Test For Character

Baseball Test For Character Is Proof
Baseball Builds Character And Winners.

Baseball-Character-Test for sustained character and attitude of players for the game. Baseball will prove once again the game of baseball builds character and makes winners. The game and it's players as always must stand and show its mettle under intense fire and close scrutiny.

The game of baseball-character-test as it builds or demeans character. If it were not so the game would have tasted defeat and thrown in the towel on facing its many previous battles and tribulations.

Baseball winners will be tested in every game to determine a winner for the game. Another severe testing program is now underway as personal integrity baseball-testing which in part must prove our strong and still growing legacy will live on..

Did the game not weather the storms of Strikes, Civil War, The Great Depression and even World War II and still remain a survivor? Indeed it did. Not to worry. Our game again is facing a severe character test for which it must prevail.

Mr.Drayton Nabers, Jr. has so vivivly and profoundly portrayed the need for character as an attitude to guide our lives. The Honorable Chief Justice of The Alabama Supreme Court presents in his book, "The Case For Character", our personal and collective need for Baseball-Character-Test.

His book describes and highlights Looking at Character from a Biblical Perspective. The lessons and thoughts of this tremendous and compelling essay is worth our reading.

One if he or she gives it a serious thought will realize that playing by and respecting rules in life such as baseball playground rules adds to ones true good Character.

Baseball-Character-Test the sport and the game is so endearing within the hearts and minds of the people of our Nation then surely it reflects upon the very essence of "Character" with its meaning and impact.

One sentence he presented caught my eye and compelled my effort to capture the thought and refer it to you folks. His reference,"God Bless America" is now proudly sung across the nation, Baseball Stadiums to the Halls of Congress".

Sharing of this brief passage or one sentence is appropriate for our baseball loyal fans. It never fails to amaze, me how many times and in so many ways, how our game of baseball-character is used to reflect or make a point.

Baseball-Character-Test is my simplistic way of bringing attention, to my friends and my brother baseball fans, the bewitching character flaw or grandiose impact steroids and performance enhancing substances are having.

The commissioner of major league baseball, Mr. Bud Selig, should have the prayers and support of every ball player and every baseball fan of this nation in this awesome responsibility he faces. Right or wrong, his office as Commissioner levels the task for dealing with this issue.

Baseball-Character-Test is a matter of perception and willingness to conform to society's norms and expectations in a natural physical environment.

If we would but reflect we would note that through out the history of mankind persons in position of absolute responsibility have had to shoulder the load and be the Captain of the ship. May, by the grace of Divine guidance, Mr. Selig hopefully will be blessed with wisdom to formulate the right program and procedures drug test policy and see us through this firestorm and troubled times.

Many times I have heard coaches expound on "character building" as it applies to playing sports. Well! Baseball does in my estimation builds baseball-character and it produces winners. Win lose or draw, it will always remain as told many times, "It's not whether we win or lose but how we played the game."

Folks believe me that's Character with a capital "C".

Our founding fathers of this great nation never faltered in their quest for standing on principle and following the rules of good personal and glowing social character.

What are the rules of good character?

This question has been with mankind from the very beginning and foundation of time. It does not take the wisdom of Solomon to recognize the holder of good character he/she demonstrates it in all aspects of their lives.

The Golden Rule of "Do unto Other As You Would Have them Do Unto You." is their watchword and manner.

This baseball-character-test should not be shunned nor feared. Let's all resolutely meet it head on. We should support unwavering any proper corrective measures, which are rendered, by our responsible leaders.

Is this baseball-character-test something which provides us a purifying timely wake-up call through out all of baseball?

Baseball-character-test toward positive solution and baseball testing for a game for an of our winners provides the glue which makes fans universally love the game. The game of baseball with all its flaws and shortcomings of any individual transcends this despair and woe and brings us to the park in droves to cheer our heroes.

The answer my friend is not written in the wind.

It is the very soul and spirit of man.

We go to the official rule books of baseball and learn and participate by those official described rules. This we must do. Use the rule book and abide by the rules.

Sometimes the rules need a means of reinforcement such as Major League Baseballs drug test program which was recently restated and to be enforced.

Man, including men, women, and children, young and old alike, are blessed with a creation and a creator with rules of living. Break the rules with fear of punishment and being human, means by nature, we are guilty of disobedience to some of the rules.

There is a plan whereby we can be forgiven and be again included in the promise of life beyond this mortal being. This is the supreme goal and rules of the ultimate rule book as provided by Divine Providence.

Did I not try to convince you earlier that baseball is and will be a survivor? Our game of a baseball must pass this now and here character test and have the will to weather this rough storm. Exactly how do I know? There are times when faith must be our watch word or the force from which guides the future.

Building good character and making winners is the heart and soul of our game called baseball.

Have faith that persons with authority and placed in responsible official positions will be provided understanding to act with wisdom, as all of our past great leaders have. Baseball current steroid problem riddance test is a cleansing process in action.

Baseball-character-test should not be a passing thing without it consequence or something to be ignored for it is a systemic problem through out our society. It is something we must prove has no place within our game of baseball.

Maybe I'm right and maybe I'm wrong but are we born with great character traits or are we taught? It's the latter I believe.

If it is a taught virtue and habit then the responsibility for this teaching is spread across all mankind. Our parents start the ball rolling. Our school teachers give it more nudging. Our peers keep it under control. Our coaches pound it home. Our politicians feel they are exempt, but our honest prayers coupled with the character we have developed along the way make us who we are.

Baseball could be better and far more appreciated when this episode is finalized. Baseball the game, is just as if it had a life of its own. Have we not, as individuals, been tested and come back stronger and more resolute for the testing?

Answer to the Character test is imminent. I'll leave you with that thought.

Baseball-Character-Test is not only a test of Character it is a test Learning About Baseball of a sport with honor of playing within rules while winning and a battle to beat the demons of human frailty.

Baseball players are at the forefront of the hero adulation, role model imitation, and character building traits be they good or bad.

Be All That You Can Be----Be a Leader! Be of Good Character pass the baseball-character-test.

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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