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Baseball Fitness page3 for baseball players is concludes by these helpful suggestions for gaining top notch physical fitness to compete for that starting position on this next upcoming springs baseball team.

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People need and want to be associated with winners lose consistently out there on the baseball diamond and you will see fewer and fewer of what you may have thought were your baseball teams loyal fans staying away from the ballpark.

At no time have I said that the brawn of body condition should not require muscle strength. We should and do want to emphasize that there is a difference in having bulked up muscles and the development of well conditioned flexible and being blessed with long supple muscles.

I haven't really expounded on this difference in the early days for ball playing and the conditioned athlete of baseball physical fitness modern era. The times they have changed our lifestyles have been an impact upon the natural body strength conditioning and today's need for supplemental body conditioning.

Several grueling hard workouts and most every muscle in your body tells you it hurts but the feeling is good. The good feeling comes due to the inner self saying, "I am really really doing it and I'm proud of myself."

Now it's Saturday night and the school has sponsored a dance at school. Take Suzy and enjoy the relaxed soothing movement with music. This will make those tightened up muscles loosen up and feel much better.

The movement of dance is a conditioning action too. You will improve your ease of body movement with smoothness and control, helping you be a better hitter, honest it will!

The game of baseball, at least in my approach to the game, is to be body strength building and hitting body control with the ability to become a superb baseball hitter.

Hitting of that little white baseball is the real nitty-gritty matter to contend and is the nuts and bolts of the game.

The pitchers are the special class specialists on the team while all the rest of the team must perform yeomanry and carry the banner to victory as hitters.

Pitchers fall within a special category for ball playing conditioning. No pitcher will long endure nor compete well if he does not have strong well conditioned legs.

During the course of a game a pitcher going up and down the pitchers mound walks several miles and those legs must be fresh and full of life till the last pitch is fired.

My complete knowledge of the pitchers trade is somewhat beyond me but I had to mention this plight of the pitchers need for good strong legs for this I do know.

If we will concentrate on those things which change batters to hitters and good hitters into better hitters we can grab the pennant flag season after season. The pennant flag flying proudly in the evening breeze high above our playing ball park is a sight of beauty.

Briefly you are now engaged in understanding a basic concept for body conditioning. However, the eyes are one of the most vital and essential body elements toward top flight hitting ability.

The Importance of Your Eyes

Is there some magic or something special to do to enhance our seeing capacity or acumen? The old proverb relates to protect and cherish the gift you possess.

There are precautionary measures available to protect good eyesight and our vision. Excessive exposure to bright sunlight without protective sunshades should be avoided. Pay attention to adequate restful sleep.

Do not expose your eyes to hard direct blowing winds and flying debris. Your excellent eyesight with terrific eye/hand coordination is your best ticket for baseball hitting stardom.

The bright beautiful shining neon lights of the city, brighter and brighter vehicle headlights and dark movie theaters and bingo, walking out into the bright sun are so many everyday occurrences which take a toll on our eyesight.

Guard against non protection of your eyes to the maximum extent possible.

We will not quit indulging in living the good life but a keen awareness of harmful effects tends to help us to cope. Care less and you can bet your bottom dollar you are going to perform less.

The real and significant difference today for baseball fitness modern era is simply our life style.

Now vs. Then

The late 19th century and early 20th century found us in a society with few automobiles, less harmful artificial lighting and chores which must be done.

I will promise you these three (3) items (automobiles, bright lights, chores) are the prime moving factors separating the early days of baseball conditioning from the baseball fitness modern era-page3 players.

Ball players of old were conditioned significantly by their lifestyle.

The boys bringing water to the wash pot for washing clothes, milking a cow before dark, making sure the kindling was cut, chopping the firewood and cleaning the stable needed no sweet soothing rock and roll or American Idol music to get to sleep at night.

This refers to the country boy mostly but the boys of the inner city had chores too.

The boys of the city were up by dawn hawking those papers on the street corner, making his rounds with his shoe shine box, helping Mr. Grocer restock the store, shoveling snow for dad to get the car from the garage.

The gang playing a late game of baseball at the park were told very abruptly by the precinct cop, "Boys it's time to head home."

The life styles and physical conditioning were a total different game the old way versus the baseball fitness modern era-page3. Now our society is in such a hurry and everything is so fast paced, the need and the use of quick and fast is the norm.

Our food and our exercise habits are now a routine artificial fix.A sandwich on the run with cookie and cola is where it's at.

Baseball fitness modern era-page3 concept dictates. Coach, you want your boys in condition, then it's your job.

They will not report first day of practice in any condition to stand the rigors of stress and strain you might impose.

Throughout history there have always been snake oil salesmen. We snicker at seeing the gullible town folks buy the elixirs and notions of the peddlers coming in to town while watching the old western movies.

Do not think for one moment the habits and hoped for fix in a bottle or salve has left the scene.

It is now more disguised and more sophisticated and we think we are too smart to be guppies and like lambs led to the slaughter by these modern day snake oil selling slick talkers.

For every young ball player baseball fitness-modern era page3 is a challenge and the natural body muscle building technique is the only factor for the good life.

The quick fix and short cuts to muscle bulk is that hocus-pocus you don't need.

Forget the hullabaloo about records and who has the record. Such is of greed and the end to which is torment.

Fight the good fight and take to heart and mind the Boy Scout Creed and Motto.

Become the leader, fall in line behind no one, lead your buddies in finding the cloak of champions as baseball fitness-modern era page3 information is yours for the taking.

I'll not provide you with those words. You go find the words and tuck them neatly into your mind for they will serve you well through out your baseball fitness modern era days.

Are baseball players worth their salt?--In early history of civilization many times salt was a means of payment. The pay or salary one received would often be referred to by asking were they worth their salt?

Today's professional ballplayers are paid handsome sums in salary so therefore we might ask are they worth their salt?

A little mix of this Baseball Life dichotomy is available for your added knowledge strengthening.

My Best Tips Secret.... Summertime Work Regimen

I'll share a secret with you all. This summer instead of being lazy and lying at the city swimming pool with grease smeared all over your body trying to get tan, get work that puts gusto into baseball fitness-modern era page-3.

Find the local brick mason in town and tell him you are looking for summer work and want to be his help. I promise you a summer of mixing mortar carrying and hauling plus keeping those bricks at the brick layers reach will be like a miracle tonic.

You will report back to school come fall with a tan like Vulcan and a body like Hercules and no bully will muscle in line ahead of you and your steady girl.

If the brick mason has no work for you it will be a first for brick masonry contractors are always short handed for good labor. The second choice would be go over to the brick yard where the bricks are made and hire on with one of the delivery trucks.

A summer of unloading and stacking bricks at construction sites will make your body as hard as cold brazen steel.

This work is not for mama's boys with tender hands and no grit. It is man's work. Bill Goodwin, a friend of mine, could tell you very quickly this brick business is not for the faint of heart or tender body.

Baseball fitness-modern era page3 is not a joke. It is a passion.

I speak of brick mason and brick hauling/delivery from experience in that my maternal grandad, Dan Liles, introduced me to brick mason helpers work when I was very young.

Too young to do the mans work but carrying water to refresh the brick layers up on the line working like a bunch of beavers and trying to get the building up before frost and bad weather sets in.

Prepare well, think straight and be strong willed with baseball fitness modern era being your watchword and badge of courage.

Think positive, work hard, practice well but have fun, and championship trophies will overflow your trophy room by heeding the advice here in baseball fitness modern era.

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