Baseball Bats Beyond Baseball

Bully, "Back Off Or I'll Crack A Knee
....with My favorite Bat"

Many Folks Are Safer With Bubba's Baseball Bat Handy

Baseball Bats Beyond Baseball brings you full tilt into the world of reality and the many uses of baseball-bats and when you reflect yea by golly that's right.

Caught you napping just a tad for you had never really given it a serious thought the many use of that old trusty companion your well worn baseball-bat or even your youth-baseball-bats you have so lovingly kept around.

There may be many uses for bats beyond baseball but those prized bats which have survived many a battle such as My Annex Bat will certainly go into a trophy case. When you use your aluminum bats as a baseball bats beyond baseball this is no time to be concerned about whether the BESR certification is stamped on the bat

Shall we continue on and uncover some of the most common life uses for those old wood-baseball-bats or metal-bats beyond baseball:

  • Danger zone protection
  • Home security weapon
  • Fire Safety Tool
  • Truckers tire inspection
  • Hammer an object
  • Prop up a table
  • Classroom Paddle "The Thinker"
    The above list seems a little comical, however, there are some deep seated and real need for the old baseball-bats beyond baseball. Forget the controversy of Aluminum vs Wood Bats for your trusty old battle stick you took such care of making sure it received good baseball bat care is handy and ready now to help take care of you.

    Danger zone protection: When on occasion you have a need in the dark of the night to travel on foot into or through a neighborhood known as a haven of the rough and rowdy a little protection is warranted.

    Before embarking on your dark evening jaunt take the time to reach for and bring that trusty old friend your once upon a time "just right" baseball-bat now serving and used tirelessly as baseball bats beyond baseball carried along as your companion.

    Amazon And The London Riots --- August 2011

    Just check out the movers and shakers on Amazon's UK site in the sports section. The purchase of regular wooden baseball bats is up 3,263 percent in the last day. I don't think baseball has suddenly had a boom in Britain. Top of the list: the Rucanor aluminum version, up 6,500 percent. 7 of the top ten sports increased sales are for weapons.

    Home security weapon: It is a prudent use of baseball bats beyond baseball and any caring man who will consider providing some form of security protection for his family.

    A nice old well used baseball bat still standing in the corner near the front door of your home is a peaceful form of protection and used properly is not a deadly force.

    Fire Safety Tool: A trusty once well used old baseball bat should stand forlornly in the corner of every bedroom near the windows.

    Since ole baseball bat was a trusted friend in rapping out hit after hit out there on the dusty baseball diamond it is now standing ready to be used to blast open the window for and escape hatch in a fire emergency.

    Many reasons may be the cause of a window being jammed and virtually impossible to open but a few really good whacks with your bat for use in such a dire emergency is once more proving its most valuable true value.

    Train all in the home the value on the use of the baseball bat which is always there just for such serious precious and timely use.

    Truckers tire inspection: All those dual wheeled trucks and especially the 18 wheelers carry a baseball-bat or similar heavy bar,baton or stick to check the tires at every truck stop.

    The tires of a loaded truck hurtling down the turnpike generates a heap of heat onto the tires. The tires will get so hot it can burn the un-gloved hand when touched. There is much danger associated with a tire which loses air pressure or is under inflated carrying a heavy load running hell-to-beat-leather.

    An under-inflated dual-wheel tire will get many times hotter than the tire standing tall full of air beside it which is fully inflated at the proper pressure.

    AH! the baseball bat beyond baseball? Truckers taking that rest break will religiously and without fail drag ole well used baseball-bat from behind the seat and routinely tap a good blow on each tire to check the standing tall inflation of those tires.

    A low tire getting hotter and hotter will soon get the tire next to it hotter and now we have a situation of extreme danger. Tires will blow out or in some cases even explode into a flame of fire.

    Hammer an object: Quick hand me something to knock this widget thing loose. Old trusty well used baseball-bat being handy so bip and all is well again.

    Prop up a table: An overloaded well worn used table out on the porch has lost a leg due to weather and age so Pops old baseball-bat just happened to be there in safe keeping on the porch.

    You got that right Pops baseball bats beyond baseball now has a different use but very useful too.

    Another wonderful thing is the old table with a broken leg cares less if it is an aluminum-bat or a wood-bat it is happy to be still standing.

    Classroom Paddle: Kids in the classroom will always be kids and sometimes a little reminder that unruly or rambunctious out of reason behavior needs an attention gainer.

    My wife's mother was a school teacher all of her working years and in her room hanging in clear view for all to see was "The Thinker." She would tell us many times when questioning a misbehaved youngster what he was thinking when he was so disruptive and ill behaved.

    The answer was often "I don't know" so lovingly she would take down "The Thinker" and with a good whack or two to the bottom side she would exclaim, "From this time on you should think before you act badly."

    Coaches in charge of the playgrounds have been known to send an old baseball-bat down to the school woodworking shop and have it sawed flat to about a 3/4 inch thickness and keep it handy standing in the corner of the gym. Now a lick or two with this well made paddle was a real attention gainer as the "Thinker" has done it again as he thinks of baseball bats beyond baseball.

    Chop Sticks

    Hundreds of baseball bats are broken by pro baseball players over the course of a season in the Nippon Professional Baseball league. The bits & pieces don't go to waste, however, instead being reborn into cool chopsticks carrying NPB team names, colors and logos.

    They're called "Kattobashi", a play on words from "KATTOBASE!!" Japanese for "make a big hit" which is a term often heard (and heard often) at the ballpark. Also heard often is the crack of the bat - not only against the stitched horsehide sphere. Broken bats are commonplace at all levels of the game where wooden bats are used. One might wonder where broken bats from North American MLB games end up, but in Japan they're remade into Kattobashi.

    Collectors love 'em, as the team names, logos and colors impressed into the chopsticks encourage fans to collect a pair from each pro team.

    The recycled chopsticks also act to reduce the number of disposable wooden chopsticks used and discarded daily, a huge problem for the environment.

    Fans are far more likely to take their Kattobashi chopsticks with them when they dine, cleaning them when they return home and using them until they eventually break.

    What happens then? We're not sure... hopefully someone will come along and recycle them into tiny baseball bats. (via eco friendly Japan, Yahoo Japan and Rakuten)

    Together we have uncovered some real active uses for that old wood-bat which was someones companion for many well hit balls out on the playing diamond.

    There is however one aspect we did not dwell upon and that is this old thing we know as nostalgia which allows us to harken back to the days which was once upon a time.

    The choices will live on as baseball bats beyond baseball which is "just right" now in our today's modern era of baseball could be a controversy of Aluminum vs Wood. being the one which is "just right."

    Old Timers or some of the Over The Hill Gang or former baseball players who have gone past their prime of playing baseball find some real comfort in holding their old baseball-bat and doing some imaginary swings. This is also true for that ole well worn baseball glove putting it on and whacking it with a fist.

    There is just no way someone who loved and played the game of baseball cannot resist when they see his or any old glove and not have the urge to slip it on his hand and pound his fist into its pocket.

    Baseball bats beyond baseball and those well worn baseball gloves have that magic for former players.

    There are many nice selections of baseball-bats find and buy a bat you want and remember it will be yours to use and even keep as a treasure your baseball bats beyond baseball.

    Young boy pictured below is very proud of his bat you can tell by the smile on his face. Put a smile on your sons face click on the picture and shop for a bat for your son.

    Remember too the value of baseball bats beyond baseball.

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    Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....