Jacksonville Suns

Baseball Grounds Of Jacksonville
Jacksonville, Florida

Class AA Afffiliate--Florida Marlins

The Jacksonville Suns are a class AA baseball team of the Florida Marlins living the good life in the sun of The Sunshine State on Florida's east coast at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida.

Everyone loves sunshine and roses and the sunny coast of Florida provides the sun from ole Sol and everthing is coming up roses at the ball park of the Suns. Forget all your troubles and bask in the sun drenched warm breezes sitting under the shade of a big umbrella sipping mint julips and waiting for the umpire to cry, "Play Ball."

Ball Park Information and Statistics

Years: 2003 Seating Capacity: 11,000

LF foul line (ft) CF dead center (ft) RF foul line (ft) Backstop distance (ft)

Surface Outfield: Infield:

Unique Features:

Multi-Purpose Uses: Ball Park Owner/Owners: Cost:

Average Attendance (2006):

Historical Events:

City Landmarks and Tourist Items:

Go to the southernmost part of the Southern League baseball playing diamonds the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville and enjoy the Suns. Catch good baseball during the season before the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party comes to town. The tussle of the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators has no dibs to outdo the good pennant winning series of baseball by the Jacksonville Suns.

Jacksonville, the largest city, in Florida steeped in history and tradition sits, growing and prospering, astride the Saint Johns River. Jacksonville is a key and vital element supporting our Nations defense, with her large open ports and harbor facilities, significantly important Naval installations call her their homeport.

If there is a good baseball fan in Jacksonville who would be so kind as to send me some good data on the Team, the Stadium and the City I will be glad to post to this site. Return to the Top of this Page Jacksonville Suns

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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