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Baseball Defensive Fielding Positions

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Fielding Positions In Baseball has two different connotations and meanings so lets examine them both and be a smarter beginner player or fan.

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A Baseball team is made up of Nine (9) players playing the game out on the field of play which is known as the playing field or ball diamond.

In an effort to use a short handed method or short cut in recording of the playing action and keeping score each of the defensive playing fielding positions in baseball are assigned its own number 1-9.

We start with the pitcher then the catcher then to first and around the infield then into the outfield and around the outfield.

Fielding positions in baseball by the number and the position name:
Number-Position Name

  • 1 Pitcher
  • 2 Catcher
  • 3 First Baseman
  • 4 Second Baseman
  • 5 Third Baseman
  • 6 Shortstop
  • 7Left Fielder
  • 8 Center Fielder
  • 9 Right Fielder
    Please note the numbering system when coming around the infield skips over or past the shortstop over to third base then comes back and numbers the shortstops as the number six (6) fielding position in baseball.

    The use of this numbering system makes a much more simpler for use of the scoring sheet or score card. It is so much easier to use the 7 on the score sheet to identify the Left Fielder than to write the entire words Left Fielder.

    Using short initials could have been used but way back when the scoring system was developed and it has come along with our game of baseball to our present modern day.

    When seeing marginal notations you will often see the fielding positions in baseball abbreviated using the initials such as:

  • P---Pitcher
  • C---Catcher
  • 1B--First Baseman
  • 2B--Second Baseman
  • 3B--Third Baseman
  • SS--Shortstop
  • LF--Left Fielder
  • CF--Center Fielder
  • RF--Right Fielder
    Baseball as in most all sporting ventues when we reach the professional level and start the "play for pay" where not only little baseball talks but the money talks.

    In baseball if we talk about the numbers we talk money when we talk money we talk numbers. It's all in the numbers.

    People who have been around the profession of baseball for some time will tell you there is some truth to the thought that the money play or money players are the defensive fielding positions straight down the middle.

    Some of you may be shaking your head and trying to figure out what was just said. Stay with me for it will come clear soon.

    Remember we started by giving you baseball defensive playing position numbers 1-9. These are the in the field defensive line up of fielding positions in baseball.

    The straight up the middle positions from home plate straight across the pitchers mound and right on through to the center field wall. By the way the center field fence or straight away wall from home plate is the longest distance of the ballpark.

    Here we go---(Catcher-Pitcher-Shortstop-Second Baseman-Center Fielder)--- these are the middle defensive positions they are the bread and butter of our defensive game and we refer to them collectively as our "Money Players."

    Why this money player connotation? Again sports fans it is the numbers. The preponderance of all defensive plays are initiated by these playing positions. Therefore the defense play of the game rides on the shoulders of players playing these positions.

    Bailey wanted me to give you a couple of brief examples on how this numbering system works for entries on the score sheet.

  • A double play being recorded from shortstop to second on to first would be recorded as a 6-4-3 play.

  • A double play from the second baseman to shortstop on to first would be recorded as a 3-6-3 play.

    Now do not confuse the double play of baseball with the daily double at the horse track. You confuse these two things and you will probably have to thumb to catch a ride home from the track.

    Poor play or inadequate abilities with their defensive play and inept use of their gloves spells doom and losing records for the entire team. You see we have our money or hopes riding on the defensive prowess of the men straight up the middle.

    The Pitcher and Catcher are what is known as the Battery Mates. These battery mates acting as a unit of one are using every wile and bit of cunning at their command to out fox and out maneuver every opposing hitter coming to the plate. If they are hugely successful the baseball hitter leaves the batters box as a strike out victim.

    Folks, the strikeout, that's the most effective defensive play in all of baseball.

    Now to the center or middle of the infield. Here are your top two glove men for the team the Shortstop and the Second Baseman both of these positions the number 4 and number 6 spots must be scrappy smooth as silk men handling those hard hit baseball grounders with golden gloves.

    They gobble up ground ball after ground ball expertly executing the best body control for fielding positions grabbing hit ball after hit ball in the game.

    Let's journey to Center Field where you will find an outfielder who can run faster than an antelope have hearing sharper than a field mouse and soft hands to catch anything within reach. This is our number 8 spot.

    The Center Fielder is considered the captain of the outfielders and his job is to go get and catch every ball he can reach. The speed a foot and the soft hands capabilties being proven assets of the player is the reason he is assigned the #8 position.

    Now it is a given that Hitting is the name of the game but these up the middle money players are the one getting the rent money collected on time by super play at their fielding positions in baseball.

    Rent will come due and no one pays to see losers bobble and wobble trying to play the defensive fielding positions in baseball.

    The correct body fielding positions in baseball for fielding-ground-balls will be the subject contained in another baseballfarming offering.

    Fielding-tips on what it takes and even how to play each defensive fielding positions in baseballfor each playing position are covered in detail on separate pages of your Baseballfarming site How to Play Baseball

    Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....