Baseballs-Winning-Way Is Established By Human Nature and the Natural Laws of the Universe

The Natural Law Of Competition Proves That
Winners Win And Losers Lose

Baseballs-Winning-Way may and will be associated with every competition be it the sport of baseball, business or even being in love.

There are many characteristics one can find to describe and account for winning at baseball with winners claiming the wins and losers coming in second best or even last.

The game of baseball the winning way is played by many teams and almost innumerable count and cast of players, all of which are seeking the magic of winning, provides us a good look into the aspects of winning.

Baseballs-Winning-Way and the game of baseball provides a unique widely observed audience participation through out the world. Therefore, the use of the game of baseball to expound upon a theory of what constitutes the "Baseballs-Winning-Way" will have many yeas and nays to agree or disagree on any point made.

Through out my years beginning with grammar school playground ball playing, through my playing days of high school baseball, and my obsevations of todays playing of the game provides a whole different perspective about what constitutes baseballs-winning-way.

Recall to memory during my early years enjoying the game of baseball the prominent theme and feature was that the game was a relaxed fun filled competitive contest. The games pitted the natural playing abilities of one teams players against the opposing team.

Baseballs-winning-way and the game of baseball for which America grew to love enjoy and even became almost obsessed quickly was recognized as the game known as Americas Pastime.

Americas Pastime through time has changed from that natural fun camaraderie activity of boys and girls out on the dusty play grounds and ball diamonds enjoying the game. Whereby today it is becoming a structured almost robot like cloned and practiced robotic typically stereo/video programmed format.

Baseball hitting is a prime example of what you see is what you get at todays baseball games. A batter steps into the batters box takes his stance eyes the pitcher and takes a pose like he is ready to hit the ball.

Taking that pose means he is cookie cutter programmed.

His stance. form. swing. and follow through is almost a mirror image of the batter who was in the batter box before him and the batter who will also follow him.

What has happened to our game? Good folks it is the arch typical way of life and the norm of our society of today, "Do it this way or hit the highway."

What Johnny must do and does is what Johnny is told to do.

The natural ability of a ball player has been overcome by a structured theoretical to do it best you must do it this way.

Why must he do it this way or that way?

We collectively are a part of this action and by our demands we control or do what it takes to manipulate the resultant out come and provide what we perceive to be baseballs-winning-way or advantaged edge.

Johnny or Jimmy you will never be able to hit the ball if you don't hold your bat like this or keep your elbow away from your body or spread your legs and feet a little wider.

Phooey! so much hogwash nothing akin to or close to a winning way will take place when we replace the history proven and tested universally acclaimed natural way for a hitter.

Gone from our game of baseball is the ragtag inherent ability poised internally within a given player as a baseball winning way. Pitting his practiced natural ability against his team mate to make the team, or to best an opponent by winning games with a baseballs-winning-way.

Who pray tell were the contributors taking away the natural ability players and replacing them with this seeming clone like player we see at our ball parks playing the game of baseball today?

You guessed it right and you got it right. We that is you and I both did it for it was demanded as the winning play but it is not necessary the winning way.

Did you not along with me participate in the choosing of sides at play period to pick the best players for your team?

Cannot the professional baseball teams not do the same by picking and paying highly for the best of the baseball players for their teams?

Here comes ole one eyed Mule again. You can bet your one eyed Mule . team owners . pay good money for the best or better players.

When it is found by repeated observance, of what the better players do to earn this tag, as one of the best then is it not normal to judge or guage all other players against the method used by the better playing players? You had better believe it. Now here comes the rub the mind set of this is how it has to be done to be the best.

If the best of the best cocks his elbow away from his body while demonstrating his uncanny ability, and he proves to be the best by all statistical accounting, then he sets the standard by which others are demanded to perform. You see this repeated scenario repeated over and over and what do we get?

We get the game of baseball more and more conforming to a robotic mechanical controlled player action seeking the winning player and the winning way .

The bottom line is do we have a winning attitude outcome leaves us bumfuzzeled at todays game of baseball looking at competitive parity without a hint of baseballs-winning-way being produced by teams with scrapping individual players playing as a team.

The formatted structure and perceived book way of doing every movement and mechanics of play according to the book has replaced the art of players learning how to play and how to win and thus what is now known as baseball winning play not baseballs-winning-way.

A player caught attempting to steal a base without the called signal being given by the base coach is chastized and not given a pat on the back for using his own God given initiative.

This type of mind set and control of play is now crippling our game of baseball.It is not the baseballs-winning-way.

We have almost forgotten what it means to play to win, instead players on teams of today are playing to the book way, trying to please the so called professionals whim and dictates.

Now to give you the gut issue of thought to ponder. What is the Baseballs-Winning-Way?

Plain and simple it is the collective wills of individuals doing it their way for the benefit of the entire team forsaking and by passing the structured "This is the only way." This is the team who wants and knows how to win the real baseballs-winning-way.

Baseballs-Winning-Way is a team thing you only win as a team a bunch of hot shot individuals are nothing more than a gaggle of losers.

You are invited to go back and review the five essential elements of Baseball Hitting as you leave Baseballs-Winning-Way

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