Baseball Training COUNTRY STYLE

Rural America Mid 20th Century Found Boys Developing Baseball Skills
Country Style!

Folks... For Real...It Happened!

Baseball Training Country Style and the development of the baseball skills country style, were uniquely displayed throughout rural America during the early and mid 20th Century.

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The natural country baseball surroundings and specific activities, enjoyed by both their leisure time and in their work details, were pawns in providing skills these country boys needed in becoming good baseball players.

You may be wondering, just by golly, what could be so unique about the country life and baseball training country style in developing country baseball players with skills learned as baseball training country style?

  • Have you ever shot a slingshot? Well you can believe it or not this is one swell piece of baseball training country style.

  • Have you ever thrown rocks till you knocked 3 tin cans, one right after the other, from sitting atop 3 fence posts?

  • Have you ever been in a contest against your buddy to skip rocks skimming across a pond? Who could make the most skips?

  • Have you ever caught apples being tossed down from an apple tree?

  • Have you ever milked a cow? (The milking of cows is the most fantastic baseball training country style ever given to mankind to develop a strong grip and wrist for power hitting.)

  • Have you ever shot marbles for the better part of more than half a day? (Develops terrific eye-hand coordination what a wonderful activity as baseball training country style)

  • Have you ever played Ante Over or is it Annie Over? (superb baseball training country style those rooftops)

  • Have you ever carried two full buckets of water from the spring or well to the wash pot?
(Develops strong shoulders and arms and legs as super baseball training country style)

Boys in rural America did all of these items above as a matter of routine in their natural occurrences throughout their younger years. Each and every event or activity was excellent baseball training equipment country style in rural America.

As a consequence they were developing abilities that improved their skills with baseball training country style and it took place as if country baseball skills were being developed routinely as an everday thing..

Did we mention even one routine or activity above which was not a significant action toward enhancing the physical or mechanical development of muscles and habits as baseball training country style which also improved your baseball skills country style when you hit the ball diamond.

Now we will look at this baseball training country style where country boys activities proved the country chores and other activities of rural life fosters development of associated baseball playing skills.

If these actions apply in playing baseball then I believe you can agree my thoughts may rate some merit as baseball training country style.

Country Baseball, baseball training country style and developing baseball playing skills country style

Shooting A Slingshot Living in rural America meant boys could practice this shooting a slingshot art to their hearts content. Not so for the boys who grew up in the inner cities.

Here is the skill part. Boys shooting sling shots as baseball training country styles out in the country were blessed by simple observance of seeing how that pebble would travel straight and true or would do a significant curve or drop over the course of it's travel.

Boys quickly learned shooting an using a slingshot as baseball training country style that the speed, wind, and difference in temperature played a part in their capability to hit an object.

Natural science, natural observance and natural desire, to control and improve their marksmanship, were being inputted into their thought processes and memory bank.

Some of country chores fun and skills we use as baseball training equipment country-style was occurring simply by natural events boys enjoyed and was as natural as falling off of a log but we could and will call it baseball training country style.

Velocity control was a function of how far back they pulled the sling before its release. Wind direction and velocity was not controlled but was compensated for in the aim of in front of, over, or directly focused onto the target.

Weather was a subtle and almost negligible factor but the difference between bright sunny days and cold damp days was noticeable on the travel and eye coordination being employed to place the shot onto the target.

What was taking place is an ability to improve upon ones eye and hand coordination to put a baseball bat to that incoming baseball, that might continue straight, curve or drop. Would you not agree these action are great baseball training country style aids?

This development of country baseball and baseball skills country style shooting slingshots by the boys was as easy as playing hop scotch or skipping a jump rope by the girls while growing up in rural America.

You see these boys of the country were exposed to these phenomenon not knowing it was factually baseball training equipment by their experience of shooting slingshots.

One last point of slingshots to baseball is this, Boys learned to use upper body movement to increase the momentum (IE speed of that pebbles travel).

To lean into the shot as if to fling it with the release was similar to and analogous to the action "As Momentum or as Mo Goes" I have referred to in learning to throw by beginners.

Throwing Rocks Boys out in the country baseball players grow up throwing rocks at any and everything from rats to snakes to mean dogs in the neighborhood. It became a natural thing to say, "I bet you can't hit that post first try", Well a dare is a dare. So he got lucky and hit the post.

Bet you can't knock three tin cans from three posts without missing? So on and on it goes.

Country boys have the wide open spaces and God knows plenty of rocks. So there is no harm and does it ever get to be fun this throwing rocks especially on a dare. Chunking rocks is excellent baseball training equipment action.

The gifted throwing with accuracy was helping these boys develop their country baseball and baseball training equipment as used by country style actions as they progressed and improved their abilities without fanfare.

If there is a fence there just might be cows inside that pasture so boys be careful do not let an errant hard thrown rock nip ole Bossy. Farmer Brown would not take lightly to having "Bossy" quit giving milk because of country baseball and these developing of skills country style was in process.

Now you know what happens. Rock throwing teaches the ever present practiced skills of correct natural throwing. The control thing and hard throws with plenty of zip and velocity were a must to master.

Never did you want the neighborhood and playground kids to see you as the weak one in these everyday occurring contests. Baseball coaches scream, "bring that ball straight overhand", IE throw in a line with the arm and body forming one line and over your head.

Boys in the country learned early in life that the hitting of a tree with a rock when thrown straight overhead/overhand was 95 percent better odds than throwing sidearm.

To hit a scampering rodent might require that sidearm fling because time was of the essence and the deliberate overhand would have been too late.

In country baseball we use both and must be extremely efficient with either depending on which position you play. A second baseman must be exceptionally skilled in releasing that ball with side arm accuracy making those plays from his position.

Double play action requires the shortstop and the second sacker to be sidearm throwing whiz bangers.

A coach might swallow his tobacco ch aw and do a back flip if one of his outfielders routinely tried to cut down a runner sliding into third base by throwing sidearm and the errant throw not being on target.

Skipping Rocks Thrown Across A Pond Of Water Practice throwing rocks to make them skip or skim across a creek, pond or lake and you quickly realize it takes a little bit of skill and a throwing touch.

I dare say there has never been a boy in the country while walking home from school passing a body of water who didn't toss one or two pebbles to watch them skip across the water.

Folks ! this is developing baseball skills with country baseball country style without even giving baseball a thought but later on coaches and baseball scouts will marvel at the kids uncanny touch and accuracy in throwing the baseball.

You know what? That rock would duck Ka plunk and be gone or it would skip merrily on its way. Throwing that baseball from the outfield to cut a runner down at second, third or home plate needs this practiced skill.

Country baseball and baseball skills country style becomes a natural extension of what the boys did with baseball training country style and to think that what these baseball boys did was a routine matter and matter of fact life style.

The throw to each of those bases requires a very different skill and technique. A throw to second base should be a strike right at the second baseman's letters.

To third base the ball should, reach the hot corner, third baseman on one good hop. The throw to third requires back English or back spin on the ball. This back spin slows up the momentum of the ball and lets it hop right to the third sackers' lap for easy handling.

Throwing to home plate needs top spin, to make the ball speed up, and make a very long hop or maybe two hops for the catcher to gather in and make that easy catch and tag at home.

That hop or skip throwing of the baseballs will allow one to gain those game saving super plays, techniques and skills.

Catching Apples Thrown From The Old Apple Tree Show me a place in the country without an apple tree and I'll tell you like Dorothy found out she was only dreaming.

Somebody would shinny up the tree and pick some of the finest Apples and toss them down. Miss it and bruise it you caught a razzing.

It was a thing of pride and concern to be able to catch that apple with no bobble. Playground playmates did not need to be told who could or could not be depended upon to make that sure handed catch.

This developing of ball players by way of being country boy baseball players with baseball training country style sure was easy because it came about sort of naturally out there in the country.

In all sports we say one has soft hands if he is known to catch them all. Soft hands is not a sissy term. Its a ballplayers respect for his teammates expertise in catching and never fumbling the catch. Milking Cows One aspect of the physique which is significantly enhancement by milking cows is the strength of grip, wrist with hard as steel muscles in their forearms.

Both of these body strengths are invaluable in being at the bat and hitting of the baseball with power. Hitting the baseball with power cames sort of natural with the country boys doing chores as a baseball training country style developing strength and needed baseball capabilities and skills country style.

Would you think, needing power in your grip and strong wrist to snap that bat, that the boys who had Ole Bossy which had to be milked, had a super built in training equipment advantage for power hitting?.

The grip strength and the power of the forearm provides for that superb bat control and is incalculable in providing the input to increased bat speed.

When you add this improvement to a batters ability of eye/hand coordination, body movement with timed rhythm of stride and that exact timed wrist flexing at bat to ball contact, zoo wee, you are there son. Look around and "Toto" from Kansas is probably in the area.

I know the fans in the stands are standing and cheering while the coaches all have that grin on their faces like the proverbial "Mule eating saw briers".

Shooting Marbles country baseball and baseball skills with baseball training country style, includes the art and crafty skill of a steady hand, with an eye for the target like a hawk. No, pussy footing around it, there it is (target) Go get it, cock that thumb, line it up and let fly.

If we can do it marble to marble why not bat to ball! Now you see this country boys baseball training country style body and playing skills skills all country style is working like a charm.

Folks that might be a question but it's more of a challenge. Yes it can be done and we are going to do it. You just wait and see.

Your eye is on the target, without moving that head, believe me you will not be concerned about watching that hand. Hitting a baseball is the same-same just do it. The things which we did to improve using our baseball training country style developing our baseball playing skills was the routine everyday things we did.

You are not even conscious of the travel route of the marble being shot. Your practiced habit, repetitiveness, is controlling the action properly and with infinite precision. Your vision is concentrating on that target "the marble the ball". This too becomes a practiced thing.

With enough repetitions the thought process is put to rest and this visual concentration becomes simply a mechanical automatic habit...

Like the warning label on the pack of cigarettes there is a need for a warning about marble playing. Mamas do not take lightly to the worn out knees of almost new overalls from all that marble shooting.

So Be Aware you'll soon be wearing knee patches with continued marble playing.

"Annie" or "Ante" Over Many times with only two or a limited number of persons available the skills of throwing and catching can be practiced with any ball you might have. Out in rural America the most common design for a house was a gabled straight line roof with one single ridge the entire length of the house.

This tossing a ball over the roof provided a great practice site. You on one side of the house and your buddy on the other side.

Naturally you could not see each other. Whoever had the ball would cry out loud and clear "Annie Over" and throw the ball over the ridge of the house. The Ball was to hit and slide or roll down the far side roof of the house.

The catcher on the far side had no idea where the ball would show up but he would stand back far enough to see it coming down the roof. He then would hustle to catch the ball. Then he called out "Annie Over" and tossed it back across the house rooftop.

Fielding throwing and catching practiced in this fashion was a boon to the development of many young players. Smaller and young players had a chore throwing it up and over the roof ridge line.

When the throw did not make it they would holler "Pig Tail", signifying it did not make it. This "Annie Over" "Pig Tail" kept up till finally the ball made it over.

The missing of the ball coming off that roof was never seen by our opponent on the far side of the house but the better players knew in their heart and mind that not catching the ball was "my bad."

They would simply grit their teeth and be more determined to grab that ball no drops allowed. This self discipline thing is what will separate winners from losers and the making of champions.

There has never in the annals of sports been an All-Star athlete skilled Hero achieving his fame without this fierce self-disciplined competitive spirit. Carrying Two 3-Gal Buckets Of Water You need not be a muscle bound klutz to be that "King Of The Diamond" baseball player but it helped not to be that 90 lb weakling either.

The development of strong well conditioned arms and shoulders prevented many a backyard baseball player from lifelong crippling injury to his body. This developing of our bodies as country baseball and baseball skills country style paid huge dividends.

Bringing water from the spring to fill mamas wash pot is so familiar to many a boy who grew up out in the country. It was not something to practice. It was a necessity of rural time early 20th Century America.

This country living did however innate baseball training equipmentby natural activities did have the tendency to hone those muscles and body strength for ball playing.

The country baseball and baseball skills developed with baseball training equipment country style and payoff of developing strong tough shoulders and arms was worth it all out there on that ball playing diamond.

Some of the throws made in baseball is not one which allows the player to take his time and use good form and practiced body movement most often it reguires quick sure releases with no dilly dallying around.

Therefore the ability to fling that baseball from any body position with all your might could be disastrous to the arm or shoulder that is not up to it.

Conditioning can be achieved by a variety of ways, some easy some hard, but it is a necessary part of life's times and life's pleasures of playing the game of country baseball using country-style training equipment and being natural.

Did I say that a kid growing up and learning baseball skills country style in rural America was better prepared as a country baseball player than the inner city kids? No Way and Never Never it is although a matter of different baseball training equipment.

All I wanted to portray is that natural everyday life can prepare one to play this great game of baseball, our National Pastime. They have all learned to play by the baseball game rules and developed their skills with baseball training country style while also spending time on the diamonds practicing baseball drills making them real baseball players.

Since I grew up in the country my recollections are a little different from the boys who had those gyms and well maintained playing fields and baseball diamonds they were fortunate enough to enjoy.

Baseball Is For All so!...Throw me the Ball and give me my backyard baseball playing with baseball skills country style.

From the playgrounds at recess was a partner in this baseball training country style learn the "Rules of Baseball or Playground Rules" as you leave this lesson on Baseball Training Country Style.

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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"Boys will be boys so they will find a way to play their games and even learn the skills while at work or play so the game of baseball goes on and on."
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