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The Essential Elements Of Baseball Hitting

Hitting's First Essential Element Is... Eye-Hand Coordination

Hitting Coaches worth the honor of being called, Coach stress Eye-Hand Coordination when training players to become hitters. It is the No.1 ultimate ingredient of making the bat meet the ball and holds the honor next to focused concentration ...of extreme importance for baseball hitting.

So you think the hitting coach is all wet and this Eye-Hand thing is just something to talk about but to do nothing about in becoming a pure baseball hitter?

This Eye-Hand Coordination as your baseball hitting coach will readily admit requires superb focused concentration, combined not adequate but an above average eye sight with excellent depth perception.

To fully appreciate the art of hitting requires a clear total fixation of the importance of this Eye-Hand coordination thing which baseballfarming.com places foremost as being essential for hitters.

These vital combinations with the other essential elements of body control, bat control, bat speed and wrist snap is what will make Johnny the future hitting All-Star and a baseball hero.

The game of baseball consists of playing several inning of a battle between the pitchers and the hitters. Not a single shot is ever fired until the hitter steps inside that batters box.

The battle rages on pitch after pitch and bat swing after bat swing. From a hitters point of view and art of winning this battle he should never step into that batters box without committing himself to baseball hitting secret focused concentration.

Great hitters will truly focus his eyes on the pitcher constantly watching for the release from the pitchers hand and flight of the baseball coming into his strike zone at home plate.

Here is the lesson of which every baseball hitting coach should pound home day in and day out and even preach till the cows come home.. Seek Ye First The Eye-Hand Coordination Skills And All Other Hitting Capabilities Will Be Added Unto You.

Ted Williams the Splendid Splinter of the Boston Red Sox was the ultimate master of Eye-Hand Coordination and maybe the Greatest Hitter of baseball.

Baseball Essential Skill Element
-------- Concentration------

Baseball hitting coach must ensure all youngsters just beginning their quest of learning to play and love this game of baseball understands and conquers this eye-hand-coordination mystique.

Today's modern-era of baseball you need look no further than the first baseman of the St.Louis Cardinals and Albert Pujols and you will see superb eye-hand-coordination in action.

Adding up the sum of Albert's strength and his hand-eye- coordination, and you have the best hitter in baseball today. He is the most athletic and skilled in the areas that matter to be a dominant hitter.

It is almost a foregone conclusion that the production and the attainment of baseball playing skills and moving up in the batting order requires mastering these basic five essential elements.

All great baseball hitting coaches and baseball hitting leaders have conquered and excel at the use of their genes laden ability of outstanding eye hand coordination, body control and bat control.

The God given ability to master or improve upon this intricate but basic activity of, internally wired, mental and physical coordination action is a vital must to be even considered as baseballs greatest hitter by the fans of the world.

The internal controlled eye hand coordination, work of wonder, is the key element and whole basis of why baseball hitting coach is able to recognizes this unique ability, and unleashes ones innate capabilities .

Anyone will strike or bat a ball sometimes but to be called a true and pure baseball hitter you have to be able to place the bat on that ball consistently and with authority.

You must first ask yourself this question, "What will make me a good baseball hitter?" baseball hitting coach advice and tips that count provided here will give you a head start in answering this question.

The formative years of Little League baseball is where the good habits and mechanics of becoming a good hitter takes hold. Practice and deliberate concentration action will reinforce and help mold those youngsters into super potential All-Stars.

Baseball hitting coaches must train them right and teach them well and baseball playing will become automatic reflex as a given natural instead of a tight as a banjo and knot head striking out goat .

Sherlock Holmes or was it Alexander Graham Bell who may have exclaimed to Watson, "Absolutely nothing short of putting that bat solidly and squarely onto that ball will make you a baseball playing legend or truly a hero."

Nothing else like good pitching and solid hitting counts for a tinkers dad gum for winning baseball games even though good defensive play helps mightily.


The well muscled body, the stance which makes you look like Adonis, a swing of the bat everyone says is classic, again, nothing but bat on ball is worth a flip.

Without a good eye hand coordination all else is water under the bridge over the dam. Forget it. Take your seat spend some more time on the pine. Pay attention, how the baseball hitting coach stresses this eye-hand-coordination is what makes the bat and ball get better acquainted.

When your baseball hitting coach tells you practice and exercise to improve this eye hand coordination thing is done with real life gusto you will soon feel and see that it really matters and you are on your way to hitting stardom.

We do not want to get in turbulent water flowing over the dam we need to learn to sail our boat and ride the water flowing under the bridges into the smooth flowing water and silk smooth hitting.

One prime thing to always keep tucked into your noggin and thinking is simply that the "desire or want to,"for becoming that really good baseball hitting standout is ninety percent of the battle.

When you believe you can do it you can do it. Lessons you learn right here will help start you on your way.

Play to win by believing you can win. That will make you a winner for when you think you can you surely will. You must apply this same thought process toward your capability to place the bat solidly onto little white ball.

Striking out is not allowed. Play to win and enjoy the thrill of victory and make your baseball hitting coach proud.

Looking pretty at the plate while striking out will only cause your team to lose. Blasting the ball and getting on base is all that pays the rent so learn well these essential elements which allow you to do just that.

There is absolutely no way that this putting of bat on ball with good eye-hand coordination can be emphasized too much by hitting coach or yourself. This is the stuff that makes for a great ball contact batsmen.

Look the ball onto that bat. Concentrate on watching the ball from the pitchers hand until it meets your bat.

"Hey boy! you can watch the cheerleaders and the soft ankle pretty girls at play period or recess."

Focus all your concentrated attention on the ball and it's flight to the plate and right onto your bat.

Baseball playing stardom hinges upon this basic ability, some are blessed with natural ability action; others must work at it and spend endless and long practice sessions to develop this keen execution.

Hitting Coach did you get the bag of marbles for your beginning ball playing protege?

Practice and practice and more practice of a routine which produces a comfortable habit, becomes an in the groove feeling and provides for good results.

A youngster beginning to shoot marbles is awkward, unsure and the marble goes every which way.

As youngsters practice they soon learn to control the marble in their hand and fingers and begins to shoot straighter and with confidence. Lo and behold, right soon he starts to hit the marble he is aiming at.

Eureka, he can do it! Where were his eyes? Where were his hands and where was his target? Hitting coach really knows something.

All three of these things are separated by location and distance but some electrical current connecting the brain to the eyes to the fingers communicates a coordinated effort through practice to achieve miracles.

This marble shooting is rudimentary practice therapy for eye hand coordination development and improvement and would you believe baseball players ability to put the bat on a baseball?

The marble shooting skills improves this eye-hand coordination and baseball hitting coach is thrilled. This skill adds the edge for becoming the teammate every one depends on for that thrilling drag bunt beautifully executed for a base hit.

Where is his slingshot? Three cans sitting on three fence posts are as safe as being in the vault in a Beverly Hills Bank.

Your protege ball player with a sling shot will never hit one little can alone all three. Back off stud, and let him practice and come back next week and watch the dents show up on those cans. He can do it.

He will prove he can do it. For goodness sake, why are you so hung up on this kid shooting his sling shot? Well, good buddy he now consistently flips that sling shot with confidence and cans are popping off the fence posts like fleas from ole Rover.

Is the mystery of hitting coach constant pleas and for conquering this eye-hand coordination beginning to make sense?

With practice, the depth perception, distance to target, and a little calculation of wind effect, this computer we have in our noggin begins to record and compensate all the variables into just right results.

These baseball hitting coach tips which seem to be some of the mysteries of life how improving one thing leads to improvement in other things.

The practice of baseball hitting coach teaching these skill improvements will show up come game time out there on the diamond.

Witness this conversation with my son... Son you haven't been shooting at birds with your new Red Ryder BB gun have you?

Dad, you told me not to, and to never point it at my friends. Dad I did learn that I can hit a can rolling down the hill.

Tomorrow if you have time I want to show you something Tommy showed me. I'll show you tomorrow.

Did I get a surprise! My son was not only hitting that can shot after shot with his Red Ryder, he was shooting from the hip. No shoulder and no aiming down barrel and the sights.

Baseball hitting coach must have gotten to him with all this stressing of improving his eye-hand coordination abilities. He was pinging away just like the boys at the "OK Corral" in Tombstone, Arizona. Wyatt Earp, Doc and the others would be proud.

I realized then and there this kid of mine had an exceptional ability with this eye hand coordination I had read about.

Thanks Baseball Hitting Coach.

You can be assured every one does not possess the same keen sense and feel of eye hand coordination.

All have capability but some have better proven and demonstrated ability so here we see the possible exceptional performer growing and maturing as a baseball hitting super star.

In due season that lad with exceptional eye-hand coordination, when fully tasseled, like the corn in the field, will catch the eye of a scout and be put on a franchised baseball farm team.

Now he has the chance to mature and will be gathered in from the baseballfarming system while he is now playing this game of baseball for love and money.

Tricks of the Trade: Leaves and Broomsicks

You forgot all about mama's old broom. There are many ways to help youngsters develop and improve their baseballs eye-hand coordination.

Just the good reading habit of eye fixations on the page you are reading is another example. Baseball hitting coach how in the world did you know reading habit helps with baseball hitting?

Shooting pool but that might cause trouble right here in River City.

In the fall, when the leaves begin to fall from the trees and a breeze is blowing, have your little one try to catch a leaf.

The first try is liable to see him stumbling and grabbing and missing but soon he relaxes and will catch and put that golden leaf in his pocket.

That's one leaf he's taking home to show Mama. Hitting coach mentioned mama's old broom would help us do a little practicing of eye and hand coordination control. Standing still, have the youngster place the handle of the broom in the palm of his hand.

No gripping with the fingers, palm up and hand open balance the broom without it falling.

He will soon master looking up watching the broom head while moving his hand to control that top heavy old dust sweeper.

The eye hand coordination is working overtime sending electrical impulses faster than a run away passenger train, faster than the IBM, Xerox, Hewlett Packard or Dell computer combined, and much quicker than a hiccup.

Standing still is hard a plenty. Now he graduates to stiffer competition. Make him walk around the house controlling and not letting it fall. Try it, you will love it, "Mikey did."

Just about every thing we do helps in teaching us and improves our eye hand coordination but we are not content with everyday doing. Out there on the baseball diamond our hitting coach watches every move we make when we have a bat in our grip at the plate.

Our goal is to rush the cadence and master this action so we will consistently put the bat on that little white baseball now.

Did I say, "Hit for getting on base safely? Did I say, "Hit to knock a line drive?" Did I say, "Knock the ball out of the park?"

No, we simply need to develop the ability to consistently put good solid lick of the bat on the ball.

Nothing and I mean nothing short of excellent eye-hand coordination will accomplish this nor please a baseball hitting coach more.

If there is something else then you go find it.

It just so happens there is a coach his name is Keith Hodges and you will find him at 2 Create A Baseball Player.com he dwells upon this need for eye coordination at Baseball Vision Training.

Baseball hitting coach will hesitate to leave this eye hand discussion for he's not really sure he has placed enough emphasis on this matter toward mastering and becoming a good or great baseball hitter.

The most responsible thought I would want you to tuck firmly into your mind about baseball it is simply this:

Know and learn the fundamental essential elements being taught you by your baseball hitting coach yet nothing replaces that PRACTICE, PRACTICE and still more PRACTICE.

Baseball hitting coach knows what makes skills improvement to happen even the increase batting averages which is not the giving of lip service and good advice although that to is fine but it is up to you to do this due diligence of practice making baseball fun with perfect practice.

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