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Baseball Hitting Secret is truly and really elementary and surprisingly is known by most baseball players who have ever suited up and tried his hand at playing on a baseball team.

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Big Deal, "You say." It is a big deal because everyone knows full well the secret key but human nature with this old thing called ego tempts one to think they have it right but they miss the mark.

The most serious downfall is the simple fact that Baseball Coaches, Managers and Trainers fail to place enough emphasis on the two words,double action, known to be the real Baseball Hitting Secret.

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It is all very elemental my Dear Watson.

This Focused-Concentration thing is the key hitting secret.

Mix in the five essential elements for baseball hitting explained and provided for all wannabe hitters right here at BaseballFarming.

My bad in not putting total unadulterated emphasis on this two word double actions for baseball hitting secrets. You were led to the watering hole and told that this concentration thing was the real key but did you really take in a good drink maybe yes maybe no.

SABRmetrics the infinitely studied statistics for our game of baseball has never been able to dismiss the fact there are factors which cannot be measured statistically. The following excerpt from one fellows conclusion revealed which I whole heartily agree.

Probably the most important single thing in hitting has been the mental attitude of the hitter going to the plate. The most gripping moment in any field of sports comes when batter faces pitcher. Batter and pitcher eye each other. Psychologically one or the other is in command before a ball is thrown.

Concentration is the vital act but this being focused involves not only mind over matter but embodies the use of your trained keen eyesight.

The great hitter Ted Williams was one of the most famous true advocates of just how important a role this Focus or eyesight had in relation to baseball hitting secrets. Ted for a matter of fact placed much emphasis upon the value of eyesight in being able to put this eye hand coordination in the proper perspective. Eye doctors ran studies quantifying Teds ability and capability of watching the baseball coming to the plate and meeting his bat.

Concentration while at the plate is best summed up with this thought. When a hitter steps into the batters box he needs to close out all extraneous and that is all distractions.

The hitters sole purpose of being in that batters box is to do battle with the pitcher. It is the Hitter against the Pitcher may the best man win.

There is an ole saying around the sports world, "You win some you lose some and some are rained out." That is how it goes good folks Hitter against Pitcher each will win some and each will lose some but please don't wait for the rain.

Always remember the sole purpose of a hitter once in that batters box is to do battle hitter against the pitcher. Yogi Berra the New York Yankees great catcher amply summed up this hitting thing with a comment something of this nature, "If he (the pitcher) is brave enough to throw it up there he (Yogi) would sure give it a whack."

Yogi never put a lot of store in this never swing at a ball thrown out of the strike zone. If (Yogi) wanted to hit the ball he dang sure give it a good shot to hang if it was a ball or a strike pitch. FOCUSED.CONCENTRATION- Here is a prime example of disregarding this focused concentration baseball hitting secret action.

The Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays are locked in mortal do or die combat trying to become the World Champions and Baseball World Series Winner 2008.

Tampa Bay as a team really lost their focused concentration of the games and the baseball hitting secret.

Warren Spahn of pitching fame with the Milwaukee Braves was quoted for having exclaimed, "Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing."

The baseball hitting secret of FOCUSED.CONCENTRATION is being violated before just about every pitch. Each batter notice the term batter vice hitter steps from the box peers into the dugout or to the base coach to get the signals on what to do.

This destroys all attempts to have total concentration at the bat. There is no signal in the game of baseball which guarantees a hit. There is a signal which guarantees the loss of concentration of the batter. He is thinking of execution of a called signal not FOCUSED.CONCENTRATION of the pitched baseball.

Did you get the wrong idea that signals are not of benefit? Sure they are in the management of the game strategy but never at the expense of having the potential hitter thinking on matters other than little white baseball.

Dare to venture the thought that every players on the opposing rosters playing in the World Series has not played the game since grammar school? Coaching and controlling at the detriment of interfering with latent ability of his player losing his FOCUSED.CONCENTRATION while at bat should be against the law or rules of baseball.

How to let the entire world of baseball know this two words two action Hitting Secret? You Are It! Go Tell It. Even Shout It From The Highest Mountain Top.

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Play fair here is the information on the five essential elements of Hitting. You now have at your disposal a series of baseball pages which will provide vital information about what it takes to hit a baseball.

When you finish each segment, at the bottom of the page ending each segment, simply click on the next subject page and continue learning about the five essential elements to hitting of a baseball.

Let me sneak ahead and tell you upfront the secret of power hitting and rattling the fences is "Bat Speed" but here is the red flag caution you first must hit the ball

That eye-hand coordination to make contact (solid contact) with little white baseball makes Johnny a hero and the toast of the town. Good folks that is huge in anybody's book.

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