Hitting Bat Control

The Third Element Of
Baseball Hitting

Hitting The Baseball With Excellent Bat Control Will Increase The Batting Average

Hitting Bat Control for baseball is simply the ability to whack little baseball consistently, with a super percentage average, after you have gained the capability of mastering the full control and use of your bat.

The Third Essential Element Of Baseball Hitting

In essence the hitting bottom line is simply this the bat does not hit the ball if you cannot control where you want your bat to be.

Take the time to study any picture or read accounts of the legendary feats of Ty Cobb and Wee Willie Keeler and you will quickly realize these two were the consumate leaders head and shoulders far above all others as hitting bat control hitters.

The art of swinging the bat and putting a solid lick on a baseball, travelling upwards of 70 to 90+ miles per hour, increases at a quantum rate when a hitter has a superb and exceedingly excellent bat control ability.

Hitting Bat Control and your capacity to control the bat swing is an expansion of our discussion concerning development of upper body control and strength. The bat you now hold in your hand does not have the same feel as all the other bats you may have held and swung.

Finding the Right Fit

Try as try can there is no such thing as all bats of the same length and weight will have the same feel in your hands. Every bat has its very own unique feel in your hands.

The choices of a bat which is "just right" now in our todays modern era of baseball could be a controversy of Aluminum vs Wood.

The manufacturer of the bat can certify every bat which they produce. They can certify it weighs this much, it is this long and the barrel of the bat is within a diameter tolerance.

They cannot certify that every bat of that weight/length and barrel diameter will all feel the same when you are holding it. That simply is impossible for every bat will feel different.

Test me on this action. Baseball bats are like most any manufactured product. They meet tolerance standards but will never match the same feel test.

Go to a hardware store some Saturday and stand near the hand tools department. If a tradesman buys a claw hammer he will pick it up and swing three or more times as if striking an imaginary nail before he picks the one he will buy.

Watch also someone buying a pair of pliers. It's almost guaranteed he will handle several before choosing one.

Think nothing less of the kid who will touch, feel, rub and swing just about every bat in the bat rack before he says, "Dad this is the one I like."

What is the magic formula or the exact reason he wants that bat? Who knows?

Our discussion here dealing with the control of our body and our hitting bat control points up the importance of how a bat feels in the hands. You got it, "It just feels right."

If the bat feels right in your hands then the length, weight and balance in his grip feels comfortable then its right.

The feel of that bat in a youngsters hand, or even a seasoned professional, significantly increases the confidence for baseball hitting skills and the quantum and steady improvement of these skills becomes much easier.

Body Control baseball hitting page3 will lead you to realize that the ability to gain total command of controlling the bat demands body control first. The capacity to improve baseball hitting starts early in the Tee Ball and Little League Baseball playing years.

As time and maturity of the growing body, with strength in his arms to hoist a full sack of feed onto his shoulders, then this added capability of hitting bat control has him outfitted to be a real baseball hitter.

What are some of the everyday actions a youngster might do to improve his capability to gain his hitting eye, confidence, and self assurance for playing baseball with this hitting bat control?

It should be OK for a youngster to slip moms old broom (you could ask first) and cut the broom end away to gain a good stick for hitting bat control practice.

Go find mama's old worn out broom cut the head off of the broom and you are ready to hone and develop your hitting bat control skills. Go out back maybe even down to the creek bank and get ready for some good solid unabashed hit and miss practice.

Using your broom stick as your bat and all the pebbles in the world as your ball simply toss a pebble gently into the air and give it a good whack as it comes back down.

Take your time do not rush your swing just learn to tap the pebble with that broom handle bat. Time and patience are both your friend and ally.

In a very short time you will get the feel of having your broom stick bat tap the pebbles one after the other. Practice and attention to your swing will allow you to gradually increase the speed of your swing.

This hitting bat control of increasing the speed of your swing is what will pay huge dividends in the future for your ability to hit the long ball or become a superb power hitter.

The bat speed is a matter of further discussion on following pages. Let me assure you this hitting bat control is an important beginning and makes the follow on increasing of your swing with increased bat speed become the magic and thrill of baseball hitting.

Surprise surprise! you missed the first fifteen or so but now you are getting keener and keener at slapping those pebbles across the creek bank and even nearly over that ole tall live oak tree.

The eye/hand coordination is really getting a good practiced work out. The broom stick is easily controlled and what is happening is without even a thought process you are controlling that broom stick.

If your swing is a little early the swing will be higher if you swing late the swing will be lower. You are controlling the swing of that broom stick to hit the pebble where ever it might be. This pebble hitting and hitting those pebbles qualifies you to join the excellent hitting bat control club.

The remarkable computer we carry with us in every thing we do is our brain. We think ,we learn and all of this skill and ability is stored in our memory bank called our brain. If we practice and can do the pebble banging with a broom stick then surely with our favorite bat we can knock the cover from little ole baseball.


Who said we had to have a batting cage to train and hone our hitting bat control skills and multiply our hitting ability as baseball hitter?

Well good buddy, if the "want to" is there, rest assured the "where with all" will follow and when a "burning desire" kicks in then someone needs to tell mama her ball playing baseball hitter will not be headed home till it gets dark..

Graduating from the broom stick to the fungo bat knocking deep fly balls to your buddies in the outfield and now we are cooking with Crisco. This fungo bat hitting to your teammates amplyfies and reinforces the practiced eye/hand coordination and improving your hitting bat control habit.

The game of pepper every school yard baseball player has played is another one of those hitting bat control improving actions.

Now ! When he steps into the batters box ready for Darth Vader to throw that smoke ball, he too is ready to smote that rock. The pitch may be high or low in the strike zone, it matters not just bring it on in here Mr. Pitcher.

My man has been well schooled in hitting bat control and he will gladly greet baseball with his perfectly timed swing of his bat arcing high or low through that strike zone.

Practicing the Right Moves

The nimble but positive fraction of a second adjustment of his shoulders, arms, eye fixation and lightening quick movement of your (hitting bat control) bat with a smooth as silk rhythm you will smack the ball right on the nose.

If the bat is too heavy the movement will be jerky and fractionally off target. If the bat is too long the sweet spot cannot spank the ball from the best advantage point.

Now we know the importance of why the bat has to feel just right. The feel of the bat in conjunction with your upper body strength will give us the needed physical capability, then we factor in the eye/hand coordination from that computer chip in our brain, and bat control is our hitting companion.

Solidly baseball hitting and smacking that ball, is a terrific feeling and wonderful sound when the bat meets the ball flush and square, with properly executed rhythm of swing, and smooth body control.

The added precision of bat control which provides the sweet cracking of hit after hit is the greatest thrill for all of baseball.

Baseball skills and the learned and practiced art to hit the ball with very few misses will become more thrilling with every increase in your improvement for each of the five essential elements.

This essential element i;e this bat control as taught here is required if the young wannabe All Star is to grow into being a great hitter.

Let the pitch be wherever the pitcher intends it.

The great baseball hitters will control the action while up there at the plate. Fundamental bat control with self assured confidence develops a sure and smooth as silk hitter who is always in control.

Remember you have been told,,b> "If the bat does not feel right then your bat control will never be right."

This control of your bat or Hitting Bat Control is one more of the essential elements to be mastered to join the ranks as a good baseball hittter

Learn now about your last two of the five essential elements of baseball hitting the go juice of power hitting (4)Hitting Bat Speed and(5)Wrist Snap.

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