Baseballs Winning Slide

Baseballs Winning Slide Must Be Taught. It Is Not A Natural Everyday Action

Slip Sliding Away Is The Winning Way

Baseballs Winning Slide is not an everyday routine thing one might do except out there on the baseball diamond during a game. Therefore,all of our young baseball players need to be drilled in the basic form and safe technique of how to slide.

Being safe has a double meaning like not being "body harmful safe" and "not being out" safe.

For the folks, not totally familiar with our game of baseball, sliding in baseball is the act of running full speed then letting the body slide along the ground coming fast and quick to a halt at the base.

The momentum of the body running full speed it is virtually impossible for the runner to be unable to stop on a base from the upright running position. Ah! Ha! we need to slide but knowing how to slide safely is the rub.

Professional players perform baseballs winning slide while sliding in to a base makes it look so simple and easy. It is simple and it is easy but being taught the correct technique to ensure proper execution is very important.

The slide into the base is filled with danger when not executed with the proper sliding-techniques.

Not to fret Mom and Dad. It is relatively safe when the players are properly schooled on sliding.

To be truthful coaches should have players start learning at beginner baseball how to properly execute so you should teach the Beginner, Baseballs Winning Slide.

Here are the dangers. Concern should be minimum but there are dangers associated with most that we do, young and old alike.

A. The base itself is anchored and does not move. A ballplayers body coming full steam and jamming something which does not move could cause hurt.

B. The spikes on the bottom of the shoe can snag into the ground. This cleat action digging in to the ground can cause an awkward twist to an ankle/knee or hip.

C. The sandlot playing infields are not silky smooth and small pebbles creasing along that skidding and sliding leg can take little bites. Kids must wear sliding pads.

(Moms and dads I am looking for a good source at a reasonable price for recommending where you may purchase your ball player's sliding pads) check out our many baseball business partners we introduce through out the baseballfarming site.

D. A big ole opposing team infielder just might step or tumble into baseballs winning slider coming hard. After all, the fielder is busy trying to handle the ball for the tag.

E. Your arms and hands are being exposed to good old hard earth and can experience a few pebble bites.

F. One of the awful things is you could be tagged out and all that hard running and cloud of dust you stirred up could all be for naught.

Coaches are given a bunch of youngsters who have not experienced the art of sliding; however, baseballs winning slide is in a different form and skill level.

Youngsters know when sliding down the playground slides to hold their feet clear of the slides floor and sides so as to not have the feet grab or dig in.

They also learned on curving slides, they slide down at the playground, they needed to lean their body toward the inside. So, you see some of the proper form is already in those noggins.

We simply need to reinforce a technique and apply the change in format of scooting along the ground using body momentum instead of downhill gravity.

The big league professional ball teams pay special coaches to come train baseballs winning slide technique to their players.

Dickey Wages recently told me that our high school Hall Of Fame Baseball coach, "Piggy" Mitchell, taught the New York Yankees far a week each summer on how to slide.

A baseballs winning slide does not happen every game. However, the potential is present during every game. How does a slide become a baseball winning-way and game winning slide?

Every hit, every base runner, every advance of a runner to the next base, and every run across home plate is that potential winning run.

Advancing a runner to the next base and the superbly executed slide just may be that edge which makes him and the team a winner. The slide itself is not the baseball winning slide.

The calculated mentally alert technique and flawless execution to get there safe and not being tagged out is what makes for baseballs winning slide.

  • Watch Defenders Body Language
  • Watch Glove Placement
  • Slide Away From Tag
  • Mentally alert and flawless execution is the key to winning. Let me set the stage for a mentally alert and flawless execution for baseballs winning slide.

    The bottom of the 9th inning score is 0 to 0 with two outs and a runner on first base. The hitter hits a good drive into right field between the center fielder and the right fielder. The hit is playable by the right fielder.

    The runner on first leaves at the crack of the bat. Where is the play going to end? You are absolutely right.

    The play will be at third base in a cloud of dust with the umpire leaning toward that 3rd sack like a rat terrier looking at a rat hole. The third sacker is standing a straddle 3rd base intently waiting for that throw from his right fielder.

    The base runner rounds second base full steam heading for third with all pistons pumping like there is no tomorrow. The third base coach is outside the third base foul line swinging his arm like crazy like he is trying to crank a Model "T" Ford. The coach is also yelling, "Get Down. Hit The Dirt."

    The runner notices (this is the mental part) the third sacker has stepped across the bag toward the home plate side of the bag. The runner is huffing and puffing but he's a smart and savvy baseball winning slider.

    He hits the dirt sliding well onto the left field side of the bag with his body leaning well toward left field. The throw would have had to be right on the button to get him out.

    The throw was slightly to the home plate side of the bag and this mentally alert baseball winning slider took advantage by sliding away from the tag. Close but no cigar for the right fielder and the 3rd baseman.

    One little poke out of the infield wins the game by the next hitter. Baseballs winning slide is what made the win. A foolish slide into a tag would have been an out. NO chance for the next hitter to be the hero.

    This mentally alert and properly executed slide across home plate is almost a lost art in this modern era of baseballs winning slide. It's a macho thing to barrel into the catcher when the close play is at home plate. I contend this barrelling into a catcher is not only stupid it is poor sportsmanship.

    A smart savvy baseballs sliding winner, in most cases, could and should have executed a perfect slide away from the tag. Pay attention to that next bang bang play at home plate and tell me what you see.

    Did you witness a heads up cool calculated smart slide or was it that, "I'm tough. Here I come." It's an umpires delight to bellow that, "You're Out!"

    One other point regards umpires and the tag at first base when a pitcher tries to do the pick off throw to first. Umpires have a tendency to call a runner out more often if the runner dives back to the base.

    Assuming it is a bang bang, close call it could be either way. Umpires prefer the quick movement and stand up skip back to first.

    No lie detector would ever prove this point on umpire tendencies for this call. You make a mental note the next time you see an out called out at first base, OK ?

    Moms don't let your boys grow up to be cowboys.

    Mom what you really need to do is never let your boy to grow up putting on that baseball uniform without his sliding pads. Sliding pads are a much better expenditure than buying a batting glove.

    If I'm selling batting gloves and Spirit Caps I will want you to load up with not only the sliding pads but also the batting gloves as well as a new Spirit Cap.

    Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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