Baseball Bobby Sox

The Soft Ankle Fans...Little Leaguers Need

A Soft Ankle Fan That Matters
Is Worth More Than A Favorite Player

Baseball Bobby Sox and a Soft Ankle Fan could be and probably is a girl of the neighborhood and someone who is extra special and is a dream come true.

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Baseball playing boys of the sixth grade are a little bit timid and shy away from the girls. All of that timid shyness quickly begins to become history, especially by the time junior high rolls around.

Our high school coach was well acquainted with this boy-girl thing and he would remind us when the cheerleaders were in the area to pay attention to our ball playing..

I can still hear our high school coach, "Piggy" Mitchell, dressing down someone on the team. "Hey Boy ! pay attention, get your head back in the game and let the soft ankle girls be."

Many young baseball players have a hard time realizing that the girl down the street would like to be clued in about this game of baseball.

The boy is shy and the girl is coy. We beat the system by coming to something interesting for both. The boy wants to play his baseball and the girl would like to know that baseball player a little better. Baseball can be a common interest that thrills them both. Baseballs soft ankle fan brings a new real strategy into ones life as well as baseball.

Fellows, it's Sunday afternoon and the leagues leading team is coming to town to play a pennant winning series against your local baseball heroes. The young lady you think is cute has the afternoon free and you would love to ask her to go out to the ballpark and enjoy the evening with you.

Great but she doesn't know an infield fly rule from the seventh inning stretch so the game could be boring for her. She might even get confused if you talk White Sox or Red Sox she sure would love to learn.

Shame, shame. All it takes is a little bit of effort,It's leisure time that you would truly love being with her to tell her about the game and the rules and many of the nuances of playing.

Be bashful if you like but be left out too.

One of the things you could use is my page called "Lingo" or "Baseball Vocabulary" and show her that baseball is not a dull "nothing happens" game.

It is filled with game winning techniques, strategy and heads up action where every pitch, every hit ball and every out is closer to determining the winner.

She just might get excited and become a fan. She might even con her Dad into springing for tickets to catch the next game and invite you to come along.

Now its getting cozy. Baseball now has a new Baseball Bobby Sox and Soft Ankle Fan and you have a girl who cares. Baseball ! and You ! Boy did you ever become a winner. That's the winning strategy.

Don't give up, the game has just begun. Baseballs new fan also has a hero---you.

If you hear the fat lady warming up, it's not over except for the shouting. The stands come alive with cheering for the team winning and all is well in Camelot.

Players ready! Let game begin with baseballs new fan going to the game.