Batting Averages Will Increase
Only With "Want To"

Hitting Is A Skill Hard To Master
Above The .300 Average

Increase-Batting-Averages becomes natural with certain principles and disciplines with a strong "Want To" while learning to apply the five essential elements of baseball hitting.

The key to becoming a successful baseball hitter requires the deligent and concerted effort of practice and executing within ones ablity and capability the five essential baseball hitting elements and other tips that count.

You need to receive and understand unequivacally what you should know and what you should do and even the how to of baseball hitting to increase your batting average.

Here is the book on increase-batting-averages:

  • Believe in the value of the five essential elements of baseball hitting.

  • Master the ability to totally focus and concentrate on the pitcher when you step into the batters box and on the release of little white baseball as it leaves the pitcher.

  • Practice bunting till it becomes a thrilling pleasure to execute perfectly whenever the bunting bunt signal is on.

  • Get to bed early for restful sleep the night before the next days game. ----Always protect your eyes with sunshades especially the day of the game.

  • Practice, practice and practice some more gaining wisdom of your hitting caoach preaching about eye-hand coordination skills along with using your autonomous electric pulses of brain and eyes to discern if a pitch is in our out of the strike zone.

  • One innoculous but important item of tips that count is: "Never ever let me catch you knocking dirt from your spikes with the barrel of your bat." It can make a difference in a tipped pitch or an easy out pop fly.

  • Pregame drills stretch and warm up properly before the game begins.

  • Make sure you are comfortable with the fit of your uniform do not be cramped with a tight binding baseball jersy and blouse.

  • Learn the value of baseball fitness getting out of the batters box quickly upon hitting the ball.

    ----Coach often told us, "The difference between a Champ and a Chump is one step and one letter."

    Are you a CHAMP or a CHUMP?

  • Be patient to hit your pitch is being baseball increase-batting-averages conscious.

  • Accept graciously a ball four walk. Baseball is a team sport.

    Easy to say hard to do that is why you need to gain full knowledge for doing the things which makes for success instead of failure.

    Knowing and doing are two diffent things or shall we say horses of a different color. each of the bullet items above require you to not only know but each must be automatic willful reflex due to practice of the right things.

    Remember the first time you tried to ride that bycycle it wobbled and it probably dumped you onto the good old terra firma but so what you stayed the course you won that battle.

    Now this doing of and learning of those things of increasing batting average secrets is the same concept but maybe just a little harder to master.

    Before we continue go back to the Top of Increase-Batting-Averages and review.

    Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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