How To Play Third-Base

"Baseballs Hot Corner"
80+ mph Pitches Blasted By Alloy Bats
Travel 90 Feet Like A Rocket

Intestinal Fortitude Is A Must

How To Play Third-Base and while playing third base or any position in baseball requires some known special skills but that No.5 position and to know how to play the "hot corner" or the third sack spot requires the steady nerve of a high wire walker.

Let's pretend the pitcher is really an ace out there, on the mound, throwing the ball to the hitter approaching 80 to 90 miles per hour. If the hitter is batting right handed and he meets the ball with the sweet spot of his bat and pulls it down that third base line look out, Nellie !

The speed of the ball coming across home plate and the remarkable speed swing of a heavy hitter kissing the ball square on the nose is a blast.

How to play third-base accounts for the fact the ball blasted with heft square on by those hard hitting right hand hitters reach third base quick as a blink.

You can imagine the gutsy demeanor required to even try to learn how to play third-base. Those rocket shot blasts of a hard throwing pitcher and the aluminum alloy bats kissing the ball is really something to contend.

Little baseball leaves the bat in a blur like a rifle shot as the laws of physics take over--The mathematical results of equal and opposite reaction of the bat speed and ball speed. Standing down there at third base, only 90+ feet from the batter give or take a couple of feet, is our main man at the hot corner, our third baseman.

The third baseman who really knows how to play third-base is well aware he barely has time to blink an eye or catch his breath before little white baseball is coming his way like a missile and is in his space and upon him in a flash.

There can be no blink nor misstep with no thinking for this first step or movement has to be an automatic reflex action under heavy duress to capture the whizzing missile we call a blue darter.

The third baseman must know how to play third-base realizing he has, to put his body in front of the streaking rocket shot, look the ball into his glove taking a big relief sigh as he straightens up, takes that hop, step and throws a strike to the first sacker.

That little hop a player takes to add zing to his throw we call "a crow hop." Every baseball fan in the stand releases an instant cheer on seeing their man stab a hard grounder take that crow hop and get his man.

The double trouble is he has not the slightest clue before hand if the ball will come screaming along the ground or whistling head high in a line drive.

Folks that is what it takes on how to play third-base and get the accolades and known around the league as one smooth operator.

Some astute heads up hitter may even decide to lay down a well timed bunt, now big buddy get up and go get it, we need the put out. How to play third-base requires this quick reaction heads up with ability to move almost instantly.

Hey, big guy, does that sound tough enough, huh ? Who has that calm daring do, to step squarely in front of and grab that blue darter or whistling air piercing hosshide coming like a bullet.

Knowing how to play third-base and having the daring do grit is a must down at the hot corner.

If that action seems a little too much then it is best to train your sights on some other spot on the team for this No.5 spot is the hot action spot. Now for some real mechanics of how to play third-base the position of heroes.

There are more than a few items you must put into that calculator we call our noggin (or brain) before, during and after every pitch. Should I be back further toward the outfield grass?, Should I be closer to home plate?, Should I be guarding closer to the third sack and the foul line?, Did I notice the heft the batter put on that last swing or cut at the ball?

How to play third-base without a doubt must be tattooed into the third baseman's rule of baseball playing mentally sharp and alert. We must not allow the opponent one single advantage to win we have to defend our ground.

All game long the third sacker has played heads up and every lesson on how to play third base has seen him execute it all to a tee.

My main man at this hot corner in the late innings of a game let's say from the sixth inning on should move a step or two closer to that third base sack or the foul line.

Never ever in the late inning of a ball game let that hard hit grounder get by you down inside the third base bag for that double or triple.

Those late inning going to sleep at the switch by a man on the hot corner knowing how to play third-base must and should not be guilty of this mistake of allowing that grounder getting through inside the third base bag.

Dare this batter try to lay down a bunt? Is my teammate, the pitcher, throwing a curve ball away from the right handed hitter? I am thinking and calculating constantly while getting into that relaxed half squat, ready for the action.

How to play third-base is a thinking mans position just as "The Thinker" in his wisdom thought about our game of baseball.

The eye of an eagle you say! Yes, for it is vital for the third baseman to see the ball from the bat to his glove the travel of that ball heading his way may be hugging the ground or may be a big fat candy hop.

The third sacker's body movement must be quicker than a cats leap. The line of travel from home plate to the third base waiting position is the shortest blast of the baseball travel distance for any position of the infield.

Automatic reflex of foot movement getting square in front of the ball placement of the glove on the dirt infield and gently cradling the ball onto the glove is a body movement of beauty and the envy of a ball room dancer.

Situation ! A high pop fly directly down the third base foul line but shallow enough to not reach the outfielder. Is the third baseman the one responsible to make this play?

No, the angle is much better for the shortstop to reach this pop up and make this catch than it is for the third baseman. You see there are so many little subtle things one must know about how to play third-base.

This is doubly important if there are any runners on the bases. Runners on the bases mean the third baseman has a responsibility to cover the bag at third to preclude runners from a possible advancement to third.

The world series 2009 play by Johnny Damon of the Yankees proved this point to perfection. Johnny on a steal to second slid in safely reckonized third sack was unattended and took off and reach third uncontested stand up.

Folks that was a game breaking heads up play and a critical error on the part of the Phileadelphia Phillies leaving third uncovered.

In a possible bunt situation, the third baseman who knows how to play third-base has a dual responsibility. He must hustle to pick up the ball and throw out the running bunt-er and he must be aware (heads up) that if there is a runner on first (normally this is the case on a bunt situation) then he must get on his horse and hustle back to his bag at third. A base runner leaving first will head to third if the third base bag is not being defended.

The shortstop may be covering but most likely the shortstop is covering the defense of second base because the second baseman is over covering first.

Alright, baseball third baseman, we have you eating the dust of baseballs barrelling toward you like a wild banshee or a shot from a rifle and you are hustling to play a well placed bunt.

You are always ready reacting and on the go every pitch and every play. How do you like this No. 5 spot in the line up and stationed down on the hot corner?

Do not leave me just yet. We have other items to take care of down at the hot corner and how to play third base. Every inning when you take your position the baseball third baseman always inspects the position of his bag at the third base line.

Here is what we need to remedy while we play sandlot and high school baseball, ensure the third sack is well inside the foul line there should be no corner hanging over or outside the line.

A well hit grounder nipping the edge of the bag is by rule a fair ball. If that sack was inch or two over on the foul side of the line and the ball kisses it then you just gave the opposing team a huge advantage. Shame on you for we taught you so you would know how to play as baseball third baseman to not let such a thing happen.

All that is necessary each inning, taking your position, simply tap the bag with your foot and be sure to nudge it inside that foul line while ensuring the corners of the bag are inside the line.

How to play as a baseball third baseman must also take into consideration for you to know what type of baseball glove is best for playing that hot corner. A Wilson baseball glove a Rawlings, or a Spalding, you name it, the name brand is not near as important as the size style/model.

The second baseman uses a short fingered style glove but at third you should outfit yourself with a long fingered deep webbed glove. This style of glove will suits baseball third baseman well handling those streaking greased blue darter shots trying to scramble by you like a flash of lightening.

During the season, if you play your third base position well Mom will have to repair those trouser legs once or twice. You might say, "What has Mom got to do with me knowing how to play third-base?" well stud, most runners reaching the baseball third baseman normally are coming with a slide and spikes first.

Your job is to stay in front of those spikes and tag that ole boy out. Spikes and trousers legs means the trousers get the worst of that action. Mom's sewing will be needed, we just hope the Doc doesn't have to do a little sewing.

I can assure you it is not a fun position this baseball third baseman--- "If you are even slightly hesitant to stay in front of those missile like hard hit grounders," dig them out of the dirt straighten up and fire a rifle shot strike over to your teammate at first base.

Most all of the basics of how to play baseball third baseman we have talked about but there are more detail and experience you will need before you are the cracker jack third sacker at that No. 5 slot.

Knowing all the general rules of baseball and all the playing rules for baseball becomes null and void if you do not know what to do and how to do it like how to play as a baseball third baseman.

The crowd in the stands will come to their feet and applaud when you turn a sparkling and sterling play from the hot corner. Calling baseball third baseman spot the hot corner is no fluke or misspeak for the baseballs coming off those lightning fast swings and connecting of heavy hitters are a real chore to handle.

The likes of Brooks Robinson, the country boy who grew up and played as an All-Star, Gold Glove and Hall Of Fame performer had a stellar career with the Baltimore Orioles was the master down there at the "hot corner."

Brooks brought the crowd roaring to their feet on many an occasion as a super baseball third baseman and was referred to as "The human vacuum cleaner." Mr Brooks Robinson was the consummate pro and knew unquestionably how to play as a baseball third baseman Hall of Famer.

Learn well how to play third-base the No.5 spot in the line up or as a Baseball Third Baseman, which is down at the hot corner, then you will know How To Play Baseball.

You might be more prone to play behind the plate as a catcher and give up this how to play third. Being a catcher also requires real toughness but is not as frightening as those screaming blue darters.

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This hot corner is a little tough so instead of my learning How To Play Third-Base is not for me let me try being a Catcher

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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