Baseball Team Captain
Teams Spark Plug

Baseball Team Captain and Spark Plug
Is A Natural Leader

Barney Google with his Goo Goo Googly eyes had enough Charisma to make us Love Him and His Racer "Spark Plug"

Baseball Team Captain or spark plug is that pepper pot, rough and tumble, dynamic leader while still being yet that still smooth as silk steady performer having captured the admiration of all his playing teammates.

Suiting up and playing baseball requires nine men as defenders by getting the ball and throwing them out or pitcher striking them out. Coming to bat has a batting order with each hitter chosen in a particular order to get the job done there at the plate.

Become a a die hard fan and observe teams which has that energetic hustling dynamo charismatic leader and you are in for a treat. Teams blessed with having Baseball Team Captain as a real team Spark Plug will display pep with each player, by simple synergy of teamwork, will start performing as champions.

This Baseball Team Captain or team spark plug by his action and performance will instill with his performance as team-leader an uplifting of all his other teammates.

It is like lying down and wallowing in poison ivy you will itch all over and all the team will be scratching and clawing to outperform his buddies. Every team needs that team-leader or spark plug to get them cranking and itching to win.

Henry Ford put the magic into building the T-Model by having one little fireball item which made it all go. Put it all on a chassis add the transmission the steering wheel and all four wheels but nothing clicks and nothing happens.

Fill the shiny hunk of black metal nuts and bolts with gasoline and still nothing happens but you add a "Spark Plug" onto the engine and the spark fires off an explosion and all cylinders start clicking and gets in perfect timed rhythm.

Delco might make a mighty fine spark plug but if it was not a Champion then it never made the team at Ford. A flat head ford engine souped up and outfitted with a champion spark plug will run like a scalded swamp kitty.

Allow me to share a little light moment of tall tale story telling.

You might ask, "Whats a swamp kitty?" The best I will be able to tell you is that a swamp kitty is born into the Wampus Cat family.

I have heard there are Wampus Cats which make their prowling and squalling home in and around the Sipsy river and Sipsey swamp area of west central Alabama. The swamp kitty must be fast for to my knowledge no one has ever been able to catch a Wampus Cat because they are so fast.

It would seem logical that a flat head Ford Roadster outfitted with Champion spark plugs surely is a fast runnning piece of machinery if it can run like a swamp kitty.

A baseball team playing baseball with a real all-star playing spark plug showing the way turns also rans into champion teams.

A baseball team without a champion spark plug has no fire, no go, all wasted motion with no rhythm no winning power nothing turning except turning away good baseball fans.

Follow along with me and see if you might agree? In the annals of baseball through the years using the great years of the NY Yankees as an example. Shall we for argument sake agree the Yankees of the Thirties through the Mid Fifties might be considered a dynasty?

Here the the bottom line did they have say a baseball team captain real spark plug on any of those great teams. You can bet your one eyed mule they did.

The Yankees were blessed to have more than one great they could legitimately profileas the baseball team captain and as their team spark plug. Some years they had two or three all suited up together now good folks that is what is known in the baseball world as being in hog heaven.

The Babe Ruth years saw the great Bambino without question the baseball team captain the spark plug and the charismatic leader in every sense of the word. Lou Gehrig one of the greatest yet silently getting the job done while the "Babe" stood head and shoulders above all as the true spark plug for the Yankees.

Joe Dimaggio breaks into the Yankees fold as a quite spoken unobtrusive yet awesome spark plug by his remarkable ability to drive little baseball between the white lines and even over the pasture fence.

The "Mick" Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford years saw the Yankees as double trouble as these two with charisma and performance demanding teammate allegiance carried those damn Yankees to the Pinnacle of Success. If the "Mick" or "Whitey" was off the mark at any time there was "Yogi" the stout hearted solid rock, working each and every pitcher on the squad to unparalleled excellence.

Those Yankees during their dynasty ruling years had all these which made a yard full all of which were dynamic Baseball Team Captains and Spark Plug leaders.

Ole Barney Google had his, from the hills, side kick hill billy and chicken thief buddy Snuffy Smith but nothing could take the place of his steady and faithful steed "Spark Plug." Snuffy Smith and even Loweezy and little Jughead enjoyed their flop eared hay burner "Lukey" but Barney's Racing steed Spark Plug claimed nothing as a reward except the seemingly constant ire of ole Goo Goo Googly eyed Barney.

If a nag named "Spark Plug" can command the attention for years within the comic strip public then surely a real hustling crackerjack baseball player sparking his team to unprecedented winning percentages can gain fame and his moment in the sun as a baseball team "Spark Plug."

To be recognized as being recognized as a Baseball Team Ccaptain the real leader and team spark plug for a baseball team surpasses any special recognition which might be bestowed upon any champion or any All-Star player athlete.

Being in fact the real spark plug for a team is not something sought after or pursued it is simply part of the character and charisma of the true star athlete.

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