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The Nuts and Bolts of
Beginner Baseball:

Catching ---- Hitting

Beginner Baseball-page3 starts with catching and hitting so let's get into the nuts and bolts of training these youngsters as beginner baseball players on how to play the game and let them learn to be winners.

Teaching our young baseball players the right fundamentals from the very start of their playing days pays great rewards for the future

You know, this catching and hitting baseballs is the nuts and bolts of the game, these basic elements produces what our game of baseball is all about.

Shall we concentrate strictly on the very basics of baseball playing? Here are the two playing skills we want to discuss during this segment:

  • Catching
  • Hitting


Start the small fry off using a soft nerf or rubber ball. Pay attention to how these youngsters will reach for the ball (now they are teaching you) the natural tendency is their hands reach out with palms up.

This natural instinct is important and all which is needed is a slight modification and that is to teach them early in their training to relax slightly and let the ball come to them instead of the exagerated reaching. Later as they become stronger and more confident they will gravitate back to their natural reach to shorten the travel time and to gain the quick release advantage so important in the game.

Eureka! baseball players know early on from a very early age, the natural way to catch.

All we need to do is slowly teach them that a ball sailing over their head means they should raise their arms up with palms out.

A little practice and this subtle required change will become a natural habit.

Beginning players should be bombarded, cajoled and even scolding sometimes harshly in tone with "catch the ball with two hands while learning hotshot."

It is a real thrill watching these beginner ball players develop new skills and gain supreme confidence within themselves as baseball players.

As teenagers and playing sandlot baseball and high school ball they will soon be required to chase high fly balls and gently cradle them into that glove.

School the teenaged beginner baseball players, how he should move at the crack of the bat, to turn run and turn back and catch the ball in front of his body.

Willie Mays patented the "Say Hey" style of catching a ball, "it is the model every player should understand". It is the natural technique.

This method enforces in your noggin, the catching with soft hands.

"Be Natural"

Here is a most important coaching tip...There is a line of sight from the eyes to the ball, Never let the glove come in between and block this line of sight. Cradle your catch with the ball in front of you whenever possible just as that small one knew was natural.

Ball player and even beginner baseball players become error free catching of a ball we say "he has soft hands." This is and expression of how he has learned the natural method of giving way with the hands as the ball comes into that cradle or natural catch.

Beginner baseball players catching the ball in front of their body means this natural give or soft landing of the ball into the hands becomes a routine habit and technique.

Do not allow it to be an exaggerated thing but rather to practice until it is a natural and easy habit of catching that ball below the eyes whenever possible. The technique of catching which we want to imbed into their natural habit is to avoid bringing their glove up and blocking their line of sight of the incoming ball.

Both catching and hitting coaches are consistent with one theme "keep your eyes on the ball." Catching we want to see that ball all the way into our glove this is the habit and key all those gold glove award winners achieved during their playing days.

"The Say Hey Kid From Birmingham, Alabama Taught The World How It Was Made Easy And Natural Catching Me Coming And Going As He roamed The Pasture Of Centerfield."

"The fans of baseball will long remember and never forget how Brooks Robinson gobbled everything coming his way down on the hot corner. I tried but it was hard to get by the sure handed catching of the human vacuum cleaner down at third base."


Let that boy or girl is natural with their stance, their grip of the bat and their swing of the bat. The only thing at first is to have that beginner baseball player stand up close to the home plate.

Remember one item of importance is to do away with that possible internal fear of being hit with the ball. We let the beginner baseball youngsters learn by doing, what his natural God given instinct tells him “to move and not to get hit."

Beginner baseball kids by practice will learn quickly they have the ability to move away and not be hit with that ball. Soon their confidence will reach a level they may even taunt their buddy pitching to see if he can hit them.

To most youngsters this is a natural fear to some it is not. Teach all the beginner baseball players, as if that tendency of fear is there, and eliminate it from the get go.

Start with ping pong balls, soft rubber balls them later use tennis balls. We want to stop that fear factor early. There is plenty of time to grind in later the real fundamentals of improving their batting stance, grip, body control timing and rhythm with a level swing.

These refinements in technique will come in time when they are becoming adept in all the rudiments of play.

History has proven to us that there is no specific style or manner of hitting; there is no absolute correct way. There are some proven techniques which will improve one's ability when combined with his natural style.

Increasing ones playing ability and especially becoming a good hitter requires applying many things such as these helpful tips that count.

Did Stan Musial (Stan the Man) hit the same style as Joe DiMaggio (Joltin' Joe)? Did Mickey Mantle (The Commerce Kid) have the same style as Babe Ruth (The Great Bambino)?

This I truly believe:

"Many a ball player never reached their potential because at an early age someone made them hit the ball without his own natural way of hitting."

You can now readily see that basebal hitting becomes a combination of your natural style, combined with your own personal internal God given instincts of Eye/Hand coordination, along with the development of a strong smooth body control.

There that "play under control" or body control pops up again.

Bat control hitting is something beginner baseball players should learn to appreciate and understand as being the true essence of our game of baseball. The emphasis on Bat Control Hitters is an important element for young beginning players to follow through out his baseballfarming days.

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Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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