland District-San Jose, California
  • 1963 National-Granada Hills, California
  • 1964 Mid Island-Staten Island, New York
  • 1965 Windsor Locks-Windsor Locks, Connecticut
  • 1966 Westbury-Houston, Texas
  • 1967 West Tokyo-Tokyo, Japan
  • 1968 Wakayama-Wakayama, Japan
  • 1969 Taipei-Chinese Taipei
  • 1970 Wayne-Wayne, New Jersey
  • 1971 Tainan-Chinese Taipei
  • 1972 Taipei-Chinese Taipei
  • 1973 Tainan-Chinese Taipei
  • 1974 Kao Ksiung-Chinese Taipei
  • 1975 Lakewood-Lakewood, New Jersey
  • 1976 Chofu-Tokyo, Japan
  • 1977 Li-The-Chinese Taipei
  • 978 Pin-Kuang-Chinese Taipei
  • 1979 Pu-Tzu Town-Chinese Taipei

  • 1980 Hua Lian-Chinese Taipei

  • 1981 Tai-Ping Little League-Chinese Taipei
  • 1982 Kirkland National-Kirkland, Washington
  • 1983 East Marietta National-Marietta, Georgia
  • 1984 Seoul-Seoul, Korea
  • 1985 Seoul-Seoul, Korea
  • 1986 Tainan Park-Chinese Taipei
  • 1987 Hua Lian-Chinese Taipei
  • 1988 Tai Chung-Chinese Taipei
  • 1989 National-Trumbull, Connecticut
  • 1990 San-Hua-Chinese Taipei
  • 1991 Hsi Nan-Chinese Taipei
  • 1992 Long Beach-Long Beach, California
  • 1993 Long Beach-Long Beach, California
  • 1994 Coquivacoa-Maracaibo, Venezuela
  • 1995 Shan-Hua-Chinese Taipei
  • 1996 Fu-Hsing-Chinese Taipei
  • 1997 Linda Vista-Guadalupe, Mexico
  • 1998 Toms River, New Jersey
  • 1999 Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
  • 2000 Sierra Maestra Little League Maracaibo, Venezuela
  • 2001 Kitasuna Little League, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2002 Valley Sports American Little League Louisville, Kentucky
  • 2003 Musashi-Fuchu Little League, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2004 Pabao Little League, Willemstad, Curacao
  • 2005 West Oahu Little League, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
  • 2006 Columbus Northern Little League Columbus, Georgia
  • 2007 Warner Robins American Little League Warner Robins, Georgia
  • 2008 West-Waipo LL, Waipahu, Hawaii
  • 2009 West-Park View LL, Chula Vista, California
  • 2010 Japan-Edogawa Minami LL, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2011 Huntington Beach,California a score of 2-1 winner over Hamamatsu City, Japan
  • 2012 Tokyo Kitasuna Little League of Tokyo, Japan defeated Goodlettsville Baseball Little League of Goodlettsville, Tennessee 12–2 in the World Championship game.
  • 2013 Tokyo,Japan little League team defeated Chula Vista, Calif., and Chula Vista players have to deal with the disappointing 6-4 loss to Tokyo, Japan, in the Little League World Series championship game on Sunday, they have to immediately return to school.

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