Diamond Talk Quiz

Basic To Learning Is Remembering By Association

Study Practice And Learn Baseball

Diamond Talk Quiz is nothing more than a test to whet your appetite to know and learn more about baseball.

Sometimes a question concerning game facts about the game of baseball will awaken the curiosity and become the starting of the inquisitive mind to learn more.

You probably have read or heard much about baseball and many of its better known players somewhere or sometime in the past. This Diamond Talk Quiz is a reinforcing invite to learn more about our game of baseball.

Remembering the answers might be a trick. One of the basic precepts of learning how to retain and remember things is the art of learning, by a method called association.

The use of a Diamond Talk Quiz will benefit the learning process while following and enjoying the game of baseball. Participation in and responding to the Quiz is free and since it will be a new way to learn about baseball it will be fun.

Try practicing the memory of lists or a string of facts by using word and mental picture associations. For instance Fox think "red fox." For Horse think "big as a horse."

Multiple choice:

  • 1. Who was known as "The Sultan Of Swat?"
  • a. Joe Palooka
  • b. Rocky Balboa
  • c. George Ruth
  • d. Johnny Bench
  • 2. Who holds the Major League Baseball record for the most consecutive game hitting streak?
  • a. Pete Rose
  • b. Johnny Lujack
  • c. Dom DiMaggio
  • d. Joe DiMaggio
  • 3. How wide is the home plate?
  • a. 17 inches
  • b. Two hand spans
  • c. 19 inches minus 3
  • d. 1/2 A Bat Length
  • 4. Why do players in the dugout turn their caps backward?
  • a. To Stop A Rally
  • b. To Signal Time Out
  • c. To Tell The Pitcher To Throw A Trick Pitch
  • d. To Start A Rally
  • 5. Which Casey spoke Stengelese?
  • a. Casey Jones
  • b. Casey At The Bat
  • c. Casey Cason
  • d. Casey Of The "Yankees"

Diamond Talk Quiz sometime in the future may be a useful format and the opportunity to use my baseball quiz format in the form of a Club participation.

Maybe one day boys and girls in the sixth grade classes of schools around the world, might have the opportunity to participate in a "King Of Diamonds Club."

Boys and girls might enjoy showing their education skills of baseball facts and statistics by recording their Diamond Talk Quiz answers with the Baseball Whiz.

  • 6. Which team made the pinstripe uniform famous?
  • a. Brooklyn Dodgers
  • b. Dallas cowboys
  • c. New York Yankees
  • d. Cleveland Indians

  • 7. Where did Barry Bonds play as he set the Home run record?
  • a. New York Giants
  • b. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • c. San Francisco Giants
  • d. Polo Grounds Giants

  • 8. What is a Southpaw pitcher?
  • a. Pitching sidearm
  • b. Throws underhand
  • c. Plays with the Bears
  • d. Throws left handed

  • 9. If it starts to rain before the game starts does the home team get to bat first?
  • a. Yes
  • b. No
  • c. Maybe
  • d. Flip a coin

  • 10. A hard hit fly ball hit deep into the outfield that hits the ground and bounces over the fence is ruled ?
  • a. Home run by default
  • b. Triple if runner reaches third
  • c. A well hit ball but is ruled out of bounds
  • d. Ground rule Double

  • 11. What number does Barry Bonds wear?

  • a. 44
  • b. 25
  • c. 3
  • d. 15

  • 12. Which of these famous people have you seen pictures wearing a cap styled like our "Spirit Caps?"

  • a. Babe Ruth
  • b. Ben Hogan
  • c. John Wayne
  • d. Gary Player

Diamond Talk Quiz to day is a short attention getter next time we will ask some really hard questions and have some fussing and fuming tricks tossed in for confusion.

Learn more about the game of baseball and it's lingo, being a champion in the classroom, as well as being an All Star on the playing field, be ready for a Diamond Talk Quiz might involve Baseball Lingo.

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