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Baseball Famous Bloopers with two standing the test of time for being told and retold about some of their dramatic impact as moments of baseball history.

The two most renown and retold as baseballs biggest bloopers were game changing results and occurred fifty-one (51) years apart still have that magic as part of the truly loved game of baseball.

Have you ever heard the name Fred Merkle of the baseball New York Giants in reference to a dramatic consequence because of the most memorable as one of baseballs truly famous bloopers?

September 23,1908 caught one of the most famous and talked about boners for all of baseball. September and heat of summer was past but it found the pennant chase of the Chicago Cubs,Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Giants in a heated race to the final stretch run to the finish.

The Polo Grounds home of the New York Giants with the Giants and Cubs tied 1-1 Giants at bat bottom of the ninth with the Sun getting ready to say goodnight as it was about ready to call it a day.

Fred Merkle a rookie camped on first base and Moose McCormick occupying third base with two outs for the Giants. Giants shortstop stepped to the plate and promptly singled to center.

Thinking the game had been won the fans stormed the infield in wild jubilation, Merkle bypassed second base and headed to the New York dugout. Cubs second baseman Johnny Evers got the attention of the umpire and tagged second base with a ball, the ump declared Merkle force out at second, voiding the winning run.

This game ending turmoil was not settled on this date for there were protests and counter protests and even league hearings.

National League president Harry Pulliam ruled that the game would be replayed after the season if it proved to have an effect on the pennant race. Unfortunately for the Giants it did.

The New York Giants and the Chicago Cubs finished regular season play in a tie for the pennant but it was the Cubbies Three Finger Brown besting the Giants Christy Mathewson 4-2 at the Polo Grounds on October 8, 1908 in the make-up game.

The Cubs finished with a 99-55 record, 1 game up on the Giants and Pirates, both at 98-56.

The Cubbies went to the World Series and took the measure of the Detroit Tigers 4 games to 1.

Fred Merkle and baseball famous bloopers was s stumbling block costing the New York Giants dearly losing their go at the pennant and a chance for the World Series of 1908.

Do we not now all agree the Fred Merkle failure to touch second base is one of baseball famous bloppers of our game?

May 26,1959 a gathering of fans practically filled Milwaukee County Stadium and were treated to a game of mammoth drama. Not only did the fans witness a pitching duel considered in the annals of baseball as a Game For The Ages but also too a most dramatic baseball famous bloopers imaginable.

The bone headed playing baseball famous bloopers is recorded against one of the most illustrious and famous baseball home run hitters of the modern era of baseball. Hammerin Hank Aaron pulled this baseball famous bloopers second only to Fred Merkle boner of 1908.

“Lest we not forget “ Baseball is a game filled with drama, action and suspense akin to many a story as presented on “ the silver screens of Hollywood“. Fans love the competition and rooting for their team and personal favorite players. The thrill of wartching a game considered to be classed as a Game For The Ages is normally only a fantasy. That’s the way it is and the way it will always be. The fiercer the competition the better, as long as their team wins in the end. And it matters not to the loyal fans how long it takes to get the job done . As Yogi Berra, the great Yankee catcher and Hall of Fame inductee, once quipped “It ain’t over till it’s over”.

A Game For The Ages took place between the Milwaukee Braves and the Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee County Stadium on May 26, 1959 before 19,194 fans. Harvey Haddix for Pittsburgh and Lew Burdette of Milwaukee were on the mound this day. The two had a grueling pitching match that day which lasted until the bottom of the 13th inning when the Braves overcome Haddix and his Pirates to win by what appeared to be a score of 3-0.

Not a fan in the stands would have dreamed one of baseballs-most-famous-bloopers would appear on this day.

As the record book goes Felix Mantilla reached first when Pittsburgh’s third baseman Don Hoak fielded Mantilla’s grounder, but made a wild pitch to first and Mantilla was on 1st by error. Eddie Mathews sacrifice bunt moved Mantilla to second base. Brave slugger and a future Hall of fame inductee Hank Aaron was intentionally walked thus putting players on 1st and 2nd with one man out. Up to the plate stepped Joe Adcock who had failed to get a hit in his first four attempts. But on his 5th attempt he caught a weak pitch from Haddix that was up and in the strike zone and hit the ball over the fence in right center for a home run and an apparent 3-0 victory for Milwaukee. Braves‘ fans in jubilation began to enjoy the victory. But, “Whoa Nellie” the game was still in a state of limbo as to the score.

Hank Aaron who was on 1st base thought that the ball didn’t go out of the park. When he saw Mantilla cross home plate for the supposedly winning run he headed for the Braves dugout. While Adcock ran right past him Aaron attempted in futility to retrace his steps. The following day the National League president Warren Giles ruled the official score to be 1-0 rather than 3-0 in favor of the Braves.

What a show this game was for the fans and the players this Game For The Ages and witness or to be a part of in this historical game. Ironically, Aaron’s blunder in his base running will not be the significant remembrance of the game this day at Milwaukee County Stadium.

There had been played this day in May 1959 a Game For The Ages and one of baseball famous bloopers stood almost silently as second fiddle to day.

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