Baseballs Winning Attitude

Some did not make the cut; Some sadly did not get a Fair Shake...

Unfair Shakes Should Be
Against All Rules

Baseballs Winning Attitude this should be a Cardinal Rule for all baseball teams coaches and players and is something one is not to take lightly, because the game of baseball touches the heart and the mind, so when I say, "Losers never win, they quit", is a universal truth.

Baseball playing rules and this "want to for winning" may be trivia to some but serious for all who have grown to love the game is this matter of losing and winning, losers should and usually quit whereas winners bow their necks grit their teeth and try harder.

Serious because losers and quitters remain losers and never become winners.

Baseballs winning attitude and playing by game rules are made to ensure the game is played on fair and equal terms for both teams in competition. However, it appears unfair the playing by baseball rules compared to the other many other rules of baseball such as baseball playground rules when it comes to the individual and his getting to play in the game.

I have therefore adopted one rule to be used by every individual suiting up to play the game of baseball. It is simply not in the realm of baseball trivia which is so far and away from trivia it should be known by its real name winning and attitude.

My adopted rule is only two words: WINNING & ATTITUDE

Winning Attitude; without putting your heart into it, how can you win?

You tell me, Hotshot your team was on the low end of a 7 to 5 score and you didn't lose? " No Sir!" "I gave it my best shot and I enjoyed everything, but the final score, but I won't quit."

Good people the above statement says it all when it comes to a winning attitude.

I will practice, fight and practice till winning becomes my habit,the one game score is merely a temporary halt until our next game . Being a baseball loser is giving up.

Sadly I must hasten to add, there has been many a good and potentially great baseball player give up the game because of influences beyond their control. Coaches intimidating and shaming a player for mishaps should be against all rules.

Sadly and double sadly I know of friends and personal acquaintances who gave up the sport and game of baseball because some authoritative person did not know the baseball rule of concerning a winning attitude and derided his playing shortcoming too soon. This type of control or coaching should not happen. When it happens, the source of such...should be carried out of town on a pole.

My brother thinks I might get a little brash at times. One of the things he keeps telling is, "If you talk the talk then you better walk the walk". I think what he is telling me is to simply; "Go-For-It."

Bring some more corn to the crib. We are in the mood to "Shuck down the corn!" We need to talk about this winning attitude thing.

It is remarkable the good fortune that became those winners who did not get a fair shake knew the winning attitude early on in their life and ball playing youth. Drive, determination and grit that was within them many times was channeled into other endeavers which proved them to be winners.

The moral of the story is this, "Never give up on a youngster who truly tries". Give him or her that full opportunity to become a winner. Everybody wins and everybody loves a winner. That's my game of baseball, honest to gosh. One great writer once wrote, "It is not who won or lost but how you played the game."

Grantland Rice was no loser. His thought which epitomized this win or lose question gives us the Baseballs Winning Attitude.

Talking about baseballs winning attitude and losers makes me a little frustrated. Stay with me and let's stay positive and know we are winners, no matter the score.

Give me baseballs winning attitude players who want to win and I'll let you shake hands with winners. Winners might get caught on the short end of a score but they have that drive, grit and determination that makes them be winners.

Baseball losers are really for the birds. They fly away in winter. Birds don't wait for things to change. Time to change a t to an n winter winner and be a winner. Coach "Piggy" often told us, "The difference in being a Champ and a Chump is one step and one letter."

Coach may have had some shortfalls but the lack of baseballs winning attitude was not one of them.

Country ball fields were the source of many baseball losers "Ball that is." Baseballs winning attitude about our games was never lost we may have had to quit playing because we lost the ball.

There was no way to beat the odds. Many a game has been called because we lost the ball in high weeds. High weeds honeysuckle and the briar patch would grab a ball and hide it out of sight.

I think "packman" was with us in the forties and fifties. We just didn't know he was out there in those tall weeds and gobbled up our ball.

How in the name of goodness did packman show up here within our baseball talk or baseball terminology?

Remember I mentioned the precious commodity was having the ball our school teacher would make. Anyway she made cord/string balls for our use at recess. If the bell rang and we had to head back to the classroom and our ball was lost in high weeds then we had a dilemna.

She made those balls for all the kids under her charge and the baseball rules trivia, for her, knew no losers.

That dilemna turned in to a simple choice. We were going to find that ball.

Naturally, we always asked the one the teacher would most likely believe to intercede and tell why we would be late coming in.

Sometime our classmates, our teammates and our closest friends feel just like that ball lost in tall weeds. We would never think of knowingly leaving them alone in tall weeds. Life's lessons come in strange and unsuspecting forms and mysterious ways.

That lesson of staying to find the ball lost in tall weeds was as natural as tying our shoe. We knew our teacher well enough to know she understood the circumstances. This trust is a learned thing.

Understanding and trust between people associated with the game of baseball helps to mold undeniably this meaning of baseballs winning attitude toward developing winners.

Some times I am truly awe struck as to just how meaningful the game of baseball is and how it has been a teacher in life.

The teacher did not scold and was actually delighted we used our good winning attitude judgment and found that ball.

Batter up! Next one losing the ball by knocking it into the tall weeds, honeysuckle or briar patch has to play hopscotch or jump rope with the soft ankles next recess.

Another quote I know but not the author,--" All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own". This is one reason to be honest in our baseballs winning attitude and training of our young ball players to be winners.

Baseball no losers allowed. Just like the saying goes, "Mama don't allow no guitar playing around here." Mama don't want no baseball losers by baseball playing rules around here.

One of the best remedies I would suggest to ensure there are many proud winners is to learn and teach the essential elements of hitting and then you will find Baseballs Winning Attitude truly become a reality.

Batter up----Let's Play Ball....

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