Batting Order Strategy

Wars are won by a Smart Order Of Battle

Batting Order Strategy the consistent winning baseball strategy for a baseball team does not exist without planning and knowing each hitters capability in your batting order. Wars have never been won without an "Order of Battle" and the order for the logistical loading in the support of that Order of Battle.

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A teams winning baseball strategy for a game of baseball is its batting order and requires a batting order line up even when playing by baseball playground rules. You quickly learn when it is your turn to bat, the batting order is the order of the day.

The cardinal rule of never shoving up a good hitter ahead of a weak hitter hence switching the batting order strategy or batting order once the game starts, is a no no.

Little Bubba standing out there in the tall weeds but waits without a whimper wonders when will it be "MY Turn."

The moral to the "Batter Up Rule" and "My Turn" rule of baseball is to be fair and to play fair in every way. Little needs his turn just the same as all the rest.

Rules for the game of baseball dictate once the baseball batting order strategy is put in the form of the batting order then win or lose you play the game to win with a baseball hitting strategy by placing your hitters in a set order called the batting order..

The analogy of going into battle without your ammunition loaded onto the right ship and into the right trucks to go ashore when the troops hit that first line of fire is the logistics loading order. Logistics and baseball winning of games and this batting order strategy all comes down to how are we loaded.

Prepare your baseball team to line up in the order in which the right firepower is available at precisely the right time. Do not have your jam up ready to deliver good bunter in the no. 8 spot of the lineup if he is needed at the number 2 slot of your batting order.

Set your baseball winning batting order strategy by loading the lineup to gain maximum firepower with all guns ready to fire.

The game never starts until the two managers or coaches hands the umpire the team batting order lineup. Once the umpire has the roster with the batting order then officially the game may begin when the Umpire cries "Play Ball."

The baseball game and the baseball teams winning baseball strategy is this thing we know as the batting order strategy.

Now the batting order strategy is set and the game can begin. May the best team win. The normal umpire cry is, "Batter up--Let's Play Ball."

The game of baseball is started upon order of the umpire and a war is never started until the Head Of State or The President gives the Order.

The preparation to set that batting order strategy or to develop an order of battle takes much study, thought and soul searching to ensure a win.

To have A Winning Strategy, both the batting order strategy and the battle order should both be right.

The coach of the team is the Baseball Field General, battle planning staff, The Chief of Staff and the teams Commander In Chief all in one total package.

This analogy of baseball winning batting order strategy and war planning could go on and on and on just like the little energizer bunny. My order of battle is to help any coach starting his first season as the Baseball Field General of a Little League team.

My concept for baseball winning strategy, (my knowledge of pitching is so limited I leave that for others to Command), revolves around the basic theme of "Want To", and "Hitting."

I will quickly be brought to task with millions of players and fans clamoring that you cannot win without standout pitching, you must have good defending fielders and chicken little knows the sky is falling.

To win you must score runs. To score runs you must have base-runners. To have base-runners you must have hitters. Hitting and baseball winning strategy is placed into play by the teams batting order.

Batters bat at baseballs. Hitters are the players on the team who practice the basic fundamentals of hitting and then execute consistently. A hitter will hit the ball he does bat at the ball.

A good hitter hits the ball square on the nose. A better hitter places bat on ball and attempts to control where the ball will go. A great hitter does all the foregoing plus knows that a walk often times is as good as a hit for the team to win.

What we want to do is coach baseball players to know and execute all of baseball winning strategy and playing skill fundamentals, while embedding a desire to win, and providing the team with a winning strategy.

A coach will swell with pride as he sees his players maturing and growing as players and becoming baseball future stars. This I call baseball farming and it is baseball winning strategy.

Now back to our batting order and it being the heart and soul of a baseball winning strategy. Every player on the team has different characteristics of play.

There are differences in eyesight, size, speed,strength,mental alertness, desire,physical ability,arm size/reach,weight,body control,fear,toughness,peer pressures, home environment,and many more factors which may determine the players skill and abilities.

Coach, the variables are so many and the understanding of how they all meld together inside that players mindset, personality and playing skill is now your responsibility to handle for him, the team and all of us.

When you ponder the various abilities of the players baseball winning strategy is being formulated.

A coach of a Little League team who does not understand the awesome responsibility and pressure of coaching Little League would be better off if a millstone were tied around his neck and ...

Baseball Winning Strategy is to stack the batting order in a fashion which best fits the abilities of your hitters. The batting order has nine (9) slots but those 9 slots may be arranged better than a thousand ways.

Winning strategy depends on the coach's ability to know the capability of his player as a hitter and his personal choice on how the team will perform as a unit.

We call it a team" because no winner is determined by a team of one. It is the team "all for one and one for all."

The Batting Order contains the baseball winning strategy. Every slot in the batting order embodies certain key capabilities of that hitters ability requirements. My philosophy or way is challenged by every player and coach who has every played the game.

Everyone has his own personal thought and way to strategize a battle plan and a batting order strategy.

There are however, passed down thru the history of the game, certain aspects for which there is generally a consensus of opinion. I try to conform to most of the tried and proven methods and acceptable concepts.

Here is my take on how to construct the batting order strategy for a team with a brief explanation of hitters desired capabilities:

1. Speed

2. Bat control

3. Good eyes

4. Consistent contact-
with power

5. Consistent contact

6. Takes coaching

7. Power- hits long ball

8. Power hitter

9. Pitcher-Bunts well

Evaluate every player on the roster and put him to test on how he fits the mold of the above defined abilities. Your batting order will develop itself and contain your baseball winning strategy. We now have the players assigned to their respective teams for the league and we have gone through some practice sessions. The first league game is next week and the formulation of your baseball winning strategy and batting order strategy is a must.

The team batting order strategy will be your signature for your baseball teams winning strategy.

The batting order strategy takes into consideration all the things we have taught our hitters and their ability witnessed during practice. Most of what we have witnessed is potential.

No player is a proven performer so baseball winning strategy is a calculated assumption at best..

A winning batting order strategy such as the batting order for winning games is great but life goes on and we need to consider winning strategies for the other things which are also important.

One very important part of a baseball players life is the attention to his education so he is well prepared for living beyond and above his days of playing baseball.

It is always the right time to take action to place a strategy in place to get financial help for going to college. The pursuit of a College-Scholarship either by playing baseball or by academic achievement should be put into place.

Our future practicing and coaching will mold these wannabe baseball players into the baseball winners with their batting order strategy as "The King Of The Diamonds."

All of the nuances of developing good hitters will be treated in another coaching session. Let's concentrate on how to put the batting order strategy into your baseball winning strategy. Keep in mind the characteristic and capability for your hitter in each slot.

When all the players learn the fundamentals of throwing, catching, thinking, playing under control, being alert/heads up and being a hitter, the coach becomes the toast of the town.

The coach and the team all become the towns local heroes and in some instances become legendary due to their individual or team exploits.

Oops! back to the batting order strategy:
1. Speed and quickness is the key ingredient for your leadoff hitter in that number 1 slot. Speed is not necessarily defined as the one who wins the 100 yard dash. Speed in baseball on the base path is a combination of playing smarts and quickness.

The slot no. 1 hitter gets on base by slapping the ball past the infielders, drag bunting, hitting a high chopper, drawing a walk, taking an errant too close pitch brushing his uniform or body, or even taunting the pitcher with stepping out of the box. Do anything to get on base even trying to rattle the pitcher.

Now that he is on base, his speed (quickness) become a total distraction for the pitcher, the catcher, the second-sacker, the shortstop and the other teams coach. The opposing team knows after a few games this lead-off pepper pot will steal a base on a hint. The hitter following him will bunt and put him in scoring position.

Now his reputation with speed rattles every one including the opposing outfielders. His threat with speed makes things happen.

Coaches worth their salt now have a lead-off hitter and a potential base runner or for real a base runner which supports his coaching philosophy of "get-em-on, get-em-around" to score.

The little speed merchant makes the coach a hero around town and helps his team be a winner.

Our no. 1 slot in the batting order strategy is that little feller with speed and the playing smarts to cause trouble once he reaches first base. Pitcher takes a nap, speedster takes second base. Catcher lets ball bounce away, my speed demon slides into third. A fly ball into the outfield and base-runner slides across home-plate slick as a whistle.

Who goes into that no. 1 hitting spot? Hitter with speed.

2. Bat control is needed for our number 2 hitter. Little speed nemesis is on first so a bunt might be just the ticket to move him into scoring position. As your players display their bat control ability in practice it becomes apparent which ones are good at bunting and being bat control hitters

The other aspect of bat control is the ability to meet the ball in a fashion to hit behind the base-runner with a well hit ground ball.

Now you can see the no. 2 slot needs a good bunter,and a good hit and run strategy hitter who has excellent bat control. A coach wants his 2nd slot hitter to have bat control ability to keep the ball on the ground. No pop ups allowed. Doubling up your base-runner with pop-flies is not good. Doubling him out with a grounder will put pressure on the defense to execute flawlessly.

Hitters who know the game and play the ball off the bat to keep pressure on the defending fielders will percentage wise be the winner.

Winning by being a team player is what makes baseball winning batting order strategy the thrilling game we love.

3. Good eyes of our number three hitter serves a multiple purpose. It allows our hitter the luxury of not swinging at bad pitches. One only helps the pitcher and not his team when he takes a cut at a bad ball.

This third hitter puts pressure on the pitcher by not allowing him to relax and throw junk pitches. The number four (4) hitter to follow is renown to be a feared hitter. The entire baseball playing world knows the no. 4 slot is a good hitter with power.

Back to no. 3 slot he, has great eye-hand coordination. Your no.3 hitter is is the grand protector hitter on the team", he will not help the pitcher and he cannot be ignored because the next hitter up is a killer.

Knowing here is a hitter with good eyes and only hits pitches in the strike zone becomes the coaches unanimous choice for hitting third in the order.

4. Consistent contact with power is our clean-up hitter. He is the one we depend on to bring home the bacon if there are any runners on base.

Excitement rumbles thru the crowd. Every team has a player with batting prowess He will not only meet that ball solid he will do it with power.

Consistent with his ability to make good contact and with power, the other aspect your number four hitter needs is charisma. Teams need leaders and captains and persons who they have ultimate confidence in to produce in a clutch. There is such a player on every team. Human nature and society advocates such to be true.

Your number four hard hitting clean-up man did not ask for the job. It is simply thrust upon him by his ability and nature. Coach, it becomes an easy matter for you to pick your 4 spot hitter just by observing the chatter and demeanor of the other team players when a certain boy comes to the plate.

The outfielders back up. The infielders make sure no loose pebbles are around their area. The spectators will murmur and the pitcher will call time to retie his shoes or hitch his belt a little tighter. Why all this ? Your number four hitter has stepped into the batters box.

You see this batting order strategy wreaks havoc on the defense and adds a sense of "can do" for your team.

5. Consistent contact of bat on the ball is your man for no. 5 slot. Power hitting may not be his forte' and body control may not be great but he meets the ball without fear. He will crowd the plate when it is needed. He will will move deep into the batters box or to the front of the batters box.

He has a burning desire to do the things needed to provide him an advantage of making that bat on ball contact. Some players you must cajole and stay after them to change their feet position or placement in the batters box. Your no. 5 hitter picked his slot for you.

He can be depended upon to adjust and produce. During the late innings when dependability of making contact is crucial in eking out a one run win, your no. 5 hitter is there and ready your batting order strategy is rounding into shape.

6. Takes Coaching Many of your players listen and try to execute your coaching strategy but no. 6 hitter understands fully the strategy of the moment. You signal for some hitters to make a pitcher throw a strike and to take the called strike is all he really recognizes.

Your no. 6 hitter not only knows to take that strike, he knows the strategy. The pitcher is getting tired and you need to work him until his tongue hangs out. Making him pitch a strike furthers that process. Maybe he will throw two balls before he finally gets the strike in the zone. Those extra pitches will help immensely for the next batter due up.

The power-long ball hitter on deck will receive the benefit of your no. 6 hitter making that pitcher really work and get a little less steam on his follow up pitches.

Who on the team truly understands the total benefit of taking a strike? The player you have confidence in to handle this stunt of taking pitches in your batting order strategy will be your number six hitter.

7. Power- hits long ball is a big boy who knows not his own strength but may not be totally up to speed with his body control. He is a growing boy who will mature and be a terror at the plate in due time.

You just found your number seven spot hitter. He may not be able to lay down a well placed bunt and he may not beat out a high chopper. He is a team player and he knows coach told him to swing as if he meant it. By golly that is exactly what your number seven hitter will do.

Let him be natural, a free swinging power hitter. Not many times during a game but over the coarse of several games the little baseball sailing merrily over the fence into the high clover is your no. 7 slotted hitter.

8. Power hitter is the kid who could hit in several slots but his raw power hitting stroke makes him a natural in the number 8 spot in the batting order. He is your back up man to hit in the cleanup or no.4 slot.

Your no. 4 spot is already filled with the hitter who has a leadership role to play along with his clutch hitting power.

Your number eight hitter knows well and good he is capable of being that star quality number four hitter.

He needs to know that he is needed in the number eight spot not only for his power but he is also the second lead-off hitter.

Late in a game when a "knock it out of the park" would win the game, old number 8 man is needed in that particular slot.

If by chance his hard hit nets only an on base single then up next is the pitcher we have groomed to be master-bunter.

No. 8 hitter is on base and the next hitters cool timely sacrifice bunt puts him in scoring position. Baseball winning strategy is paying off in a late inning with a chance to win this game.

9. Pitcher-Bunts well is a baseball winning strategy moving no.8 hitter into a scoring position for the winners. Pitchers historically and by requirement are not known to be hitters nor base runners.

Our pitcher is much, much too valuable an asset pitching for our victory, not wearing himself out running back and forth on the base paths.

The pitchers making themselves master-bunters is worth more than an occasional getting on base hit. The no. 9 spot in the batting order is for our pitchers, every game we play.

In some baseball leagues, it is allowable to use a designated hitter in the batting order. In those cases where the designated hitter is in the batting line up the traditional no.9 slot is a cause to reshuffle the hitting order.

Hopefully my thoughts and baseball winning strategy in the batting order will help beginning coaches to develop a jam up good batting order.

There are some important baseball helpful tips about playing baseball, although baseball hitting is the most critical, and rewarding part about the Batting Order Strategy.

Check out the "Tips That Count" as you leave this hitting Line Up Strategy.

It is not strategy alone that players must capitalize on to be winners, their knowledge of the game along with a winning attitude is a mighty big help.

Batter up----Let's Play Ball....