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Baseball Coaching Tricks with Tomfoolery wins gammes when executed smooth as silk like clock work you gain the edge and it wins games by default when makeing the opposing team players feel foolish and dumb.

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Tomfoolery is normally associated with foolish behavior, however, I choose to reverse the consequence and make the foolishness be pointed toward the recipient of a trick play in baseball.

Our high school coach was at the head of the baseball coaching class when it come down to teaching the art of how to use team smarts to win games.

One of the most truthful axioms of all sports play.


Don't be fooled with some TomFoolery when shopping these Holidays. Insist on quality at a fair price you might consider Wal-Mart.

Sometimes it was a matter of just how receptive we were, as students, to inhale, digest or assimilate this good data such as baseball tomfoolery wins games our baseball coaching provided.

"Piggy" Mitchell, our coach, was not recognized as being worthy of being inducted into the inaugural Alabama High School Coaches Hall Of Fame for a lack of knowledge in sports. He directed efforts on all sports at the high school level with equal amazing zeal and knowledge, paying attention to the most minute of details and taught many classical easy winning strategies.

Have you ever witnessed some baseball tomfoolery such as a hidden ball trick executed to perfection? It is as simple as pie. All it takes is a good extra bases blast by your opposing teams hitter and a cool as a cucumber action by the defensive team.

Baseball coaching tricks and baseball tomfoolery wins games is real and has proven to be a beautiful addition to our game of baseball trickery strategy for players and coaches to enjoy.

First let me set the strategy of what makes this baseball coaching tricks with tomfoolery work so well.

The principle of baseball coaching tricks and tomfoolery wins games is the same type action used by all magicians. It is the slight of hand that does the trick even while all are watching.

Our coach taught us to always place the ball in the glove of our pitcher after every hitter was retired, made an out, or had hit safely and was on base.

The routine never changed for the last infielder handling the ball after each hitters action would never toss the ball to our pitcher. He would be standing near the pitcher and deftly place the ball in the pitchers glove.

At any baseball game you attend, normally one of the infielders will toss the ball to the pitcher after any ball which is hit fair or is an out.

Not so at Hewitt-Trussville high school baseball in the early mid and late fifties.

Baseball coaching tricks and tomfoolery wins games was not foolish because it worked. My use of the phrase to include the word tomfoolery describes the action to a tee.

Remember I said the ball was placed with out question and physically into the glove of the pitcher. If you do this action after every offensive play then the set up for old magic is working precisely to plan.

Every opposing player and every spectator sees this ball go into the pitchers glove consistently and every time. It truly is in the pitchers glove except, ah ha, except when it is not.

Here comes that slight of hand trick. The infielder puts the ball in the pitchers glove and wipes his hand close to his body and across his shirt letters. Time and time again this happens during the game. As a matter of time it happens after every put out or even after every hit.

Baseball coaching tricks and baseball tomfoolery wins games is being exploited right before your eyes.

You must keep your eye on the ball. At the Alabama Theatre in the sing along between feature films the Maesto at the huge Wurlitzer Organ would urge us to follow the bouncing ball. As the music flowed and the bouncing ball hit all the words of the tune.

You ballpyers need to take heed always keep your eye on that ball. It is necessary and good heads up to never be caught in baseballs tomfoolery wins game tricks.

Baseball coaching tricks techniques for winning strategy can be found almost every where, on the ball fields, in the movie theater, and even at the carnivals side shows I mean every where.

Now it's back to our baseball coaching tricks and tomfoolery wins games.

Now it is getting on into the game and a heavy hitting opponent slaps a double or triple hit down the line. You think that hotshot isn't thrilled, as a matter of fact, he might even doff his cap to his girl friend in the stands.

Now is he a prime target for that old slight of hand hidden ball trick?

This time the ball goes into the pitchers glove but it doesn't stay. Where is it? I'll tell you.

It is tucked safely out of sight in the arm pit of either the second baseman or the third baseman depending on whether it was a double or triple base knock.

Baseball coaching tricks of teamwork acting and friendly trash talking becomes the vital element to finish this trick to perfection.

NO 1: the pitcher puts his glove, with or without the ball, under his arm and diligently straightens his trouser leg or loosens his belt or reties his shoe, anything to stall and not step up onto that pithing mound.

If the pitcher gets on the pitching mound near the rubber the umpire must call a balk. This would mess up our well planned scheme.

NO 2: if it was a double, the second baseman, when he comes back to his defensive position but a step or two from the bag, will congratulate the hitter saying something like "That was a heck of a curve pitch you hit", or anything to distract the runners concentration.

Most baseball players have ego's as big as a barn so this congratulatory comment makes his mind leave the game situation and think of how great he is.

Now the shortstop gets into the act and straightens up the second base bag. The shortstop picks up that ole crazy talk to further distract and get the runners attention away from the second baseman who has that baseball hidden under his arm.

The shortstop will probably say something like "Who is that good looking girl in that blue blouse who is trying to get your attention".

The shortstop might even help the runner brush the dust off of the hitters uniform trousers. May even nudge him a little to have him move off the base.

Invariably the fellow who just made that good hit will forget and step off the bag to get a better look or just absent mindedly step away from the base.

Zowee ! That little sneaky second sacker sticks the baseball in the seat of his britches and then shows the ball to the ump. You're Out; cries the Ump.

Seems like that deception I just described was taking a lot of time but in reality it is routinely a play of the game and happens quicker than ole McDonald can say, "Whats on his farm?" E I E I O!

This type of thing is only a part of baseball coaching and tomfoolery wins games training that provides the winning edge. You see baseball tomfoolery wins games by taking advantage of opposing players ego, Honest, it does.

Some of the most beautiful strategies in baseball are the hit and run, the suicide squeeze play and the delayed steal all of which I plan to bring to you in my baseballfarming and training.

Ump is calling for a new ball, Hey ball boy, heads up!

Baseball coaching tricks with tomfoolery wins game tricks, magic, pick off strategy, or let me outsmart you, get your goat it is all a thought out play which provides the winning edge.

The process of handling the baseball and placement into the pitchers glove was a planned play proven time and again to work.

The play works because the execution takes advantage, of an age old ego trip and jubilation mindset, of players taking their head momentarily out of the game.

Did you not pay attention early on when we discussed how to teach the beginner baseball players to always stay "Heads Up" and to keep their mind and head into the game?

If you recall I cautioned in my training of beginners to impress upon beginning players to always be "heads up". This momentary lapse of a hitter taking his thoughts away form the playing action will cost him an embarassing out.

Many times this put out will stop or kill a good energized rally and lose a game.

Baseball helpful tips that count, are those things taught and learned which helps a team have the winning edge.

Baseball Coaching Tricks and Baseball Tomfoolery Wins Games while using Baseball Coaching Tricks with Tips That Count which really count is an example of how learning all about the game is a big part of any teams winning strategy.

"Next Batter," cries the umpire, "It's time to play ball."

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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