Baseball Strikeout Records

Baseball Strikeout Records Cuts Two Ways
Hitters and Pitchers

Major League Records and The National and American League Records

Baseball Strikeout Records pertains to famous baseball players both baseball hitters and baseball pitchers.

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The holder of being dubbed the whiffing leader as a hitter is the mark of demerits and reflects failure. The sole and only purpose ever of a hitter once he steps into the batters box is to hit the baseball.

The holder of being the ace mow-em-down leader as a pitcher is the mark of being the King-Of-The-Hill and as an overpowering winner. He is worth a Kings ransom and is hailed as the toast of the town. ------HITTERS HOLDING BASEBALL STRIKEOUT RECORDS

  • National League: ---Season Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies set the National League season record for hitters gaining the season strike out leadership during last season (2007) with 199 strikeouts.

    ---Career Willie Stargell with a career total of 1936.

  • American League: ---Season Jack Cust of the Oakland Athletics struck out twice on Friday September 19, 2008 setting a new season record at 187 in the American League.

    Rob Deer of the Milwaukee Brewers previously held the American League season record by striking out 186 times in 1987.

    ---Career Reggie Jackson with a career total of 2597.

  • Major Leagues: ---Season Ryan Howard holds the dubious hitters baseball strikeout records for the most whiffs or strikeouts at 199 for a baseball season record in the Major Leagues.

    ---Career Reggie Jackson with a career total of 2597. One prime thing you can be sure of as a hitter and that is that you do not want to visit or dwell in the strikeout record role.


  • National League: ---Season Old Hoss Radbourn struck them out and sent them back to sit on the pine 441 times in the year 1884.

    ---Career Steve Carlton with a grand total of 4000 to hold the record in the National League during a career.

  • American League: ---Season Nolan Ryan in the year 1973 set the American League leadership record with a season strikeout total of 383.

    ---Career Roger Clemens holds King-Of-The-Hill crown for the most sit em down bring on another batter for career strikeouts in the American League with 4167.

  • Major Leagues Pitching Strikeouts: ---Season Old-Hoss Radbourn with the total of 441

    ---Career Nolan Ryan not only set the standard for the most K's, Goose Eggs, or Strikeouts over his career at 5714. The Nolan Ryan record total of strikeouts is at such a high mark it is virtually never to be topped in the estimation of this country boy.

    Nolan achieved this Major League strikeout record pitching in both the American and the National Leagues over the course of his remarkable career.

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