Hitting Bat Speed-Wrist Snap

...Of The Essential Five Elements of Baseball Hitting

Hitting Bat Speed-Wrist Snap is the go juice which makes the explosion of bat meeting the ball with the ball leaving the speed bat like a blast from a cannon.

Saved these final two essential elements of hitting bat speed-wrist snap until the last for it is their causitive actions which every baseball player has fixed in his dreams "Knocking the Cover off the Ball."

Hearing the sharp crack of the bat as little baseball screams away like a rocket propelled missile is sweet indeed.

Bat Speed

The Eye Hand Coordination thing, with Body Control, the Bat Speed, with the precise timed wrist snap and the flexed muscle of the forearm as the bat and ball meet is a real plate full to master.

All of this sounds complicated, but fear not, you can do it with practice while understanding the principles of these essential elements including the hitting Bat Speed-Wrist Snap.

This baseball lingo or terminology used to describe action is simply a word picture to help you realize what is taking place. A lazy swing of the bat just to make sure the bat hits the ball is fine but it is not the final action we want to be a real jam up consistent hitter and even adding power to the blow..

The long and the short of this hitting bat speed-wrist snap is while achieving the smooth rhythm of well timed wrist snap and the flexing of the forearm is of no real consequence without adding that excellent bat speed.

Did I say this timing and rhythm of your swing of the bat was a simple thing to achieve?

No Sir! it is the part of and the proof of the pudding to which requires all ingredients to be mixed exactly right.

True we need to make sure the bat moves like stealth speed bat so proclaimed by Easton with the hitting bat speed-wrist snap when the bat meets the ball. We also want the ball to leave that bat with real zip pop and zing sounding like the crack of a rifle shot from the wood bats.

The faster the speed bat is traveling when the bat greets the ball is what by the laws of physics makes the ball jump from the bat like a scalded wampum kitty.

It does not require a giant size body to develop sensational bat speed, it is this bat speed, which is the secret to long ball power hitting.

The ability to generate and to improve your bat speed is simply mind over body. There is a difference from a lazy swing and a determined fast swing which is "bat speed."

If a young player is taught from his very early days to swing his bat with gusto then his habit is formed and as he grows older and stronger his bat speed is already built into his mind set and he hits with good power.

His practice habits to increase the bat speed needs to be reinforced by having the hitter conscious of the difference from a lazy cut at the ball and a swing with meaning.

BAT SPEED is the trick which provides the thrill.

All good baseball hitters practice hitting bat speed-wrist snap however all great baseball hitters PRACTICE-PRACTICE-PRACTICE and more Practice.

Hitting Bat Speed-Wrist Snap with the flexed front forearm is what allows the real baseball hitting champions and skilled hitting players plying their trade at the plate to blast the ball with power regularly and consistently.

The ball zings out from the bat with a sharp crack, like the sound of a rifle shot when the exceptional hitting bat speed-wrist snap is combined with well timed flexed front forearm. It is a sweet sound to a hitting coaches ear and a fantastic sound and feel for the hitter.

Wrist Snap

Actually what happened required the sudden acute and timely flexing of his leading forearm combined with a precisely timed flick of a wrist snap.

Bat speed-Wrist snap and the flexing of that front forearm is the key element which adds the zip to that ball leaving the bat. The leading or front forearm in your swing should be flexed/extended with a snap of the wrist precisely timed when the bat meets little baseball.

Fast forward into the 21st century and we find Albert Pujols of the St.Louis Cardinals with Albert you find the master mechanic of the quick sure wrist snap.

Pujols may not blaze down the line, but his wrists are quicker than any. He can turn on a 99 MPH fastball easily because of his quick wrists. Add to that his strength (I mean just look at the guy) and his hand-eye coordination, and you have today the best hitter in baseball. He is the most athletic and skilled in the areas that matter to be a dominant hitter.

Adding the snap of the wrist during the swing, precisely timed when the ball and bat meet, is like adding the boom zoom swoosh like a jet blast kicking in its after burners during its take off roll and sudden climb.

You may now get a good feel for why this art of hitting is such a really hard skill for most people to really conquer and achieve greatness as a baseball hitter.

Striking a baseball that is round with a bat barrel which is round and a dancing ball traveling upwards of 80+ miles per hour requires, the skill of an expert surgeon, with eyes like a eagle concentration of a hawk and the competitive attitude of a warrior.

A round baseball spinning and a round barreled bat swinging are two objects bat and ball both moving hopefully on a collision course and both playing with Bernoulli's Law of Physics.

The ball because it is traveling through the air and also spinning will according to the principles of physics be defined by Bernoulli's law is subject to change flight direction as quick as a hiccup.

The swing of the rounded barrel bat through the air causes the airflow movement in front of and surrounding the moving bat to wreak havoc on the air flow moving past the bat.

Stay with me on this subject of physics and air flow and you quickly will realize that the precise point of contact bat to ball is an immensely complex thing to achieve with consistency.

Providing wrist snap-bat speed and placing that good "on the nose" hard solid lick on that little white pill coming at 70-90 mph like a whistling bullet is a difficult assignment.

If this wrist snap combined bat speed and with the other essential elements for baseball hitting was an easy task most hitters would have a .500 hitting average.

Be assured it takes practice and more practice to master this p-bat speed-wrist snap monkey with the skilled control using eye hand coordination as the most essential of all.

Not only is this little ball rocketing into your space it also has a distinct ability to dip and dive suddenly.

Great baseball hitters, take this hitting bat speed-wrist snap, the last two essential elements of hitting to heart, and have the uncanny ability to possess not only excellent hitting eye hand coordination, superb hitting body control, exceptional hitting bat control this above average hitting bat speed then they become heroes and the toast of the town.

These are the hitters who have mastered the skill and art of flexing of the muscled forearm with bat speed-wrist snap precisely when the bat meets that ball.

Whew! I'm about out of breath with excitement over painting a word picture of the difficult bat speed-wrist snap involved just to hit a baseball.

Hitting bat speed-wrist snap is easy to say now the truth teller is do you "want to" learn what makes it happen?

Learn and know well your five essential elements of hitting and add these two words highlighted and provided below into your dictionary of baseball words or terminology as best hitting tips to gain recognition as a great hitter.

Circular and Torque I dare not discuss the words and how they relate to becoming a great hitter with you at this time but Contact Us and I will gladly provide not only the answer but the Why? The true essence of being a great baseball hitter is: Timing or Rhythmas expressed in this bat control baseball hitting page4.

Timing is the precise control and mixing of this power swing of the bat like an aircraft fighter pilot kicking in the after burners leaving a vapor trail giving the pilot a sensational feeling.

There has never been a ball player during all the years the game has been played, who didn't dream of blasting that rock outta sight.

One of the real secrets of the universe is the unraveling the mystery of what really make little baseball fly away and clear the fences?

Power generated to drive a ball over the fence or outta sight is not just a function of body size or strength. It is accomplished by bat speed. The quicker the barrel of the bat gets across the plate into the hitting zone the better.

The hands of the hitter should lead the bat into the hitting zone. Rest assured the body movement of the hips and upper body will follow.

With the hands leading then the movement of the bat barrel forward with the muscle of the forearm and the wrist snap powered by the bat speed then the magic of power hitting is accomplished.

There should be a focus of extending the wrist snap and forearm with precise timing as the bat meets the ball. Now with a smooth driving follow through to the finish.

The body control movement generated all the way from the legs through the hips and upper body torso with that follow through of bat speed-wrist snap makes little baseball soar away into the wild blue yonder.

The most important factor for powering the long ball and capturing the home run crown lies within this thing called bat speed.

Bat speed is the hopped up go juice or rocket propellant making that little hoss-hide covered baseball get up and go.

Haven't you often wondered just who we hold as heroes of the game for their ability to slap those home runs time and time again?

Come with me to my page identifying those MLB Home Run Heroes as Baseball Hitting Leaders.

Folks, it's physics, and has something to do with equal and opposite reaction and kinetic energy and dynamics of objects in motion. Did the lesson of bat control baseball hitting page4 lesson of Bernoulli's Law go to technical? Shucks no.

The only law of physics I am positive about is that the collision of bat and ball makes a sweet cracking sound.

All good and even the bad baseball players have heard it and love it "This hitting bat speed-wrist snap bat music."

The wooden bat produces a crack like a rifle shot while the aluminum bat causes a ping like a hub cap running off the car wheel and popping the pavement.

Human nature being as it is, this baseball cranking it out for distance (the home run or long ball) is in every hitter. That is simply the way things are.

The capability for every baseball hitter to bring down the rain, knock out the lights, rattle the fence, hit blue darters every time up, be an instant legend by knocking the cover off the ball is just not the way life unfolds.

Back to our bat speed-wrist snap activity, which is a very important element of baseball soaring out of the ball park.

Putting a good solid smack and making the long ball clear the fence is significantly enhanced when we add an above average bat speed into the mix.

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I caution to remind you our paramount driving intent is to put the bat on the ball and do not become obsessed with this Mighty Casey at the bat syndrome.

Now do not be a klutz or lame brain up there. Put some feeling into it. Swing like your life depended upon you getting that bat over that plate when the ball arrives.

Would you believe swatting flies with a fly swatter would help you become a better baseball hitter?

Test me out and prove me right. Killing flies with a swatter requires not a lumbering axe handle swing but the quick flex and flick of the bat speed-wrist snap or was it swatter speed to get 7 out of 10 little flies dead-to-right.

Now don't go dumb on me can you not see the parallel of this quick time flick and now visualize what is needed up there in the batters box?

Babe Ruth did not become "The Sultan Of Swat" by swinging that large piece of lumber like it was an axe.

Babe "The Bambino" was the master at reaching out with the forearm flexed combining hitting bat speed-wrist snap and cracking that white pellet called baseball square on the nose.

You too can do it. Just do it. Practice doing it. Dad gum do it.

If your swing with real determination and feeling which generates a significantly above average hitting bat speed-wrist snap and meets the little baseball square on the nose then boy howdy.

It's like cannons roaring, bells ringing and whistles blowing and being on cloud nine for it is a dream come true for hitters flaunting this hitting bat speed-wrist snap.

The baseball field general or the team hitting coach is over there just a grinning and slapping his cap on his thigh saying, "That's my boy."

If we can develop this combination 1 out of 3 times up there at ole home plate then scouts from here to yon will be calling. Professional baseball scouts will come talk to mama and papa about their fair haired boy and his future in baseball when he sees that hitting bat speed-wrist snap.

Hitting bat speed-wrist snap is the genesis of the long ball or generating excitement of the crowd when little baseball goes a sailing into the dark of the night of a lighted field or the wild blue yonder on a beautiful blue sky of day.

Review for added emphasis keeping foremost in your mindset for hitting bat speed-wrist snap

A baseball hitter will develop into a hero as a good, better or becomes even great by his execution of exceptional(1) eye hand coordination, (2)body control, (3)bat control, (4)-(5)hitting bat speed-wrist snap with a flexed front forearm every swing his bat.

This I want you to believe. Baseball hitting are hum drum base knocks without the hitting bat speed-wrist snap which is the pep pill which adds the fizz mix into the power kick.

Now that we know the basis of hitting bat speed-wrist snap are the elements of becoming a baseball hitter we must now practice, practice and practice some more of this Hitting bat Speed-Wrist Snap and all of the well known mechanics for using these fundamental but the key is these five essential elements.

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