Batter Bats Baseballs to Become a Better Batter

Batter Bats at Baseballs ! Hitters Hit Baseballs !

"Batter Bats Baseballs" and to be a better batter, is not only a simple way to say it, but it has a hidden meaning.

To really become a baseball hitter requires practice practice and more practice to acquire the skill capable of hitting the ball consistently. Most refuse to have that deep seated "want to" and deligently develop the ability to master the essential elements for baseball hitting.

The persons in this category only attain a level called batters they only hope they will hit the ball. Thus we shall know them as baseball batters not baseball hitters.

Youngsters should be taught early in their formative playing of baseball that batting at a ball is not being a baseball hitter. A hitter learns and practices the rudimentary art of keeping his eyes on the ball with focused concentration making eye and hand coordination come alive.

The Batter bats baseballs by the simple swinging of the bat at the ball. Can you not see there is a total difference of what is happening? Swinging a bat as a batter is not the same as the focused concentration needed to be a hitter.

My agenda is to foster a "desire" into all beginning baseball players to know and understand this difference of these two terms or actions between "batter bats baseballs" and "baseball hitting."

Being a batter batting baseballs and being a hitter are so far apart that there is no true comparison. You see anyone can be a batter but only an exceptional few are worthy of being called hitters.

The science and art of becoming truly a good and dreamed of great hitter is almost a study unto it's own. There are volumes upon volumes written as to how to be a good hitter.

Remember this a "batter bats baseballs" while true baseball hitters will more consistently put that bat onto the ball. Can this country boy over ride all of that written knowledge about baseball hitting and convince you to try it his way?

Let me stick to batter bats baseballs and help unravel some of the mystique about this game of baseball and the use of a bat.

Basic baseball rules and the most simple baseball rules define the action of how a batter bats baseballs. How much more simpler can it be a bat and a ball.Bat the Ball.

Stance: Be comfortable. Balance your weight and body so that whatever move you make you make it "under control". Be flexible. Slightly bend at the knees, feet spread so they firmly grasp the ground. Turn your body or head so as to look the pitcher square in the letters of his shirt. This line of sight to the pitcher is an ultimate must do.

(Never forget this) Your eye hand coordination, in being able to bat that ball, depends on this line of sight capability to follow the trajectory of the ball. Stand so that you the batter bats baseballs and not to simply whiff at the wind.

Now what is your stance? God only knows, All you know is that you are comfortable and no matter how that ball comes into the strike zone you can handle it.

Practice standing there and swinging the bat twisting your body stepping toward the imaginary ball,leaning backward, then leaning forward,concentrating on looking directly at that fellow out there on that mound (right into the letters on his chest).Are you ready?

Hang in there like a rusty fish hook, it will all become second nature by and by. Batter bats baseballs is not yet a hitter he is only fly casting.

One very important aspect of the stance when a batter bats baseballs is that the purpose is to get on base and to score runs to win. Now we learn that the game score,inning, climate and circumstances some times dictate that we change our stance.

A pitcher throwing BB's or Smoke, and no one hitting them, then it's time to change such as choke-up, shorten our stride, get a lighter bat or maybe bunt the ball. All of these techniques will be discussed in another session.

Young boy pictured below is very proud of his bat you can tell by the smile on his face. Put a smile on your sons face click on the picture and shop for a bat for your son.

Choosing Your Bat: Go through every bat in the bat bag. When one feels right you will know it. If you cannot hold it gripped with only one hand sticking straight out at arms length it's too heavy.

If it doesn't feel balanced in your loose grip it may be too long. Keep trying. There is one in there just like you want.

Little bear found everything to be just right for Goldilocks as she moved on. Find a bat which you would like to use to bat baseballs.

Line of Sight/Focus: Contrary to popular belief your line of sight and or focus should be centered toward the pitcher and let the ball pass through your complete line of vision without moving your head. Movement of the head distracts and blurs your focus and travel path of the ball.

Our good buddies playing golf have taught us that head movement deters the ability to strike that ball cleanly. AH HA you say, that little pill is not moving. So Be it. Studies during World War II about the science of moving objects thru our vision range proved that movement of the head was not the answer.

It appears that the eye movement and hand eye coordination is a God given Brain Nerve phenomenon that works wonders. There will always be exceptions to every technique and practice habit but staying with what works is the best teacher.

Hands Position: The hands grip the bat in a comfortable manner. Normal grip has both hands touching with the bat held so as to have the trademark looking at you and parallel to the ground when it strikes the ball. That trademark up was a must during the wood bat era because of the strength of the bat and the wood grain pattern.

Where to grip along the handle is a comfort thing. What feels right normally is right when batter bats baseballs.

Now the true essence of hand position. Move the hand and bat out away from your body and raised at least to you ear height, maybe slightly higher, if comfortable. What does this do for the batter?

The natural down motion and swing of the bat is easier and more natural than an uplift of the bat. Remember that ole hosshide is whizzing along at a pretty rapid pace so time and motion is critical.

When the bat is in this ready for business mode, then the last thing is to cock your wrists. Simply just twist your hands back toward your head. When you swing that bat you want as much velocity i.e bat speed you can generate, without loosing your eyeball focus.

A batter is getting the attention of his coach when the coach sees your wrists flex as that bat meets the ball. The (sound of good wood) crack of the bat tells it all.

That super bat speed with timed wrist flex action, when bat meets the ball, creates a sound like none other. Fans in the stands will come to their feet. That ball is gone.

Did I say a good batter? Maybe I meant to say hitter. When we start mastering that bat speed at max, that timing of body twist,that controlled stride, that eye/hand coordination, and the precise flex or snap of the wrist at impact of bat on ball.

"Wow, you thought you would never get it? but you did, Now practice till you get calloused hands and you'll be a real jam up baseball hitter "my man!"

That "my man" is what my buddy Whoopi Vann would say, so he's taught me to use it too."

Bat Speed: Ever wonder how that little feller standing only 5 ft 7 inches could literraly knock the cover off that rock when a strapping 6 ft 2 inch hunk of a man hit easy bloopers the shortstop could run under?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. Blowing in the wind of that bat speed. Anyway you slice it physics, teaches that by law of natural science mass ,velocity, momentum, elasticity of materials and other things are in play.

The bottomline is that this bat speed sends that ball out of the park, not muscle strength. What? I said bat speed.

Learn the Strike Zone: There are two schools of thought here. Hit the ball where it is (and) never hit at a ball out of the strike zone. Ted Williams was the master mechanic who knew the strike zone and no pitcher ever really bested him by throwing junk pitches. Now if I refer you to Yogi Berra, boy could he knock the dust off a pitch he wanted to hit.

To Yogi, the strike zone was something the pitcher needed to be concerned about. All he wanted was the pitch he could reach comfortably and the pitcher had better duck because Yogi would blast it right back thru, over or past him.

Yogi for all practical purposes was a great batter bats baseballs and in his own way he was a masterful baseball dinger which earned him the title of being "A Money Player." Bat Control: We have just about covered the basic premise of how to bat the ball. Now I want you to start trying to master this "batter bats baseballs" into real baseball usage.

There is only one purpose for you to be up there in that batters box. You need to hit that ball, as someone once said "hit em where they ain't".

Maybe if our use of the Kings language improves our hitting will also improve. Here is what we must do. We use bat control.Just to swing is not good enough. Just swinging the bat makes you one of the batter bats baseballs not a hitter.

Bat control means swinging that bat from that cocked and ready position making the bat be level or parallel to the ground.

We, you and I, need that bat to meet the ball squarely (head on right on the button). A sweet level swing with velocity on the moving bat allows that ball to scream away in a straight shot. We'll call that hit a Line Drive. You did it!

You not only hit that pebble you drove it out of there in a Line Drive. I didn't know it was going to be this much fun. How about you? Batter bats baseballs is fun but being a hitter is a dream come true.

Batter Bats Baseballs is why that little one had so patiently waited for, It is "My Turn" is what he really really wanted was to become a Baseball Hitter.

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