Drag Bunt

Baseballs Drag Bunt Perfectly Executed Thrills Players and Fans...

Scant Few Baseball Players Have Mastered the Drag Bunt

Drag Bunt baseball bunt hitting is a special art,a craft and a skill and all of which very few ball players are capable of executing well on a consistent basis.

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The flawless execution of putting a baseball bat onto a fast moving baseball and doing it with touch, feel and finesse is a thing of beauty.

This skillfully placed surprise act of bunting is often tried because it is a real weapon for getting on base or advancing runners but it's success rate is questionable. I would venture to guess the odds for a successful drag bunt is about as rare as a pitcher twirling a one hit shutout.

A hit by the placement of the ball with a surprise bunt is one of baseballs unique plays that is strictly and truly an individual and spontaneous act done only when circumstances are exactly right.

There is simply no way a coach can call for and expect a hitter to execute with precision baseballs sneaky surprise bunt as opposed to a sacrifice bunt.

Batting tips to all beginner baseball players must include and reinforce the requirement to be a good bunting team player.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not require the fastest runner to properly execute and be a successful drag bunter. I might hasten to add that most players who were a success at it were usually speedsters.

You see, speed runners were the ones normally with the nerve to try and with good results, would try again. With this repetitive trying and practice they developed the expertise and, "by golly", why not try it again and again? Baseballs Drag Bunt is nothing more than a surprise action and normally will only succeed when done correctly, spantaneouly and catching the defensive players by surprise.

The only time a baseballs surprise bunt or drag should be attempted is when the hitter recognizes that every thing is ripe for his plucking.

That is plucking that apple (baseball) out of the air with his bat and gently plunking it down on a prescribed magical spot unreachable by the defense before he crosses that first sack.

Some of the best in the business at this specific bunting art were Pee Wee Reese, Phil Rizzuto, Lou Brock and Maury Wills, the ones readily brought to my mind.

Actually this style or type bunt is a misnomer when you see a right-handed hitter push the ball past the pitcher and in front of the second sacker and out of reach of the first baseman. You see there is a magical spot out there where you need to plunk that apple down.

Then again, the spot between the pitcher and in front of the third baseman. is a push for the left-handed hitter and a drag for the right-handed hitter.

Sweetly lay that ball on a slow roll down either the first base or the third base lines. Now you know what to do. The trick is to handle that bat with precise timed execution at just the right time.

Paying keen attention to the defensive infielders position and to their alertness your spontaneous drop of that spontaneous surprise bunt can be a thing of beauty.

The crowd in the stands will come to their feet and applaud as if it were an out of the park clout. Real fans appreciate how tough it is to properly drag or push a bunt for a hit.

Baseballs spontaneous drag hit catching the defenders completely flat footed thrills the crowd. That sneaky stealing a base hit from those hapless opposing defensive infielders also makes the hitter feel like a Champ.

After all the name of the game is "get runners on base and send them home." Folks, that's playing my game of baseball.

Our good flyers of the U.S.Navy; i.e, our Naval Aviators and U.S.Marine Corps Aviators can empathize with drag-bunters in their skill of trade.

They hit that postage stamp out there somewhere on that bounding blue water, while putting their plane safely into a little box on the deck of that carrier.

This landing on Navy Carriers is about the same as a skilled placement of a drag bunt.

There is a need for skill and a lot of practiced skill in becoming that cracker jack jam-up great hitter so practice then practice some more.

The Drag Bunt is a beautiful hitting skill which you should develop as you learn Baseballl Hitting..

Sometimes owners of a small business let's say it has not been the hit you really envision so it needs a solid helping of good fresh power. A drag bunt to get on base is good but a business which drags is no good.

You need a solid hit in your business for extra bases (extra cash flow) while a business which drags is not a hit.

You may already have a going enterprise let's say, "A service type business." Your business is your pride and joy however you know it could use a good dose of growth tonic.

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We need some base runners, nobody gets caught looking, choke up and crowd that plate. Make the pitcher work. You're better than he is--Why Not--

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....