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Baseball International Series
Commenced March 2009

MLB Network Baseballfarming with the coming events to unfold from your computers and television venues due to the heralding of the Baseball International Series 2009.

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Baseball and Baseballs real worth is not foretold by the new salaries being provided to C C Sabathia nor Mark Teixeira. The worth of the game is told in the lives of all those youngsters who grew up post World War II playing the game and becoming successful men and women.

MLB Network with nearly two years in the making, on the air programming is set to begin January 1, 2009. Now you have virtual 24/7 MLB Network Baseballfarming now as you combine these and you have best Baseballfarming action.

Mark Newman asks this question, "Will it be perfect on New Year's Night?" After these two years of planning this much is known:

Don Larsen will be on the mound again for the New York Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers in Game 6 of the 1956 World Series, the first time any mass audience has seen that in 52 years.

MLB Network expects to broadcast about 1,400 live hours in its first year, and it will air 16 live World Baseball Classic 2009 games in March 2009.

The MLB Network will set a cable television record on New Year's Day when it launches in about 50 million households, and it is all being created at a cost of about $50 million.

Baseball with its humble beginnings of the mid 19th Century has grown to the grand scale of providing baseball as a Baseball International Series and will be ushered in as the World Baseball Classic.

Just like a Miracle on Fifth Avenue MLB Network Baseballfarming comes streaming with the baseball News MLB season standings and scores and all about baseball

The 21st Century offers marvels and wonders almost beyond belief with baseball carrying the mantle of Camelot of the sports world into virtually every home.

Now drop back into history only a short spell and you will find the real worth of the game of baseball.

Our Neighborhood Baseball Pick-Up Games - The Glory Years (early to mid-1950's era). The names nor the roster is not of history making importance but what is of utmost importance is how the game of baseball influenced lives and developed character into our Nation as it was growing in Leadership of the World.

The Players:

  • John Street,

  • 1. Bailey Channell **
  • 2. Barney Channell *
  • 3. Roy Glenn
  • 4. Melton Glenn *

  • Vann Circle,

  • 5. Jerry Wayne (Buddy) Matthews **
  • 6. Jerry Smith
  • 7. Aubie Smith
  • 8. Gene Edwards
  • 9. Virgil Edwards *
  • 10. Terry Quick *
  • 11. Jerry Quick*

  • Birdie Street,

  • 12. Larry Gurley
  • 13. Rex Gurley

  • Will Street,

  • 14. Jimmy Cooper ** & ***
  • 15. Mike Brock *
  • 16. Charles Lovelady

    Legend: asterisk notes

  • * Later played with Trussville Little League Team (9)
  • ** Played on Trussville Little League All-Star Team (3)
  • *** Home Run King Trussville Little League one season (1)

    Sixteen names and four obscure streets of a small rural community/town of less than 2500 households in Alabama circa early 1950's.

    The importance is simply this: From four unpaved streets in a small town and sixteen young boys kicking around playing their pickup games of the neighborhood baseball games fostered men of character and leadership.

    Pickup games unorganized to organized Little League to Pony League American Legion to High School playing baseball and learning teamwork how to win how to lose.

    This same scenario was repeated hundreds and thousands of times all across our Country.

    Our Nation The United States Of America gained our favored spot among all Nations due to such honored activities of character building taught by the game of baseball.

    America and its Baseball Game Rules or Playground Rules have been pushed aside by the swiftly rising tide of the times and commercialism of our game such as the Baseball Classic.

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