Cincinnati Reds

Avenue Grounds----Riverfront Stadium



Cincinnati Reds was one of the founding teams formed to begin the major leagues of professional baseball and the start of the National League back in 1876.

From 1876 the Reds started their long history from the ball field at Avenue Grounds where they played until they moved to Bank Street Grounds in 1880. In 1884 they decided League Park was better until 1902 when Palace of the Fans became their new home.

In 1912 Crosley Field (Redland Field) was their home until 1970.Riverfont Stadium (Cinergy Field) became their home in 1970 and claims them to the present.

Possible a good name for the team instead of Reds we may some day soon might think of them as the Nomads or the Sojourners because of their many travels from stadium to stadium.

From Avenue Grounds,Bank Street Grounds,League Park,Palace of the Fans,Crosley Field, and now Riverfront Stadium.

There are so many given starting dates as to when baseball really got its start in America you pick your date and stick with it and you are as right as the next dude.

Fans who filed into Cincinnati's Crosley Field to watch the Reds beat the Phillies, 2-1, in the first night game in Major League Baseball history was on May 24, 1935

We do know from collected records that by the 1840's the game of baseball was well under way. Alick Cartwright and the Knickerbockers established rules of baseball which stamps 1842-1845 as a good reference point for arguments sake.

Now for the real acid test here is a date you can hang your hat on and argue being right till the cows come home---1869...

In 1869, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, took the bull by the horns and started paying baseball players to play baseball for the Red Stockings.

The Cincinnati team instead of being the Red Stockings what if they had been call the team from the city of the dancing pig which recruited the best players money could find paying $600 to $1,400 for the season of play. Harry Wright, a player and the teams manager is credited with putting this ball into play.

Use any date you will for the starting of baseball, 1869 is the year, professional baseball playing in America and this pay for play or play for pay was birthed.

There have been many baseball players recognized as giants of the game for their exceptional skills and for the team which they played. One of the foremost leaders in this category is "Johnny Bench" the All-Star super catcher of the Cincinnati Reds.

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Two modern era players who set the pace and become top of the heap was "Mr Hustle" Pete Rose and baseball will never forget the Catchers catcher Johnny Bench.

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