Bat--Ball--Players-- Let The Game Begin
Batter Up ---- Let's Play Ball ....

We Gathered The Troops We Played Ball

Basic-Baseball-Rules who says we must have well marked diamond standing room only crowd with peanuts and cracker jacks to play our game of baseball?

Baseball is baseball by anyones rules.

Play by someones written baseball game rules if you must but the real game of baseball playing rules were our very own playground rules. This ole geezer is telling you straight out there have been many a baseball game played at recess by playground baseball rules made up on the spot.

The above headlines reads Bat--Ball--Players-- How many players are required? Would you believe a team of one can be found playing the game by basic-baseball-rules all by his lonesome.

There has been many a lad with a tennis ball using nothing but his imagination pitching aainst the brick steps or the side of a brick building played his baseball game as if he were on the mound at Yankee Stadium. He is playing his game of baseball going through all the motions just as if he were the pitcher and every defensive player at every position on the field.

All bricks in a brick wall are not the exact same color or shade of color this one brick becomes the center of his strike zone. So many bricks to the left so many bricks to the right so many bricks up so many bricks down is his strike zone.

He will pace off a distance from his wall which he feels comfortable is a distance just right to toss and catch. He marks the pitchers spot in the dirt with the side of his shoe.

Now it is time to let the game began. His windup and follow through lets his tennis ball fly aiming at the center differently colored brick or trying to catch the corners of his strike zone.

He knows instinctly if it was a strike or a ball and he keeps tabs in his head the count all the time. Not only does he know it is a ball or strike he knows whether his pitch had the right stuff for the batter to miss or to do a solid blow on the pitch. Now he is well into the game with his pitching..

Look out that ball comes back off that wall like a blue darter now he has to make like the shortstop square up and field the ball. Clean as a whistle he grabs the ball or he bobbles and has an error on the play.

This game will continue uninterrupted through many rotations of pitching and fielding with all calculations recorded in his head.

When Dad gets home from work and Mama calls, "It's Supper Time," then the game is over.

If ever you get the chance you ask Willie Mays or Nolan Ryan if they ever had a chance to play a game by these Basic-Baseball-Rules.

Perhaps you enjoyed journeying with me with the very basic of basic-baseball-rules but now for the basics.

Our game of baseball also has baseball playing rules and general rules of baseball even Little League draft rules there is probable a rule which says you must play by the rules.


1) Bat is used to hit the ball

2) Ball is thrown for hitter to hit or miss

3) Three stikes and batter is out

4) Three outs and hitting team goes to the field

5) Fielding team comes in to bat

6) Batter hits the ball in fair territory must reach base before defending team either catches the ball on the fly or gets it to the base before hitter/runner reaches the base.

7) Runners safe on base may come Home (home base or plate) when another teammate hits the ball in fair territory without the defenders catching the ball on the fly.

Folks that is the Basic-Baseball-Rules everything else just simply adds to this understanding and adds a few refinements.

Would you like to play a game of one or maybe with a buddy for a total of two? You could go ahead and add players at every position and have Nine (9) in the field on defense.

Have an opposing team of Nine (9) in the dugout and coming to the bat during their 1/2 inning as the hitting team.

We could go on and on but soon we leave basic-baseball-rules and get into college level official rules of baseball and now it could soon after college become play for pay and the fun of the game wanes and it is do or die.

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Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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