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Baseball-Movies as Baseball Cinema Gold has captured some of baseballs finest moments of cinematic luster from the game to the players the human and personal drama and all worth watching.

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Nothing beats a good movie which has a wonderful human interest story and is enjoyed by your youngsters so pick from the many baseball movies for kids.

Here are some great baseball stories and baseball flicks well worth the rental price or the purchase and hold in your personal library of good baseball to enjoy.

The Field of Dreams is a fabulous story and a baseball movie with Kevin Costner is one of the world acclaimed baseball-movie.

Summertime you should be out at the ballpark but in the dead cold of winter toss another a log in the fireplace flip one of your baseball-movies into the DVD or VCR machine and enjoy.

Parch up a cookie sheet running over with peanuts go get a big orange from the fridge and have a ball. Enjoy baseball in the cold winter watching the baseball-movies as the finest of Cinema Gold.

Field of Dreams (Widescreen Two-Disc Anniversary Edition)

Upbeat, widely appealing baseball-movies from Hollywood fantasy/drama about an Iowa farmer who builds baseball diamond after hearing mysterious voices. Hugely popular redemptive tale, with a magical feel. This movie ranks with the all-time best baseball dramas. (1989) Stars: Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan Rated PG

The Jackie Robinson Story

A biography film of Jackie Robinson, uniquely starring as himself. Follow Jackie's struggles against prejudice from childhood, through college, the Negro Leagues and finally as he fights triumphantly to overcome the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers. (1950) Stars: Jackie Robinson, Ruby Dee, Minor Watson, Louise Beavers Rated NR

The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg

Writer and director Aviva Kempner's documentary about baseball's first major Jewish star is a fascinating study of a man, a time in America, and a battle against anti-Semitism that Greenberg waged with his spirit and baseball skills. (1998) Stars: Rabbi Reeve Brenner, Hank Greenberg Rated PG

Baseball-movies based on true stories fills the heart with pleasure.

The Natural (Director's Cut)

Slow-paced, offbeat period fantasy/drama about gifted, mysterious baseball player. With its opulent sets, polished period detail, charismatic star power, and twist-filled plot, this pleases fans of deeply sentimental fare. (1984) Stars: Robert Redford, Robert Duvall Rated PG

The Sandlot

Nostalgic, sentimental drama about 60s neighborhood baseball team. Light entertainment for all ages, and especially survivors of Little League. (1993) Stars: Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar Rated PG and one of the best Baseball-Movies

Major League (Wild Thing Edition)

High-spirited, upbeat baseball comedy/farce about underdog team that goes for the pennant. Critics frowned on formulaic plot, but this is one of the all-time best baseball comedies. (1989) Stars: Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen Rated R

James Stewart - The Signature Collection (The Cheyenne Social Club / Firecreek / The FBI Story / The Naked Spur / The Spirit of St. Louis / The Stratton Story)

Star major league pitcher Monty Stratton loses a leg in a hunting accident, but becomes determined to leave the game on his own terms. (1949) Starring: James Stewart, June Allyson Rated: NR

Pride of St. Louis

Cookie-cutter biography of colorful sports legend Dizzy Dean. Dated, lighthearted, old-fashioned film pulls out all the old baseball cliches. Recommended only for rabid fans. (1952) Stars: Dan Dailey, Joanne Dru Rated PG

A League of Their Own

A drunken ex-baseball star manages a girls' baseball league while male baseball players are off fighting WWII. (1992) Stars: Tom Hanks, Geena Davis Rated PG

Eight Men Out (20th Anniversary Edition)

True-to-life account of fixed 1919 World Series involving "Chicago Black Sox." Gritty period piece/sports drama will please die-hard baseball fans and lovers of historical, character-driven drama who don't mind a slower pace. (1988) Stars: John Cusack, Clifton James Rated PG

Dummy Hoy: A Deaf Hero

Documentary that chronicles the amazing baseball career of William Ellsworth. "Dummy" Hoy, the first - and best - deaf player in Major League history. You'll learn that Hoy played in 1,798 big-league games and compiled a .288 lifetime batting average, 2,054 hits and 1,004 walks. He also threw three runners out at home plate from the outfield in one game. (2007) Stars: Ryan Lane, Deanne Bray Rated NR

Only the Ball Was White

Story of Leroy 'Satchel' Paige, star pitcher in the Negro Leagues and later in the major leagues. Traces his life from his troubled youth, including his life in a detention school for Negroes, to his highs and lows in baseball and in his personal life. Rated NR

Bull Durham (20th Anniversary Edition)

Popular romantic comedy about love triangle between hotshot rookie, minor leaguer, and a team groupie. With its high laugh quotient and steamy sexiness, this hits home with comedy, romance, baseball buffs. This movie ranks with the all-time best baseball dramas. (1988) Stars: Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins Rated R

Bang The Drum Slowly

Classic relationship study looks at friendship evolving between two professional baseball players. Not as appealing to sports movie fans as to those who like sensitive, emotionally provocative drama, strong performances. Rated PG

The Bad News Bears

Energetic, upbeat, children's sports drama about an alcoholic who coaches a ramshackle Little League team. Big hit with kids in its day. Still makes them cheer out loud today. (1976) Stars: Walter Matthau, Tatum O'Neal Rated PG

  • The Babe Ruth Story 1948

  • Mickey 2004

  • A Winner Never Quits 1986

  • The Sandlot 2 2005

  • The Sandlot 3 2007

  • Little Big League 1994

  • 61* Missing any of these Baseball-Movies and you have missed a lot of good baseball.

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