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Huntington Avenue Grounds----Fenway Park


Boston, Massachusetts... Pilgrims and Puritans
Started A Nation

Boston Red Sox home based in the now famous dear ole Fenway Park. The very first founding team of the newest professional baseball and the American League in 1901.

The Red Sox began their way onto the American League scene by playing their baseball games from the Huntington Avenue Grounds.

The Boston Red Sox were originally called the Boston Pilgrims when they begin play in the new American league at the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds. Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds was built across the railroad tracks from the National Leagues home standing Boston Braves who played in the South End Grounds.

The Huntington Avenue Grounds was built for the inaugural season of the Pilgrims/Red Sox beginning as a team of the newly formed American League in 1901. The Huntington Avenue Grounds is famous for two items (1) it had a center field fence a gigantic 635 feet from home plate (2) it hosted the first World Series on October 1, 1903. Boston Pilgrims hosted the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Boston Red Sox moved into their new home at Fenway in 1912. Many famous baseball players have roamed the diamond and beautiful green outfield and green monster of Fenway Park.

Boston’s legendary Fenway Park celebrates its 100th birthday in 2012, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is celebrating all things Fenway with a new exhibit designed to capture the magic of the major league’s oldest stadium. On April 9 – eleven days before the 100th anniversary of the opening of Fenway Park.

The first game was played April 20, 1912, with then-mayor John F. Fitzgerald, the grandfather of John F. Kennedy, throwing out the first pitch and Boston defeating future arch-rivals the New York Highlanders, renamed the Yankees the next year, 7-6 in 11 innings.

Fenway Park

Boston Red Sox Fenway Park 4 Yawkey Way Boston, MA 02215 Phone: (617) 267-9440

Two of our all time greats Babe Ruth and Ted Williams played here with the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park and showed us how to play baseball as the best in the game as hitters.

As history has recorded during the 1920's the Red Sox Nation was caught up in bad times financially and the greatest legend of baseball lore was created through the down times of the twenties when Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

The Babe was gone but Fenway Park home of the Red Sox stood pat even unto this day.

Ball Park Information and Statistics--Fenway ParkBoston, Massachusetts

Years: 1912-Present Seating Capacity: Surrent 33,871 Original 35,000 (1912)

LF foul line (ft) 310 (AND A GREEN MONSTER} CF dead center (ft) 390 RF foul line (ft) 302 Backstop distance (ft) 60

Surface Outfield: Grass Infield: Grass

Unique Features:

Built in a swampy area of Boston known as "The Fens" in an urban location which caused some unique dimensions and contours for the entire Fenway ball field.

The entire surrounding playing field wall has 17 facets making for many nooks and crannies.

The left field area is the talk of the baseball world even from it's beginning in 1912. originally the left field area had an impossing ten-foot high embankment. Today the Boston Red Sox Fenway Park embankment is gone but a 37-foot-high wall known as "The Green Monster" provides a unique and whimsical atmosphere for the ball players.


Multi-Purpose Uses: None--Baseball only

Ball Park Owner/Owners: Owned by the Yawkey Family Trust

Cost: $650,000

Average Attendance (2006):

Historical Events:

First game April 20, 1912 Red Sox 7, New York Highlanders (Yankees) 6'

June 8, 1953--Boston Red Sox score a record 17 runs in one inning against the Detroit Tigers. Gene Stephens gets a record three hits in the inning.

April 29, 1986--Roger Clemens strikes out a record 20 batters in nine innings. He tied the AL record for consecutive strike-outs with eight.

A Boston Red Sox unique item of Fenway Park is the lone red seat in the right field bleachers. The red seat can be seen amidst a sea of green seats to mark the spot where the longest home run in the history of Fenway Park was hit. In 1946 Ted Williams hit a 503 foot home run that landed in section 42, Row 37, Seat 21 in the right field bleachers at dear ole Fenway Park. The ball found its spot on the head of Joseph A. Boucher who was a Yankees fan taking in the game. Mr. Boucher was not hurt however the Boston Globe noted the incidence by the following days headline, “Bullseye! Ted Williams Knocks Sense into Yankees Fan.”

City Landmarks and Tourist Items:

Duffy’s Cliff

It was a 10 foot inclined slope that was in left field from 1912-1933. It was named after Duffy Lewis, a famous left fielder for the Red Sox who would run up the hill and make many catches before it hit off the wall.

The Yawkey Family

Thomas Yawkey and family were owners of the club from 1933-1992. They loved the Red Sox’s so much they never wanted to be forgotten. So they engraved their initials in the scoreboard with morse code. It spells out “Tay” and “Jry”. If you look between the (E and P and R and P) you can see the morse code in the white vertical lines.

History of our Nation seems to have originated from Fenway Park in Boston home of the Boston Red Sox and near to the bithplace of our country.

Boston Harbor site of the Boston Tea Party. The birthplace and home town of The Adams Clan and Paul Revereand Boston Red Sox.

Most famous landmark is old North Church where the warning lantern or lanterns were to be hoisted to signal if the British were coming by Land or by Sea.

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