Hitting Body Control

Another Essential Hitting Element Is
Body Control

Baseball Hitting Improves With The Silky
Smooth Movement Of Body Control

Hitting Body Control the second essential element of baseball hitting provided here, defines and includes the importance of this essential element, which must be fully developed for a baseball player to enjoy success as a baseball hitter.

The Second Essential Element Of Baseball Hitting is Body Control

Body Control is a physical conditioning and muscle tone strength effort which will add immensely to your baseball playing physical body movement and bodies mechanic skills also increasing your capability in all aspects of the game but especially the ability to swat the baseball.

The mechanics of body movement is the basis of your hitting body control capabilities and are developed by dedicated practice and understanding of how these five essential elements of hitting all work together in concert one with the other.

There needs to be a harmony of body movement translated into hitting body control as a smooth sweet flow of muscle strength transmitted from your body movement onto the bat meeting the ball.

Hitting Body Control is our second essential element of developing our ball player into a real hitting champion. There are several things we might do to place the proper thought and emphasis on improving our body control.

Fans sitting in the stands enjoying watching the boys take baseball hitting practice before a game might take special notice of that lad who is consistently making good contact and lacing that ball to all fields with power and gusto.

Baseball hitters who hit that ball with power grace and with the sharp sounding crack of the bat do catch the attention of the fans in the stands.

The time and time again solid blast is not something that is happening by accident or pure happenstance. It is some God given natural talent and a whole lot of proper practice and with a good mixture of "want to."

That natural and good body control and swing of the bat with speed and power is a thing all coaches dream of seeing in their players wishing them all to be baseball hitting super stars.

When taken to heart and with much practice this body control and movement will be a thing of real beauty.

Remember that the capability and need to master this body control started back there in that Little League practice and pick-up neighborhood games some time ago.

The now generation of coming along baseball players missed out on some of the past generations natural occurring things which were good training aids.

For instance a youngster of today cannot peer into his mama's old Kelvinator washing machine to see how the agitator moved back and forth.

The dasher or agitator of early model washers moved first backward i:e counter clockwise before making a sudden and decided movement back in the clockwise direction.

To see this quick back twist and sudden forward twist of the washing machine agitator is the precise movement baseball hitting greats have conquered in their hitting body control movement.

Super baseball hitting heroes and legends have developed to almost perfection, through practice, this body control movement from the waist in a fluid smooth uncoiling twist.

Most coaches will emphasize that baseball hitting must be a natural smooth unit of hitting body control.

When you please your coach who watches your every move out there on that ball field then by golly you are going to make one fine baseball hitter.

The twist of the body is of no value without timed and calculated movement into the ball with hitting body control. Now that we understand what we need to do now we need dedicated practice to nail this movement down to a fair the well.

Today's youngsters can almost visualize the action by watching how the windshield wipers on Dad's ole flivver works. First in one direction then bingo back it comes in the other direction.

No skips no hesitation just a smooth this way then that way.

Now you know what you need to do do it.

You will not have hitting body control down pat for many moons and many hours out there on the baseball diamond with practice. The thrill of knowing you can and then doing your part to help your team win by being that cracker jack always dependable clutch hitter is a thing of utmost pride and feeling of glee.

Baseball hitting is like cleaning the windshield get it right and you will watch clearly and with joy as your ball leaves the bat and clears the fence.

Suffice it to understand hitting body control in becoming a better than average at swinging the bat for hits. The baseball hitting body control is second only to the eye hand coordination issue which is an absolute.

There are four things we could do to bring hitting body control development into focus. Resolve to do the things necessary for enhancing your capability for this element.

The four things are:

  1. Riding a trike on two wheels or try the act of bouncing on a pogo stick
  2. Ballroom dancing
  3. Exercise doing chins ups or full body pull ups
  4. Developing good muscle but flexible leg strength

Accomplish these four things in superb fashion and you are well on your way to mastering the second element hitting body control and becoming a good all around athlete as well as a baseball playing trained and ready baseball hitting All Star.

Be aware that the development of baseball playing legends or heroes are those players who have developed their playing skills and their baseball ability after much practice sweat and toil.

Plant a crop on the farm and watch it grow. Baseballfarming is taking a crop of young ball players teaching and training them well and watching them grow and mature as well seasoned baseball players.

Teach a youngster the elements to enhance his baseball hitting skills to include hitting body control and watch stardom bloom.

It is important to start all young ball players off learning the key elements of doing those habit forming good techniques for hitting and you are growing an All-Star.

Riding a Tricycle on Two Wheels

Riding a tricycle on two wheels sounds impossible but it is all a matter of your body control. Ted Martin promised his two boys Bob and Joe a new bicycle when they could ride their trikes all around the drive way of the service station and parking lot on two wheels.

Those two young lads took that challenge and in nothing flat around and around the station and into the dry cleaning shop they rode.

To ride a bike requires body control and it is handled easily after some wobbly practice. The trike ride on two wheels is about the same at first wobble and then, "Hey, I've got it."

The real trick is having enough arm strength and sense of balance with controlled body lean providing a stable center of gravity. This same center of gravity control is demonstrated in such feats as the circus clown walking around on 15 foot high tom walkers or stilts.

A daredevil motorcycle rider will pop a wheelie at 50 mph or so and ride around the entire track. Folks this is body control, body lean and balance all wrapped into this body control action.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing, now if that is not the cat’s pajamas, what is?

This learning to hit a baseball has some strange input huh?

Laugh if you will but ballroom dancing and even ballerina practice are two things a superb athlete should do.

The balance body control and rhythm of movement while dancing is a blessing for improving an athletes baseball playing ability.

Some things require a rhythm of controlled smooth movement and timed execution to be effective. Where such an action and where these attributes are put into play they will significantly provide the desired result for body control.

Ballroom dancing not only improves rhythm and body motion smoothness, it teaches one to stay on the ball of his feet. Ball of his feet! Yes, ball of his feet. Body balance and hitting body control dictate standing and moving from the ball of the feet.

There is no sport or execution of any athletic maneuver to my knowledge which is accomplished by your weight being shifted to your heels. Quite to the contrary any athlete in any action with weight on his heels is doomed to be a klutz.

You have heard the term many times I'm sure, "Knock him back on his heels." Weight on your heels is a sure sign of becoming a push over failure.

A pitcher will throw a fast ball inside close to the hitter to rattle him and cause his tendency to shift his body weight back onto his heels. Now the man at the plate may be at the mercy of the pitcher.

He could lose his effective ability to lean into the pitch and become an aggressive hitter. Age and size of a player counts for naught that ole fear factor may be present.

Ballroom dancing serves a multitude of good for a baseball hitter, keeps him off of his heels, imparts a sense of rhythm in his body motion and makes him form the habit of body control.

Another thing helpful in the practice of hitting body control is to try your skill on a pogo stick. Now again, try a little hula hoop action. These things when you are able to accomplish with ease and effectiveness will help a player become a better hitter.

Exercise doing Chin Ups and Pull Ups

Doing with ease the chin up or body pull ups is a must do. An athlete unable to handle his own body weight is not an athlete. We might say he's mama's little boy trying to keep up with the rest of the ball players and athletes.

Pull ups and the capability to do several repetitions will develop arm and shoulder strength so necessary to control and whip the bat with a swish or as Capt. Kirk might say "Warp Speed."

Another little secret : Bat speed is what makes little baseball find it's way over the fences. Long ball hits and powered hitting are in direct proportion to the bat speed.

The secondary feed off of doing pull ups and developing the upper body is the added power of grip and forearm strength. The solid grip with power is the hidden, often overlooked, key of being able to hit with power.

There is magic in timed contact of bat on the ball with a sudden click or tweak of the wrist into the bats momentum and forward motion/swing. This timed or rhythmic flex of the wrist is possible only with a strong grip.

A strong grip connected to a forearm which looks like forged steel is what adds power to the flight of the ball leaving the bat. The grip and forearm strength should only be developed by natural exercise.

Believe me when you practice these development actions prescribed here you will know what it feels like to be the baseball hitter you yearn to be.

Use of steroids as a body enhancement is detrimental to one's health. A tell tale sign of steroid use is excessive ballooned forearms and a neck which is a wide as the head.

Steroid users, as a rule in many cases, look like their head is sitting on their shoulders with no neck.

Develop Strength Capacity With Flexible Muscles And Leg Strength

Had to add this thought for caution! To hit a baseball is predominantly an upper body action as opposed to leg strength. Not to under play the need for total body conditioning as being vital to be the complete baseball player.

But factually the legs strength does not play a major role in a hitter's power capabilities as much as the development of terrific and great bat speed.

The genesis of exceptional bat speed is a function of your upper body and arm strength and includes a sense of timing or rhythm in your hitting body control.

Not having the legs in good condition will materially hamper your total game playing ability.

You just provided a big contradiction. Maybe I did, but again, legs are not the key ingredient for lacing into that little white baseball.

Ball players with pride do not have the luxury of being lazy or half in shape if they are to be considered worthy of wearing the team uniform.

The rhythmic control of the body is some what of a truth teller about the complete body being in condition and having stamina.

Bobby Knight, one of the all time best coaches for college basketball, emphasizes the need for total 100 percent conditioning. His point so vividly and with shocking emphasis in one of his recent coaching reality TV programs.

A player must be able to execute flawlessly late in a game and not loose his focus and ability to concentrate, using his or her natural reflexes, because the body is not well conditioned and in good physical shape.

This is bringing it right on home to my baseball player dreaming of being a hitter.

In the batters box, late in a game, your body condition, and stamina which also must includes the legs, should never interfere with total focus and concentration of putting the bat on the ball.

Hitting Body Control as an essential element for meeting the ball square on, or square up with your bat is not all that complicated in theory but it is a chore in real life action.

The actual doing requires your undivided attention to baseball hitting and many a repetitive practiced swing of the bat.

Stay away from illicit drug use for performance enhancement. Body growth enhancing drugs and steroids which are not approved and prescribed by a licensed medical doctor have no place in baseballs grand scheme of things.

You develop your baseball playing skills and you will become a great baseball hitting ball player by building your body and hitting body control the old fashioned way and become someones hero.

Take the lessons learned here add to what you have learned at Hitting Eye Hand Coordination and you are on your way to making the team and you will be headed to baseball hitting stardom.

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