Baseball Heroes

Baseball Players Are Role Models
For The Younger Players ....

...It's The Love Of The Game!

Catch The Smile In The Eyes Of A Young Baseball Player Who Has Just Hit A Homer...

Baseball Heroes even though they may only have average skills and not be a superstar it matters not for they are someones hero and all a role model. Baseball players may come in many size and shapes short or tall, but they all have one thing in common, the playing of baseball, and they are some youngsters hero.

Baseball players are heroes the moment when he or she grabs the baseball glove and steps onto that playing diamond in that teams baseball uniform, they are you can rest assured somebody's hero!

The player does not have to really be an all-star baseball hero or to be recognized as the MVP, (Most Valuable Player), just being in that ball teams playing uniform and representing his team is good enough for most team following younger players to feel and admire him as their hero.

One of the great southpaw pitching strikeout kings armed with a blazing fastball was truly the epitome of baseball playing heroes and was acclaimed a most valuable player (MVP) for two consecutive seasons.

"Hal Newhouser is the only pitcher in major league history to win back-to-back Most Valuable Player Awards (1944 and 1945). His blazing fastball made him a strikeout king of his day." - Baseball Hall of Famer.

Through the years and the history of our game of baseball the likes of hero admiration is visited on one player whose baseball trading card has demanded the highest price ever is Honus Wagner.

Honus Wagner "The Flying Dutchman" was one of the earliest baseball heroes of the game of baseball. Stout as an oak tree and gentle as a lamb and run like a deer but could he ever field and swat a baseball?

Calling him The Flying Dutchman tagged him as a speed merchant capable of covering much ground in a short time at shortstop and also on the base paths as a nifty and speedy base runner.

He was one of the consummate greats of the game both at the plate hitting and defensively as an infielder and was legendary proof that baseball heroes are never forgotten.

These two gents have been proclaimed and have proven through the years the adage that baseball players are baseball heroes by most all standards attributed to players by their admiring baseball fans.

What you saw in your youngsters eyes was a love for the game and his inner feeling he had done something his playing hero had also done. He was thrilled through and through with mixed thoughts of his doing what his home run slugging hero had done so many times before.

As your young offspring made his/her trot around those bases they were in their mind reliving the greatest name in all of baseball, at that moment Babe Ruth.

He knew you were proud of him or her exploit and believe me that youngster was so happy at that moment, he was his heroes partner and cohort as if they were one, and it cannot nor ever will be adequately put into words.

This youngster by that one swing of the bat felt the thrill he had enjoyed when watching his role model hero do such a feat.

You see it is not only the thrill of the moment of the game but it is also that feeling of kinship of joining being a part of and with his baseball heroes or role models accomplishments which also counts.

One day in casual conversation with a boyhood friend and baseball player, Billy Dunaway, I asked this question? “Why don’t kids today take charge and provide economically for their families well being?”

His answer was very interesting. “Brownee, you and I both know kids of today would not dare walk five miles to play a game of baseball, like when you and I were growing up…”

Billy D. of Happy Hollow and Argo was very emphatic with his words and there was so much wisdom embedded in that thought! You see, the game of baseball was not only played because of the love for the game, it also provided us great teaching lessons about winning and succeeding in life.

Professional baseball player as todays baseball heroes (it really matters not which sport) should not try to hide behind the thought that they do not want to be considered as heroes.

The very fact that they are professional ballplayers carries with it, this stigma and hero adulation, just by their being good enough to be on the team, and as a recognized player of the game.

The baseball player hero or could we say a role model concept is associated to the game of baseball and does not neccesarily crossover into the other phases of that player’s life. It’s the sport and the wide eyed youngsters love of the game that counts.

A great player and baseball playing hero might chase skirts, drink hard, gamble all night and in general be a rogue, but that matters little when he can consistently whack that baseball into the upper deck of centerfield at the ole ball park.

The role model action is intertwined, in the playing of the game, wanting to follow in the footsteps of his hero, and the all consuming love of the game, in that youngster’s heart and mind.

This same role model action is often played out in our political arenas and lifestyles. A politician that is instrumental in lowering taxes or getting roads paved becomes somewhat like our baseball heroes they become a public favorite and wins votes. It matters not that this same politician, in his after hours, chases skirts, drinks hard, gambles etc.

The Psyche of politicins is that his mind set is tied to his act of politics, not his personal life style. Life goes on accordingly, and the game of baseball and baseball heroes adoration sure provides many great lessons about life in general and winning a support following.

This hero attachment associated with baseball is the sum, and well beyond the past part and parcel of reasons, of why the game of baseball was known as the great game as our America's National Pastime! for of our growing young Nation.

Another strange and very strong phenomenon of the human psyche is the notion in most youngster’s and young fan’s minds, that but by some unknown reason, they too could be that hero who just ran under that ball in deep centerfield and made the game winning catch.

This feeling and the many thoughts and dreams of wannabe baseball players is part of what makes up the great sport of baseball.

Batter Up and Let's Play Ball; will always be and remain a sweet refrain to many youngster's and even the over the hill gangs ears.

Pitch it to me! I'll knock it outta sight so far you have to chase it through out all the pages of baseballfarming.

It has been proven so many times that it is known as the law of the retail business world, "People will want to do busines with the people they like."

Consider this as your great opportunity to go find a really interesting book or movie about your baseball-heroes the great players of our grand game. Odds are good you will find one of your very favorite baseball heroes.

Learn about many of our other baseball heroes past and into the future as our list of playing legends grows while understanding the real meaning of role model heroes.

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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