Carolina Mudcats

Five County Stadium

Zebulon, North Carolina

Class A Affiliate--Cleveland Indians

Carolina Mudcats may have the look of a Mudcat but they are bigger than the Whale Moby Dick which the hearty whaler tried to best, while they pursued the quest to conquer the Southern League of Baseball.


For some reason? the Mudcats swam swiftly downstream stirring a mud trail away from the Southern League for the 2012 season and now are plying their game of baseball in the Class single A Carolina League.

The Carolina Mudcats are a minor league baseball team based in Zebulon, North Carolina. The team currently plays in the Carolina League and are the Class A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team.

Two teams named the Carolina Mudcats have played in Zebulon since 1991: a Double-AA Southern League team from 1991 to 2011, and is now with the current Carolina League team as of 2012. The team plays their home games at Five County Stadium at Zebulon, North Carolina.

The Mudcats stirred the waters when playing ball in the Southern League Baseball from Five County Stadium in Zebulon, North Carolina where the Carolna Moon shines "Blue" and bright.

Ball Park Information and Statistics

Name: Five County Stadium sits in Wake County and is in earshot of Nash, Johnston, Franklin and Wilson Counties.

History: Five County opened on July 3, 1991.

Years: 1991 Seating Capacity: 6,500

LF foul line 330 (ft) CF dead center 400 (ft) RF foul line 330 (ft) Backstop distance 90 (ft)

Surface Outfield:Grass Infield: Grass

Unique Features:

Multi-Purpose Uses: Ball Park Owner/Owners: Steve Bryant


Average Attendance (2006):

Historical Events:

City Landmarks and Tourist Items:

Blue Moon over the Carolinas becomes all sunshine and roses when your new stadium showcases a baseball team located out of the city traffic ready for "play ball" action. Its nothing but full speed ahead for the Mudcats stirring mud in the creeks and sending dust into the brisk breezes all along Tobacco Road.

Carolina Moon or Blue Moon one thing for sure the Carolina country does not have full dibs on the Moon. As a youngster growing up in Alabama looking up at the Big Bright Moon hanging so beautiful in the night sky thoughts of a sweetheart would dawn.

You haven't really lived if you have never felt this:

"I see the moon, the moon sees me,
under the leaves of the old oak tree.
May the moon that shines on me,
shine on the one I love."

The Carolina Mudcats play baseball flat-out like a flat head Ford roadster cruising at warp speed thru the Carolina mountain roads with a full load of "Shine."

Tobacco Road folks might enjoy their game of basketball with the Blue Devils, Tarheels, N.C.State and the Deacons but baseball is the Mudcats sport of the good ole summertime.

Come on watch my ripples and follow my wake you Southern League partners for the Mudcats have started to rule the pool with the Marlins on patrol and doing the scouting.

The Mudcats swim out in the clear waters at Five County Stadium in the fresh air and beauty of the North Carolina open country. Being (when in the Southern League) the most northern site of the Southern League gave the Mudcats an advantage of looking south while on the top.

My cap is tipped for the Carolina Mudcats ownership for one of the most profound and heart warming thoughts provided by their vision statement which is provided here.

Vision Statement

To excel in the Magic of Baseball, provide a positive atmosphere for families to escape to a sparkling venue that provides creature comforts that enhance quality time together. We must protect our image of America’s pastime and present innovative, affordable, quality experiences that will be passed to future generations. To take the lead in community involvement and give back with charitable acts and remember above all, it is about the kids.

If Zebulon has not been entered into your iteneray slate then it is time to get with the program. Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina when the Ump cries play ball at Five County Stadium.

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Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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